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Archive for November, 2013

Dr Andrew Jones on ABC’s 20/20

Monday, November 25th, 2013 ABC US News | ABC Entertainment News… [Read more]

Are Comfortis and Trifexis killing dogs?: FDA records 340 dog deaths associated with these drugs.

Friday, November 15th, 2013 There are 2 new drugs in the veterinary market called Comfortis and Trifexis. The company manufacturing the drugs claims they are safe, but there have been over 26,000 dogs with reported side effects, and over 300 dog deaths. What is it? Trifexis and Comfortis are monthly chewable tablets for dogs. Trifexis kills fleas and prevents flea infestations, treats and controls… [Read more]

FDA warns about feeding your pet a raw-food diet..Is this warranted?

Monday, November 11th, 2013 Should you really be feeding your dog or cat a raw food diet? Most veterinarians are opposed to feeding raw, and a recent study by the FDA furthers their cause. In this study, compared to other types of pet food tested, raw pet food was more likely to be contaminated with disease-causing bacteria. The FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM),… [Read more]

Awesome Youth Choir Performance With My Son, Liam!

Sunday, November 10th, 2013 [Read more]

Dog Noise Anxiety: How To Treat With Natural Solutions

Monday, November 4th, 2013 The big key to having a healthy dog or cat is also knowing WHAT to do to prevent common dog and cat diseases in the first place. Such as knowing what to feed, what vaccines to give and avoid, and what natural treatments you can use to treat chronic illnesses such as allergies. I’ll show you precisely what you can… [Read more]

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