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2 Vaccine reactions this weekend.

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: www.veterinarysecretsrevealed.com/vsr.php

Re: 2 Vaccine reactions this weekend.


A cheery morning to you and your furry friends.

The newsletter that I sent out on Friday had a herd of responses
about vaccines.

A common theme was about the complications of vaccines.

There are many and varied – and if you were to be aware of
all of the complications you would be especially concerned about

I mentioned some of the more serious ones:

acute allergic reaction
auto-immune hemolytic anemia
immune mediated polyarthritis
immune suppression

And after I wrote about this wouldn’t you guess what I saw this

2 Vaccine Reactions!

One was in a young puppy getting his second booster- this is a booster
that I advise you give to your puppy, but he reacted to the vaccine and
began to vomit 10 minutes later.

Fortunately he remained alert, and I had talked to his owner about vaccine
reactions, so she knew what to do.

We gave him a anti-histamine, and he stopped vomiting immediately. I used
Benadryl, which is available at any pharmacy. This is a home remedy that all
of you should have available for any type of allergic reaction. I recently
used it on Lewis after he ate a wasp and his lip began to swell.

The second vaccine reaction was far more serious. I was called in on
emergency for a dog which was very weak and had pale gums.

This dog is a purebred dog, from another city and had a series
of vaccines last week.

He was very weak and breathing heavy when I saw him.

His gums were extremely pale.

Blood tests showed that he was very anemic- his red blood cell count was down
to 14% – Normal is usually 40%.

A blood smear under the microscope showed a type of cell seen in auto-immune
hemolytic anemia.

When I put a drop of blood on the slide mixed with saline, the blood rapidly
clotted, another sign of auto-immune disease.

This required some urgent treatment.

2. Immuno-suppressive drugs to block the immune system from destroying his
red blood cells
3. A Blood transfusion.

He responded great and looks 100% better today.


Could other things have triggered this?..Yes.

And in most cases there is no obvious underlying cause.


This once again reinforces my belief in limiting the number and
frequency of vaccines.

ONLY give what is NECESSARY as INFREQUENT as possible.


P.S. The keys to good health….

– Limit Vaccines
– Feed a natural diet, including home diets and raw food
– supplements, including essential fatty acids, probiotics, anti-oxidants
– Learn about and use alternate therapies
– Regular exercise
– Lots of positive quality time with your pet

To Be able to give your dog or cat every available health option, you need
to be current and knowledgeable. To get the ‘inside’ in the know ways I suggest
you become a member of my Inner Circle. I have added my HUGE Pet First Aid Secrets
Manual to the Membership Site, so you can learn even MORE ways to HEAL your pet
at home.

It’s at:

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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