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Complete Home Study Course Giveaway

By Dr. Andrew Jones

I am realizing that many of you, my loyal readers, would like a copy of my Complete Home Study Multimedia Course, but you just don’t have the money at this time to afford it.

So I want to GIVE AWAY a Course to – hopefully you! ALL you need to do is to scroll down to the bottom of this post, click  the ‘comments’ link, and in the comments form, tell me WHY you should get the Course.

I want to hear about your experiences in treating your dogs or cats.


Perhaps you have had a less than rewarding experience at your Veterinarian. OR perhaps you have a dog or cat that RIGHT NOW could benefit from a little known At Home Remedy.

So POST your story RIGHT HERE.

Tell me in your own words about ANY dog or cat health concern, and HOW you can benefit from my Course.

I’ll read ALL of the entries and AWARD the WI**NNER on Saturday March 22.

Here are the DETAILS of the 5 Day Anniversary Sa**le…

You should Check out the Bonuses. And I have ADDED 1 NEVER RELEASED BONUS – The ENTIRE Dog and Cat FIRST  AID SYSTEM on AUDIO. This is available to the FIRST 25…

If you are even remotely thinking about my Course, then now is the time to ACT.


Until midnight on Friday (3/21) you can get my Complete Home Study Multimedia Course for $100 OFF.

Here’s where you can grab your copy for 35% off:


I’m holding this Saint Patty’s Day Home Study Course Sale as a way to CELEBRATE a little over One YEAR ANNIVERSARY since my Dog and Cat Home Study Healing System was launched.

Here’s where you can grab your copy and save 35%:


1.”Quick Start Guide”
This acts as your road map to the course. I want to make sure that you get the most out of this course – and in the least possible time. This guide gives you a solid plan to get you up to speed immediately.

2. Veterinary Secrets Revealed Printed Pet Health Manual

The printed manual containing every detail to enable you to examine, diagnose and treat your pet at home. Plus all of the  bonus material, including: Pet CPR, Cancer Prevention In Your Pet, The Truth About Pet Vaccinations, Healing With  Acupressure, Healing With Herbs, Healing With Homeopathy, Healing With Food and Healing With Massage.

3. FIVE CD Full Audio Version

The full audio version of the book on 5 CDs.

4. The Veterinary Secrets Revealed Video Presentation on CDROM

The 1 hour, 45 minute complete walkthrough of Veterinary Secrets Revealed, narrated by myself, Dr. Andrew Jones. I  take you through the entire book and cover the main points of diagnosing and treating every illness covered in the book.

5. The Veterinary Secrets Revealed Book-On-CDROM

The full length version of the book in html format, viewable directly from the CD-ROM. This includes links to every chapter and illness, and a fully linked index for easy reference (simply scroll down to the symptom, then click on the linked pages to find the suggested treatments).

6. The At-Home Pet Health Exam Video on DVD

The 60 minute video of Dr. Jones showing you how to perform a full health examination of your pet, in high quality video on DVD, playable on your DVD player. Yes, it’s huge. And it delivers substantial content from the first book to the last CD. But it’s not just a bunch a random pet health information thrown together. You get a complete method for dealing with a sick pet… how to examine your pet, make a diagnosis, select an at-home remedy, and treat your pet for their specific health problem.

Try My System For 35% Off And Get EIGHT Fr**ee Bonuses!

If the 35% discount isn’t enough to have you, your dog and cat bounding over to my special ‘1/3-off’ web site, these EIGHT fr**ee gifts will surely do the trick:

1. FOR the FIRST 25 Purchasers..The Complete Audio Version of Dog and Cat First Aid Secrets. This has NEVER before been released, but it is available to you for this 5 Day Anniversary Special.

2: Pet First Aid Secrets: Complete Canine and Feline First Aid Manual

My Complete, 290 Page Dog and Cat First Aid Manual, in digital format. Pet First Aid Secrets allows you to administer first aid, to care for your pet and treat emergencies at home, and help ensure that your pet survives on the way to the emergency vet.

3: Pet Health Tutorials CD

Four Pet Health Video Tutorials (online seminar presentations), on CD, including:

Video 1: Herbs, Homeopathy Acupressure and Massage
Video 2: At-Home Exam Walkthrough
Video 3: Pet Food (Dog and Cat Food, Home Recipes and Raw Feeding)
Video 4: Emergency Dog and Cat Care (most Common Pet Emergencies)

4: Pet Food Secrets

The truth behind pet food – from a Veterinarian that lost his dog in part due to diet (i.e. – me). This includes the best diets for keeping your pet healthy, and how to choose a quality pet food. PLUS, which ones I recommend. And:

* The supplements that work, and which ones you should be using with your pet now!

* Food that you can make at home – balanced, simple make-at-home diets for common pet health problems, such as allergies, cancer, diabetes and weight loss.

5: The Complete Pet Vaccine Report

Extended report on Dog and Cat Vaccines:

* Dog and Cat Diseases For Which Vaccines Are Created
* Side Effects Of Vaccines
* Alternatives To Vaccines
* Dr Jones’ Vaccine Protocol
* Homeopathics To Give Following Vaccines

6: Dog Training Secrets
Find out how dog’s learn – beginning to understand them is key to effective training. This digital book includes:

* Basic obedience techniques that really work… after reading this your dog will listen!
* 10 Must Know Commands – I am now using these with my dog Lewis, and I am amazed at how obedient he is.
* Behavior problems and answers to a huge number of issues, including: Aggression, Biting, Nipping, Chewing, Digging, Fear of Loud Noises, Food Guarding, Preventing Urinating and Defecating in the House (Puppy Accidents), House Training an Adult Adopted Dog, Jumping Up, Barking Separation Anxiety, Submissive Urination, Whining.

7: Personal Consultation with Dr. Jones

I will give you a personal 1-on-1 email consultation about any health problem with your pet. I will review your findings, interpret any diagnostic tests, and make specific recommendations as to how to treat your pet.

8: Veterinary Secrets Q&A Teleseminar

I will be holding a Q&A Teleseminar for course owners only. Send me your questions about the course itself or about any pet health issue you would like clarification on, and I will answer your questions during this 1 hour teleseminar. It will be available for download if you can’t make it on the call.

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That’s MORE than I have EVER offered before …and you get it all FREE when you try my entire system for 35% off.

Go here right now and claim your copy before they’re all gone!


It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
P.S. This special three quarter’s off sale ends at midnight on March 21. If you’d like to get the revolutionary dog and cat healing system so many pet owners are raving about …and save 35%, then go here now:


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113 Responses to “Complete Home Study Course Giveaway”

  1. Avatar Jo Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 8:53 am

    I would love your Home Study Course! My husband has been jobless for 3 years, and just started work again 2 weeks ago. So, yes, we’ve been a little strapped for cash. About 6 months ago, we were given a sweet little King Charles Spaniel from a friend who was never home and wanted it to go to a good home. I want to give the best care I can to our new little friend. Our last dog, a golden retriever, developed seizures after a round of vaccines. It was then that I become interested in more natural remedies and more holistic ways to treat them. My view of how to take care of my animals changed forever through my dog’s unfortunate course of events. I have kept all your emails with their hints on my computer – I love your philosophy and that you have taken a stance to get the truth out there. Thank you for all the great information!

  2. Avatar Lauri Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 9:09 am

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    I used to vow never to purchase a dog at the mall…disapproving of puppy mills, bad breeding, etc. However, one day I wandered into the mall and headed to the pet store, needing a “puppy fix”. I walked the line of cages, noticing all the shivering, lonley animals, and some extremely energitic ones. I stopped at the last cage and saw the saddest looking yellow lab pup that I had ever seen. His cage mates had their paws against the glass wagging their tails, happy to see me, but this sad pup laid in the back of his cage, not wanting to play. Having grown up with dogs/puppies I knew this was not normal. I asked the person working there if I could take him out and hold him/play with him. When I finally got him in my arms, I took him to a quiet corner and just sat with him in my lap on the floor, talking softly to him. He wouldn’t even play. Come to find out, he had been torn from his mother/litter mates only 20 hours ago. I noticed his back legs were skewed out a bit when he tried to walk. My time with him ended as I had to leave the store. After speaking with my fiance, we decided to return to the store and get him. I knew in my heart that if this pup had bad hips or was this sensitive that no one else may truly understand what he needs to flourish or to live a happy, “normal” life. I knew I could give him that, and be a good guardian to his needs/health. It was the best decision I ever made…going back to that wretched store and saving this pup from an uncertain future and possible abuse if he fell into the wrong hands. It makes me sad thinking about what could have been in store for him.

    “Maximus” has brought so much unconditional love into my life and pure joy that no other dog has brought to me before. He’s there for me when I get up in the morning and he’s there with me if I’m sitting on the couch, working in the back yard, etc. He’s my trusted companion that I will try to keep as healthy as possible for his entire life. I want him around for as long as he chooses to be on this earth. I’ve changed his food to a good holistic brand, he gets glucosamine tablets and a multi-vitiam every day, and filtered water. We go for walks almost every day, and we have “playtime” with other dogs as much as possible so he can remain socialized. We’ve gone to obedience training together, and he showed me one time that he can bark a fierce bark when someone tried to come into our front door unannounced in the wee morning hours. He’s my true companion and I love him so much.

    My worries are that I may not be giving him the right things, perhaps the supplements I’m feeding him (thinking they are good for him) may not be the best for him. I don’t know how to feed him raw food…what his stomach/digestive system can handle, etc. I receive your newsletters and print every one out and put in a binder for reference, but as you know, all the information is not complete…so you have to purchase the manual. It’s a marketing tactic that most certainly works.

    Dr. Jones, I ask that you please consider me for the free give-away. My husband (married last May) and I are still trying to pay off our wedding and we need all our monies going towards that right now. If you can spare a manual for someone who truly cares about the well-being of their dog, please consider me.

    I’m grateful that I found your website, and that you provide us with such wonderful information on taking care of our “best friends”.

    Much love and peace to you and Lewis,

  3. Avatar Frances Campbell Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 9:22 am

    If I had hear about you 3 years ago I might have been able to save my boxspring (boxer springer spaniel). Yoshi was only 9 years old a very loving gentle giant. She looked like a giant gernsey cow. She ended up with a urinary tract infection and was in a great deal of pain. So of course I took her to the vet. He gave us these antibiotics which should have worked and were doing so quite well until she bit into one and got the taste of it. After that no matter what we tried mushing down putting it in pate, weiners cheese in the middle of a hamber, taking a straw and blowing it down her throat. We tried everyting known to man and others that we dreamed up ourselves to get Yoshi to keep these pills down. Yosh would even froth at the mouth puking these pills back up. So back to the vet and what does he have to say. Oh there is nothing else we can do. So with great pain and not a whole lot of time left for my beautiful Yoshi. We tried to get her to drink lots of water and watched her very quickly go from healthy loving pet to one that had the infection go from her unrinary tract into her blood stream and take out her heart. I ended up putting her to sleep to relieve her of her pain. If I had known about you and your more natural ways of healing certain infections there might have been more hope for Yoshi. She might even still be here with us today. I still cry when I think of Yoshi and how I felt helpless in treating her. I tell everyone I know about you and your website. I have my dogs on holistic and raw and home made meals. I go to a holistic vet who is in line with your vaccinate as little as possible. I hope to have my buddies with me for a long time. Thank you for being out there and having the gumtion to oppose the money seeking giants who take our beloved aniamls from us way too soon. Tks Frances

  4. Avatar Vicki Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 9:26 am

    Wow you are giving a complete course away! fantastic and a lucky person it will be!
    I along with everyone else who is replying could do with the full benefit of your course.
    We have a several dogs and three cats. Firstly our veterinary practice is wonderful, we have been lucky to eventually find a practice that is fully prepared to listen to our opinions on our own animals(after much trial and error though), not something we found with the ‘in town vets’, ours is country vet dealing in the main with large animals, just a sprinkling of small animals.
    I suppose I have always been a little frustrated in dealing with many vets that we do not get given usually any options of treatment. Lots of problems arising in our situation would benefit from an even more informed knowledge of basic home remedies, like ears, skin, nutrition and training of body and mind.
    In the past for instance we had one of our girls run into a fence damaging her shoulder, ending up with the joint rubbing bone on bone. Our then vets answer “nothing to be done but to remove the leg as that joint cannot be repaired and will not heal” omg! surely there must be something to try, so leaving with “we’ll be in touch” off we went to search (didn’t use the net back then) and ask others in different healing fields what we could try, we got advise, and from that we researched more and not only did the joint repair but some 8 years later this old lady is still going strong.
    Then the ears, one poor girl had bad ears just about from day 1, vets answer after failing to clear them with all sorts of drugs, ‘re-sect them, the only answer’ met a vet into natural remedies, he made up a wash and some natural healing drops and within a short time she was 75% better, she still has a few problems with her ears but she is 11 now and just a little work keeps it all under control.
    Oh goodness so many other things, like skin, many vets don’t even go into what you are feeding just deal out cortisone like lollies!! and cruciate ligaments…..so many just operated on without even trying natural healing for those that are just slightly damaged. So many stories we could tell from our years with a house full of pets! but you’d be here all night just trying to get to the end!!
    Oh to have the knowledge to be sure when and when not to rush off to the vet hospital.
    Thank you for all the information you impart through your news letters.
    Kind regards,

  5. Avatar Kenneth Botha Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 9:26 am

    Hi Dr Jones
    I had a recent problem with my 10 Year old boerbull dog named Zowi in South Africa. He kept on shaking his head and I read in your document that you must insert white vinegar mixed with water into his ears. It helped but I could not do it again because he gets a fright when I squirt the solution in his ears. It is actually a funny thing to see. He was also not feeling well and I gave hime Flaxseed capsules(containing Omega 3,6,9)made him better.
    But what I found that seemed to work well was when I gave him Cayenne Pepper that he seemed to respond more with more figour.I mixed it with his pellets for a week.

    I have a problem with my miniture Doberman pincture Scooby. His teath gets dirty and I try to brush it with a small amount of toothpaste. It cleans it for a while but when i look again it gets dirty.
    Costs to clean is R 1000 in South African currency. I cannot afford this but what should I use to keep them clean?His eyes are also not as white anymore. He is six years old


  6. Avatar Jennifer Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 9:28 am

    My beautiful female tabby cat, Jessie, is over 15 years old and she is my precious companion and best friend. I love her dearly. She has hyperthryroidism and the symptoms of kidney problems (beginning CRF). She urinates frequently with high volume. Her kidney ability to concentrate the urine is OK but not as good as it should be. She has been on oral and/or transdermal medication (methimazole) for 1 year and 8 months now. I can barely afford to buy the meds, but I do so because she is very important to me and I want her to be happy, well and live as long as possible. I worry about her health every day. The first few months that she was on the methimazole, she gained almost 1 pound of weight back and seemed to be doing better although not eating very much each day. Her thyroid values were in the normal range after we adjusted the medication dosage down to a very small daily level. She is very sensitive to all meds. Her kidney values (BUN & creatinine) have increased over time since we started the meds. Her vet says that we must walk this “tight rope” of giving her just enough meds to correct the thyroid hormone and slow down her metabolism but not so much that it hurts her kidney function. Jessie has always had good spirit and energy and does not appear sick. Her appetite decreased for a few months and it was difficult to get her to eat enough to maintain a good weight. For the last 3 months I have switched her food to an all canned natural cat food (Wellness brand) that she likes and usually eats well now. She also gets chicken and turkey meat occasionally. Her appetite has been better with the canned Wellness food. I must add a quarter teaspoon of psyllium fiber to each 2 ounce meal to prevent her from having diarrhea due to the high meat and fat content of the natural canned food. Any addition of salmon oil or other EFAs which I know are good for her health, causes her to have diarrhea almost immediately. Her weight has been decreasing over the past 8 months. She was 6 pounds 12 ounces when she was first diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in July 2006. The first few months on the methimazole she gained almost 1 pound to weigh 7lb 12 oz. Since then her weight has been steadily decreasing to her current weight of only 6 lb. I am very worried about her and want to treat her in the most natural way possible. I have also learned to administer subcutaneous fluids for her when Jessie has needed it. She doesn’t like it and neither do I, but it does seem to help her energy level. The vet says I should give Jessie the SQ fluids 2 to 3 times per week. I haven’t been doing that regularly, but have done it when she was dehydrated from having diarrhea a few weeks ago. I have purchased your Veterinary Secrets Revealed ebook a couple of months ago, but the only thing I found in it that might help Jessie is the Bugleweed you recommend for treating hyperthyroidism in cats. I cannot find Bugleweed locally and so far have not found it online. I am concerned about giving it to her as I don’t want to harm her or make her kidney condition worse. I understand that if her thyroid was removed or radiated that her kidneys would probably shut down due to the sudden diminished blood flow, so I worry about over correcting the hyperthyroid condition. Will Bugleweed be safe for my delicate baby Jessie? What else can I do to help her live a longer healthier life? Very small changes to her diet seem to bring on diarrhea for several days until the change is withdrawn. She is miserable when that happens and so am I. When she has diarrhea she stops eating, which is not helping her to gain weight. I don’t know if me buying your “complete course” would help Jessie gain weight and correct the hyperthyroid and kidney conditions, but in any case I cannot afford to purchase it. I can barely afford the special high priced natural food and her medicine now. I have 2 other cats to feed as well. The vet bills are very costly for Jessie and the others too. I would love to have a consultation with you via email and learn what you think I should do to help my dear Jessie gain weight (she is so skinny now it breaks my heart) and combat the hyperthyroid and kidney conditions, but you only offer the consultation with your complete program which I cannot afford. Please help me save my kitty and keep her healthy and with me as long as possible. Jessie is my baby and my best friend.

    Thanks for listening.

  7. Avatar Vicky Rowe Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 10:03 am

    I have been visiting various vets for 5 years trying to find the best way to treat my Schipperke who has some sort of autoimmune disorder, we think brought on by vaccinations. She’s a sweet little thing, and right now is on what we fear will be a life-long course of steroids and Atopica. If I don’t give them to her on a rigid schedule, she gets terribly sick and moves like she’s 15 instead of 7. It tears my heart out to watch her, my little puppy dog, moving her body like her whole being is on fire.

    I’ve been over every book and website I can find, looking for an alternative to the steroids to treat her condition, including buying the Vet Secrets Revealed book, and haven’t yet found an answer. But I keep looking….

  8. Avatar Regina Rizzolo Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 10:49 am

    I currently have 6 dogs and two cats living at my home here in Florida. 4 of the dogs are actually mine. I have a 9 yr old female German Shepard, a 7 yr old male doberman, his son, a 4 year old male doberman and then a 13 week old boxer puppy that didn’t get a home when her litter mates were adopted out and our friend lost his lease. I agreed to keep her for my son as well as puppy sit for her brother until our friend gets a new home and her brother can go there. That’s 5- the 6th dog is a 10 yr old Rottweiler with signs of tumors and very bad arthritis. I am dog sitting for her because her owner had to move up north to Indiana for work due to slow working conditions here. We do the best we can with the pets. I think we do pretty well, our cats are 16 years old and healthy, however, we cannot afford to go back and forth to the vet as often as he would like us to. I worry about the Rottie because she has such a hard time getting up and down and every time she sees the vet he prescribes prednisone for her. While it seems to help, I worry about the long term effects on her- she doesn’t have much of an appetite either. Before her owner went to Indiana, we took her to the vet so that we could have her arthritis and the lumps she has in various places examined. We were told that it would cost us over $1300 for all of the tests and biopsies etc and that was before they could even do any treatment if there was anything they could treat. Needless to say we could only get basic treatments because he could not afford more than that. We are doing the best we can to help our friends, I even feed all of the stray cats in our area- living in Florida we have a high feral cat population. My friends tease me and say “you can’t save them all”. But I say I can- one at a time. Anyway- that is the reason that I would love to get your program. It would be so nice to be able to help these animals and be able to do it at home as naturally as possible.

  9. Avatar Holly ANdries Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Why I should get the course.

    Can we start with I am a sucker for strays. I have 21 pets.
    An American Mastiff who was poisoned two years ago, rushed her to the vet and saved her life but she wont gain weight now. She was almost 1 then and weighted 101, she will be 3 on the 25th of June and only weights 125, she should be close to 200. I feed all the dogs, cats and ferrets Natural Balance.

    I have three miniature Dachshunds one which had sever brain trauma and is on Phenobarbital for seizures.

    One Lab/Pit mixed who jumped the fence and got run over by a dully truck. I mean one tire over his hips the other his head. This of course was Sunday, we called the vet who could met us in 20 mins. I was able to tell the vet that he was going into shock, but his gums looked good, he defiantly had a broken back left leg, could not feel and broken ribs and his stomach was not tender or distended. He was however bleeding from the nose but it was more of a dripping. I was able to stay calm. All he ended up with was a sever broken leg that required surgery, a pin and some wire.

    I adopted a fuzzy little puppy from the shelter2 years ago. Looks like a collie mix of some sort. He is about 35 lbs.

    The newest one is a pit bull puppy that showed up under my car when he was about six weeks old. He is about 5 months now. He plays with the cats a little too rough but he is a sweet dog and my daughter’s baby.

    Angle is a Main Coon mix that I adopted from a vet in 2002.
    Stormy was about 5 weeks old (AUG 2004) when I thought she was a leaf in the middle of a dirt road as I ran over top of her (straddle) in my car when she looked up at me. She was wet surrounded by water and looked very malnourished.
    Max was a neighbors’ cat who they though was a male until she popped out kittens on moving day in June 2006. They where going to take her and leave the kittens. So I took them. She is now fixed.
    Mrs. Biggelsworth was a fuzzy grey kitten my son found at the creek in July 2006.
    Tiger was thrown out at the airfield I work at so he went to the vet to make sure he was nurtured and feline Leukemia negative then home with me.

    I just lost one of my ferrets who was 6 ½ years old. He started loosing weight and having difficulty walking. And when he could hardly walk and would not eat or drink I took him to the vet to cross the bridge. The other two are doing well. Big healthy males.

    I have 7 horses. I try not to take them to the vet unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately we do like to go on trail rides and camping and so they have to have their shots every year.

    Most minor thing I take care of myself. The pit puppy got attacked by a niebors female and had some teeth marks on his face and one on the bottom lid of his eye. We cleaned him up and put eye ointment in his eye there for forgoing the vet and I watched to make sure it did not get infected and put his eye endanger. I could defianly do more at home with the now how. But with all the babies at home one which is special needs I do not have the money to buy your course.

  10. Avatar Sheelagh Matthews Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 11:00 am

    Hello Dr. Jones, I am replying to your offer to receive a free course. Last summer I enrolled in an Energy Medicine for Animals course. It was an amazing weekend, and I learned a lot. I took this course, as well as recently purchased your manual, so that I could have more resources to treat my own animals, and, perhaps, help others with their pets should a vet’s care not be available for whatever reason. As our world order changes, one that I think is largely due to climbing energy prices and climate change, I would like to be able to offer my pets and others with alternative, and often less expensive, ways to care for our animals. Thank you for this opportunity to receive a copy of your course.

  11. Avatar Carol Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 11:08 am

    Thanx for your great tips.
    In 2001, my 8-year-old pup developed a lump on her belly! I took her to my vet at the time – he said: “She has cancer, she’s going to die – get another dog!”

    Well – this was devastating. I had bred her, whelped her (the only one I actually did out of the 4 in the litter), shown her to 3 championships, put on Group placements, was working in Earthdog and Obed – adn this was a death sentence and he didn’t even care! : (

    I tried the reg medicine route – did the chemo – spent a fortune to find out that MAYBE we were getting another couple of weeks! I wanted to hear YEARS!!! I then went to holistic medicine – ahd a great doc – and we had 6 months of good quality!!! I still miss her terribly but I make sure others know to try the holistic route! recently – a friend with the same breed did just that and managed to keep her boy for 18 months before letting him go yesterday!!


  12. Avatar Brennan Kingsland Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 11:44 am

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    I would very much like to get your Complete Home Study MultiMedia Course but all of our cash goes towards feeding and maintaining our rescues here at Shepherd’s Haven.

    We have maintained our No Kill rescue operations for over 15 years. Animal Control called our setup “Doggie Heaven”.

    You may remember I sent you a couple of emails about (1) animal cruelty in South Carolina, and (2) my beloved Peke-a-Poo, Tux, who was a physical therapy dog who caused a nursing home resident to start speaking again.

    For many years we funded our facility through my job as a Registered Nurse. Because of Multiple Sclerosis, I am now on disability and we have to be very frugal.

    I am trying to build an internet business to compensate for the lost income but it is slow going. In the meantime, we continue to have our rescues, who need to be fed and groomed and cared for.

    Many of our rescues have been with us from the beginning and are now slipping away one by one. We do have some very young healthy dogs and the expense of spay-neuter and keeping them fed has to be a priority.

    I very much believe in RAW diets, supplementation and holistic remedies.

    I would love to have your program and our 42 dogs and 9 cats would greatly benefit from it, I’m certain. I would also like to sell your program on my rescue site, but simply cannot divert money from increasing food and meds costs to purchase it at this time.

    Thank you for your emails. They are a bright spot in the day. I save all your recommendations.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Brennan Kingsland

  13. Avatar Brennan Kingsland Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 11:49 am

    Dr. Jones,

    Place take a moment and read this post on my blog.


    Have a great day,

  14. Avatar Natalie Fry Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 11:54 am

    I have two ageing Pets.
    1. Cody my neutered Male 17 yr old Kelpie x.
    He has age related vision, hearing and thermal problems but 7 years ago was diagnosed with Cushings.He was on treatment with Lysodren but for the past two years he has been in remission. I give him a age specific diet with joint and fatty acid suppliments and he is doing well so far. With each coming year I think he will not last the distance but with regular, slower and shorter exercise and field trips he just keeps on keeping on.
    2. Crystal my 8year old speyed female Maltese x West Highland terrier. A good but sad story. This little girl was diagnosed with a grade 4 heart murmer @ six weeks of age so the pet shop who had her was going to give her away or euthenase her. My Mum at the time who was recuperating from breast Cancer treatments etc,diagnosed 4 years earlier, decided she would like to give her a home.We were told by the vet that this little girl could live 10 weeks or 10 years but Mum was eager to give her a second chance. So home she went with mum.The first six years was great this little dog gave Mum something to live for and Mum gave Crystal(as she was to be named)a geat loving life.Two years ago Mums health began to deteriorate and it became too hard for her to care for Crystal so I decide to look after her myself. I have her halfsister who she is great friends with and Cody regularly saw her as well so there was no issue for me to take her on. Unfortunately when she came to us she was worse for wear what with all the chemo treatments and in and out of hospital tratments Mum was not able to care for Crystal as well.
    Sadley Mum passed away in 2006 and after the birth of my Baby girl in October of the same year,(I was on Maternity Leave) Crystal started gaining weight, began building confidence and became a regular hound going for long walks off lead, checking out the local wildlife and helping me out with dog training Classes as my Model Dog.(I am a Canine Good citizen Instructor).
    Alas the last two weeks have seen us up at the Vets having her checked out. She began coughing and weezing. An x-ray revealed fluid on her lungs and floppy heart valves, so she has been subscibed frusimide.Tomorrow Wednesday 19th March we will visit the Vet again to review her status and perhaps put her on other heart medication. So what I would like for Crystal is to know what alternate homepathic treatments could I also use with her current medication as My Vet is not alternate or holistic in his approach to pet care. I would consider going to a holistic vet but not sure if it could make a difference given Crystal has lost bodymass.What would you recommend? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I look forward to your reply if possible.
    Natalie Fry
    Devoted Animal Enthusiast and supporter of modern and alternate treatments.

  15. Avatar Marta Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    My cat had been bitten or scratched on her right hind paw. A few days later I noticed it was swollen. I took her to the vet. They shaved the paw and said, yep it’s an abcess. They were going to charge me $795+ (if I had her spayed at the same time), or $1000+ (if I didn’t) to treat that foot. I don’t have that kind of money! So, I took kitty home, and put warm compresses on her foot over the next few days. Whatever it was it didn’t burst, the swelling went away and it was obviously not painful. Today, she is running around like there’s nothing wrong with the foot, it’s not swollen, she doesn’t favor it.
    If I had your course I could have taken care of kitty without the stress of going to the vet and being charged hundreds of dollars.

  16. Avatar Gail G Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    I read every newsletter and really enjoy their content and advise. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world!
    I work at a doggie daycare facility where the dogs are cage free except for eating/sleeping. We can have anywhere from 50 to 100 dogs at the facility at any given time. They interact and play hard, and consequently we may occasionally one who will get sick or hurt a paw, etc. just as a kid might playing in the school yard at recess. This course would be an immense help in assisting and ensuring that the dogs are well taken care of and treated in a caring and familiar environment rather than enduring the stress of a trip to the vet. The owners of all these wonderful dogs would also feel more at ease knowing that their babies are in capable hands.
    I also started my own pet transportation business a year ago and have found that a large portion of my business is taking sick animals to the vet. I am often asked if I am a veterinarian (I am not, nor am I a vet tech) but I think this course would be a huge assist for me when trying to cope with the sick or injured animal(usually dogs or cats).

  17. Avatar Diane Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    I would love to win your course. I have been off of work for a year because of health problems. My dog Harley scratches himself constantly. I have had him to the vet for shots and pills, which I can no longer afford, and they only make him sick and he continues to scratch. The vet now wants him on an IVD diet for 3 months which is very expensive and is not guaranteed to work. These vets are money grabbers. I believe in you Dr. Jones. I would love to learn how to take care of Harley at home and feed him a home cooked diet. Thanks for being you Dr. Jones and caring so much about our animals.

  18. Avatar Fatima Al-Haqq Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    My daughter and I have spent more money than we have to take care of our very ill cat who recently passed on . He had leukemia, anemia and a heart murmur, the vet we took him to, was not helpful at all and very pushy, which made it all the harder to know what to do with out pet, since we didn’t feel comfortable talking to him. We changed his diet and tried to find as much information as we could from the internet and your site , to help him . To a great degree what we have learned made our pet better , at least for a little while, although we would have loved to know a lot more , as we are beating ourselves up emotionally now, asking ourselves if we could have done more and wishing we would have known more. We took care of another cat who comes to visit us ,from time to time , someone had mistreated him,he was hurt and looked very sick and stressed, my daughter took him to a different vet, this vet seemed very caring , he helped him get better but the cost was outrageous for us. This cat was hurt and had pneumonia. We couldn’t let him just die , he’s a precious life , pets give us pleasure so they should be taken care of. We also have another cat Minky, she’s very sweet and she also has some problems. At this point we/I am looking to know way more about how to take care of pets and other animals that may come into our lives. I don’t like feeling helpless and just watching while our pets or other animals suffer without knowing or being able to do something about it .

  19. Avatar Ann Wattier-Mitchell Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Good Morning, I would love to have your Course and would have purchased it long ago if I had been able to afford it. I have had dogs and cats for many years and have spent a fortune at the Vet. I have 4 dogs and 1 cat and fortunately all of them are healthy (at least at the moment). I have had a problem with one of them in that he has major fear issues. Part of the reason was lack of socialization as a puppy and part DNA. I have taken him to a few different people I thought might be able to help and to a certain degree some did. However, my Vet suggested I keep him tranquilized. The result would be that I would have a quiet, lethargic animal who had very little quality of life. I didn’t even ask what the cost would be I just said no right away. Then I met a person who had been doing Bio-Feedback with children and was willing to try it on my boy. He has had several treatments and the turn around is amazing. I can’t say he is fearless but I can now take him for a walk on the beach or around our block and he is qite happy.
    Needless to say I am now following a more natural
    healthcare program for my animals and your Course would be very beneficial. Having read the letters above I am sure all are worthy I don’t envy you the task of having to pick just one.
    Thank you for you consideration, Ann

  20. Avatar Concha Mackleer Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    I have 14 cats and two dogs. Most of my cats are left from the days when I bred Siamese and there are a few domestic shorthairs that are rescues….Over the years I have administered my own vaccines ect and was careful about only doing what was necessary since they were all indoor and it was a closed cattery. I think I have had most of the normal disease problems and really have had no major complaints about my vet until this whole food contamination thing started and I lost a beautiful little ragdoll kitten. Since then I have been seeking holistic solutions to their food and their treatments. I have tried Milk thistle on a cat that was disgnosed with severe liver disorder…they told me she would be dead in a month with those values…well I myself use a holistic doctor and I was telling her about this and she said to give the milk Thistle a try since I had been using it myself as an antidote to antibiotic treatment…well that was three years ago and she is still going strong…I now have three senior cats who I give cod liver oil and milk thistle and a combo powder to and they seem to be picking up also…I am a major resource among people I know and have been reccomending your site for cats and to the members of my Beagle club…back to the point I find myself in very bad financial times right now and cannot gather the cash for your books and course but I read your letters daily and am continually scanning the net to check out formulas for food and supplements…my dogs have been taking the same supplements I do for their joints and they seem to be fine…If I had read about you a year ago I would have purchsed already and probably would have purchsed for gifts but times have changed and I am simply grateful to be able to read your letters and get all the help I can…Thanks again for being there.
    Sincerely yours,

  21. Avatar Rebecca Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    I could really use your course. I would have purchased it as soon as I found out about it, but have been unemployed for about a year. My dog Scooter was diagnosed with epilepsy a couple of years ago. He didn’t have the typical seizures though. He has excessive drooling and loss of bowels which is typical, but the only other symptom is he straightens out his back legs, and they don’t work if he tries to stand. Just within the past year I have been getting into the more natural care like giving him a homemade diet and supplements, and not giving him so much drugs (like steroids for his flea allergies). However, every time I go to the vet they try to push drugs on me. And when I ask about herbal remedies (like for his separation anxiety and depression when I leave), the vet just tells me that he isn’t comfortable with those methods and tries to give me more drugs. I also became concerned when I went to the vet to refill Scooter’s phenobarb, and there was two other people getting the same thing. It made me wonder if this is an overdiagnosed problem (I live in a small city), and maybe Scooter really doesn’t need it.
    I am also trying to open my own pet supply store, and would love to have some knowledge of the natural remedies to be able to share with my customers. I also hope to some day be able to open a pet rescue, and could use the info for my little ones to keep costs down.
    Scooter’s coat, bowels and skin is already looking and doing so much better with his homemade food, I would love to see what else I could do for him to make his life better especially his epilepsy (no more phenobarb), and his anxiety. Scooter would really love it, and thank you for your consideration.

  22. Avatar Mark Dobrohorsky Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Mr. Jones,
    Living in Cda thing regarding Vets can be different from the U.S. non the less, I feel our situation with 2 elderly dogs is being taken advantage of. We have just spent $300. for an operation to one of our dogs to remove a cyst from her inner eye lid. At the time she got a full exam and we had informed the doctor of arthrytis in the dogs hips. He said that if we need anything for pain to just give him a call and he would prescribe. Well 1 mth later, we needed that medication desperately. Not only did the vet not return our calls for 3 days, but also said he needs us to bring the dog in again for him to examine plus 60.00. We said no way, so he suggested putting the dog on MSM for 85.00 for a bucket of chews…so we did. Don;t know how this is going to turn out. Really could use your help and the course that your giving away.

    Thank you so much,
    Mark and Carole Dobrohorsky

  23. Avatar Amy Sweet Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    I would also love to win the complete course! What a wonderful idea! Years ago I worked for a veterinarian – a traditional vet, except that when he hired me to clean cages he soon found himself employing a “Director of Nurturing”! I made it my job to see to it that all patients and boarders were as comfortable and happy as I could make them. This meant that at times the Doctor and I had “discussions” about how things were being done, but I felt it my sacred trust to stand up for these beautiful, precious creatures. Fast forward to the recent past: we “inherited” a sweet old pit bull named Kuma, from our neighbor when she died. He was part of our family anyway, so it was natural that he should spend his retirement with us. Cancer racked his body and we did everything we could to keep him comfortable and happy – a balancing act with a dog who’s joy in life came from walking the beach and standing in the waters of Puget Sound, remembering his youth on the beaches of Hawaii. Of course, the more time he spent walking the beach and standing in the cold waters, the more he ached. I often massaged his aching muscles, which he loved. He was a happy boy through it all. Finally, last October, just after his 12th birthday, he had a stroke, and his vote was to go on, so we had to let him go.

    We now have only one dog, Gina, the 3 year old lab mix who was just a tiny puppy when Kuma took over the project of raising her. Since his death, I am determined that Gina should live an extraordiarily long and healthy life, and never suffer long term devastation from things I do in the name of keeping her well. I have the Veterinary Secrets Revealed book, which I consult frequently, but of course I am still often confused about how and when to allow vacinations, and what to feed my picky eater. I know that if you met Gina you would be as taken by her charming personality as everyone else is. Please consider her in the contest for your course.

  24. Avatar Martha Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    Dear Dr. Jones,
    I would like to thank you for all the information over the last couple years. I purchased your e-book a while back. We believe in at home remedies, alternative treatments, and the practices on your web site and publications. The newsletters are great. We could very much use and appreciate your Complete Home Study Course, but can not afford it.
    The information would be well used in the care of many animals and the knowledge gained will help in our rescue efforts. I collaborate with others in our group online to solve many problems.
    We have 8 dogs (4 rescues), 2 cats and 3 horses in our immediate family. I actively volunteer with a rescue organization, usually doing transports. At this time we have a standard dachshund with seizures, he is 7. My wonderful Black Lab, one of a litter of 4 we adopted 12 years ago, has been diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Thanks for your recent cancer drug article. With that many animals plus the ones among friends in rescue, there is always a need for information.
    Thank you for considering us to receive your course.


  25. Avatar Renee Hogan Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    I would very much like to receive your Complete Home Study Course and will put it to good use immediately. We have 3 dogs and 13 cats of our own. Two of the dogs are rescues and have severe abuse and neglect issues in their pasts. They are terrific dogs that languished at the shelter for a year each. They love people given time and patience to get to know them. Going to the vet and being handled by strangers is traumatic for both girls. Our 13 year old “Grandma Dog” is having a very hard time getting around now. The front end is happy and the back end is draggy. I’m hesitant to put her on medication that may damage her liver if there is a safe alternative. She has no other health problems and it would be so nice if she could have less pain.
    Being able to treat minor ailments at home would be a real blessing. Having so many pets of our own, they are all rescues and strays, it would help us financially to give our pets the best care possible.
    We support a feral cat colony of 10+ on our property as well. We practice trap-neuter-release, offer a heated house in the winter and 3 other insulated houses, as well as fresh water and food daily. We would be able to treat colony cats for minor health issues, as we are able to get close to and interact with many of the cats.
    I will also share the course with the rural shelter (Friends of the Animals, Tipton, IA) where I have volunteered for three years. The shelter is no-kill, operated by volunteers, and dependent upon donations for survival. The budget is small and the need is great. Many home remedies would be more cost effective and could save hundreds of dollars each month. Holistic and non-invasive treatments for injuries and illness would be a tremendous help to the animals who may have to wait for veterinary care because the budget doesn’t allow for immediate treatment of non-critical illness/injury. Being able to assess and treat animals with confidence would be so very beneficial to all of the animals and the volunteers who care for them. It seems that most home remedies are less harsh than many veterinary treatments, such as using mineral oil to treat earmites. As a volunteer, I’ve seen everything from near starvation, pest infestation, broken limbs, lopped off ears, hoarder rescue, neglect, and ignorance by well intentioned pet owners. Every aspect of your course will not only benefit my own animals, but all of the pets at Friends of the Animals. Having the course available will save hours of time spent researching alternative treatments.
    My sincerest thanks to you for considering my request. If you would like further information please contact me.

  26. Avatar Gail Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    I would really like to order all your information. I have thought about it many times. Things are tight for us now. We will have to move off the Island for our retirement. My husband lost his job & pension a few years ago. When he was laid off, just 5 years before he was eligable for his pension. Which he was relying on.

    At that time our dog got Lymphomia cancer costing us 10,000.00 for treatment. We had gone both alternative & conventional with it. It did comfort him & prolong his life for a 1 1/2 years. After spending so much time treating & caring for him, he became our entire life. When he passed we were so depressed we couldn’t funtion till we got another one.

    We only wanted a healthy dog. We realized we couldn’t go through that again. Cost or emotional wise. We went to a highly recommended breeder, but fate had it the dog was sick from a few days old till today, 8 years later. He was sick before we got him. We almost lost him to illness after having him for 2 weeks. Currently his has allergies year round to food, air, everything.

    I work full time & started attending a holistic college part time. I currently am taking animal rehab classes to help him. I treat him when ever I can, mostly daily.

    My husband is currently looking at being unemployed again. So we are very careful with spending money.

    We have an alternative vet that was great with helping our dog with cancer, but he does not seem to be helping with the allergy problem. So I am constantly searching for answers & buying expensive foods,(which has to be discarded when he has a reaction) air filters, it goes on & on.

    I hope the future will be better, so one day I will be able to take advantage of all your offers. Thank you for sending me all the information you have to date. Your information does ring true to the things I have studied to date.

    God Bless you.

  27. Avatar Nancy Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    I currently find myself in a position that I could help numerous cats and dogs. I am an Animal Control Officer and on my job I pick up many stray animals. The dogs go to a shelter, but if they have health issues they are either made comfortable or euthanized. The cats really have no place to go as the local shelters are full with cats and aren’t taking any. I currently am houseing 53 cats at my farm and have no access to veterinary care for them as there are no funds to cover the cost. If I had access to your course I might be able to help alot of these animals with medical issues and therefore be able to place them in permanent homes more easily. I have rescued dogs, cats, horses, goats, pygmy pigs and cows in the past and do the best I can for all I come across with nutrition, shelter and basic care, but I feel your cost would put me in a position to help far more than I can now. I have a Veterinary Tech license and having worked at veterinarians offices I know there is other ways to treat animal illness and medical problems than the conventional methods. Having access to your course would increase my knowledge of alternative methods.

  28. Avatar Sharleen Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    I have had Great Danes since 78 and I did not want to lose my first one at an early age. I read
    all that was available at that time and she did live to be almost 11. I have feed raw until my husband lost his job 3 years ago. He is in his late 50’s and it is not easy to get a job that pays anything. I had taken an early retirement but that proved to be a mistake because of the lose of my investments due to 9/11 and than my husband’s complications from surgery and job loss.
    I still try to feed the dogs the best I can and often spend money on them that should have gone to something else. I also have lost dogs to vets that were suppose to be treating the problem but in the end the dog died and I found out later that
    it could have been prevented. I’ve had vets insist on tests that did not prove anything but just made them richer. That is why I would like to be able to treat my dogs as much as I can and oly go to a vet if necessary. There are some good holistic vets but they are 2-3 hrs away and the charge $150.00- $200 just to see you. Most people can not afford that. As you know with a large dog everything is more expensive. Icurrently fed a good food supplements, and give raw when I can. I feel that your home study course would be beneficial.

    Thank you,


  29. Avatar Cindie Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Dear Dr. Andrews,
    I read your emails faithfully daily, and so enjoy hearing from you! Many of the experiences that you share are heart warming, and many share the tough realities of life, but whatever the case may be, you send your messages thoughtfully. I do appreciate the time you invest in each and every one.

    I am asking that you consider me for your Course Giveaway, for many reasons, the primary one being finances. I am disabled and my husband is the sole breadwinner in our family. We have custody of our three grandchildren, all of whom suffer from their own disabilities stemming from prenatal drug use, and their needs are many.

    We have several pets, all of whom we cherish each and every day. We have two dogs, both rescued. We have two cats that we adopted from a family member who could no longer care for them. We have a dumbo hairless rat who was purchased because nobody else seemed to find her absolutely adorable as we had, and we were concerned about what mouth she may end up in. We have two turtles, one 17 years old, given my son on his 5th birthday, and a small red eared slider who had soft shell when we adopted her, but who is now thriving, thank God!
    They are all a part of our family, not just pets.

    Dr. Andrews, we cannot afford the costs set forth by local veterinarians, and I worry constantly about our pets should they fall ill. I trust in you and your way of dealing with an array of illnesses, and just ask that you consider our family for the Course Giveaway. The tips you offer up in your newsletters have enlightened me in so many ways, and have even helped me on occasion to bypass potentially hazardous situations for our pets. When the dog food was being tainted, you truly helped me to avoid potential risks, while many were saying that the situation was being blown out of proportion. I trusted your judgment, and heeded your advice. If I were to receive your free giveaway, I would be more thankful than even you could ever imagine. My pets are are my life, just as are my children.

    Thank you so much for all that you have given to me already, and I appreciate a chance to become even more enlightened by your never ending love for animals and neverending wisdom.

    Cindie Andrade

  30. Avatar Trudy Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    As a dog lover, to be better informed can only help to safeguard our beloved pets. I lost two dogs in under 18 months, one from an unknown cause. The first was “Bear” a very affectionate, personable collie/golden retreiver mix. He had arthistis but also developed kidney disease. With a special diet we got to enjoy him a few more years. With your course I may have helped him have a few more enjoyable years. After loosing “Bear”, I got an adorable Bichon named “Tinker”. He had the usual allergies common to Bichons. He rather suddenly was not himself, and lost weight. I left him at the vet’s and he never made it home. I was heart sick. If only I had known the signs!!! Your course is the tool we all need to be better pet parents. For a lot of us our pets are our children. To be equiped with the right tools at the right time is truly a blessing. Thank you for creating such a tool.

  31. Avatar Betty Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    As the owner/servant of four cats and one mixed-breed dog; I want to do everything I possibly can to help them live long and healthy lives, I do not trust most vets, they are just in it for the money. I would dearly love to buy your course; but my sister just had a stroke, and I had to replace my toilet last month. I don’t even have enough money to pay my bills this month. I am trying to sell my collectibles on eBay to bring in extra money, but so far that has only allowed me(barely) keep my head above water. I read your column every day, and save most of them, as your advice is the only help I have for my five loving babies. Thank you for the column, I greatly appreciate knowing that a vet can be interested in holistic medicine, and is willing and able to take the time to share his expertise. I would love to win your course; and rest assured that I brag about your information to other pet owners that I know! God Bless you, Dr. Jones,
    Betty Hardie

  32. Avatar Leonette Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Hi Dr. Jones
    My son is a young teen with Autism and Tourettes Syndrome . His best friend is Roxy, his therapy dog, she is his support in so many ways. She acts as his lifeline in so many ways always there to get him through all his tough transitions . She knows all his routes and routines. I owe her the best possible health and Lord knows I have had not the best of esperiences with traditional vets / Our last friend became so crippled with arthiris it was unbearable to watch her try to be
    always be there for us . She also had what they called “hot spots” it was terrible watching herself chew herself up .She died several years ago I blame this on not knowing how to take care of her holistically, and our last vet he is all being all about traditional medicine .
    Roxy has been treated for very liie there but does recieve treatment for many hot spots . I dont want to have her treated with all kinds of chemicals .
    Her current food is a pricey petshop
    Thank you for listening


  33. Avatar Deb Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    Hi I just wished that I knew about your books before this. I have a hemi. He is about four years old and I just got him in June of 2007. I took him to the vet’s and he he had a bladder infection. So out comes the pills and after one visit and 250.00 dollars later, he should be all better–not. Good for about a month then back he went. This time once again x-rays and the whole nine yards. Another 250-300 dollars and home we went. The next morning the vet called and said that my Coconut had stones in his bladder, have to operate right away. The next two or three days. The cat was in alot of pain. Gave me a price guide maybe more. Told me to call the next morning and let him know what I decided.Well I still have Coconut and he still has one bladder stone in him. It could come back or get bigger later on. Then another operation for him. The only other thing to do would to put him to sleep and I could not to that. Any help from now on about his food and diet and anything else would be a godsend for me as I have a couple of little dogs also. Thanks and god bless. Deb Ryerse

  34. Avatar Bonnie Wasnock Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    I would like to introduce my bulldog Biscuit. She developed severe allergies 5 years ago, 4 years ago she was diagnosed as a stone thrower and a short time after, staph infections that mainly targeted her feet with blood boils on her front feet occuring on a regular basis. A year ago she started getting them on her back feet. This last Christmas she celebrated with one on each of her 4 paws. (They are painful and messy to drain.) The past 4 years she’s been on prednisone, synthroid and cephalexin. She was getting her antibiotics 3 times a day, A year ago I cut it back to 2 a day and 6 months ago to 1 a day. Thanks to your newsletters, I also have her on saw palmetto, milk thistle, glucosamine sulphate, potassium, flaxseed oil, cranberry, probiotic pills, and apple cider vinegar in her drinking water. Her backend is gone, she flops down on plain floors and cannot manage the back stairs, so I grab her back end each time she goes outside going down the steps.(Luckily their are only three) When she was diagnosed with all her problems 4 years ago, I knew she would not see a long life,(bulldogs are notorious for short life spans normally) but i prayed she’d make it to 7 years. She will turn 7 this August. Two weeks ago I had her blood drawn for a total body screen and urine. She also had a ultra sound done mainly for the bulge on her right side that I was worrying about being a enlarged liver. it was her stomach from the lack of muscle tone. They checked all her organs. No tumors and liver slightly enlarged. I was told they expected a much more enlarged liver from 4 years of prednisone. Her blood work and urine were
    perfect. I gave my vet a list of what I had been giving her and a list of chinese herbs (for stone and staph infections) He okayed all that I had her on, but nixed the chinese herbs as there is no way to judge the dosage. His comment at that time was “You’ve gotten her this far, why would you want to stop” It gave me something to think about, as I want to see her reach nine years of age. If their was one thing I’d like to change, it’s to take her off prednisone, but between her allergies and the staph she needs it. Her feet breakouts occur every 5-7 days. I’d like to find something that would give her relief naturally.
    I will probably start playing around with the herbs as I would like her to have a more comfortable life where she doesn’t have to wear socks all the time. The sores once they’re opened tend to seep for a few days, so I find it easier to put baby socks on her. Stops her from licking them or picking up any further infection outdoors, for which she has a pair of waterproof covers.
    Thanks for all the help you have provided over the last while.

  35. Avatar Joan Bennett Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Dear Dr. Jones,
    I am a retired nurse living in the Virgin Islands , raising my special needs grandson who was born with a two chamber heart. He is developmentally delayed , had ADD and Tourette’s and so is not able to get the help he needs in the public school setting here. All of my money goes to trying to provide a private education for him so that he will be able to fulfil his life’s ambition, which is to work with animals. He is very intuitive and dogs and cats that “don’t like children” always seem to respond to him.” He is trying to become an animal communicator and is very interested in holistic alternatives, and the spiritual dimension as it relates to animals and their purpose on the planet. Generally he prefers animals to people!! We have a fourteen year old chihuahua who is blind but remains the leader of the pack, a 110lb Doberman with the personality of Scoobie Doo and totally disobedient and out of control until my grandson decided to spend time training him which resulted in a great increase in his self esteem, and an adopted “coconut retriever”, an island mutt whom we adopted when the neighbors were abusing him. My grandson Malik helps me in caring for these animals and is passionately devoted to their wellbeing. Needless to say the vet bills for three dogs , plus my grandson’s education keep me financially strapped and I wish I could afford your course as I see it as another step in helping him move closer to his goal, which I think is not impossible if he is supported by other animal lovers. So if there is away that he would qualify for a free course , I would be so grateful, It would become part of his educational program.
    Joan Bennett

  36. Avatar jim baker Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    You said you wanted my story for a chance at a free complete home study coarse well here it is I am a disabled person of some 50 years old and am married with 2 dogs a cat and a few fish living on a fixed income. We have a fixed tom cat about 5 or 6 years old whom we took in as a stray years ago, he isw named squeaker as his meow has always sounded like a squeak not very original I know but it works, well over the last few months he has started to pull his hair out to the point he is almost bald in places and he is being sick all over the house .I have been giving him hairball remedie and it helps a wee bit but not completly and I have no idea on how to get him to stop pulling his own hair out. Jim Baker

  37. Avatar Brennan Kingsland Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    Hey, Dr. Jones,

    Just so you know, here’s another link for you.


    Have a great day!

  38. Avatar Sabine Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    Dr. Andres,
    I’m a big fan of you, I really enjoy receiving your newsletter and I constantly tell people about you and your site.
    I love animals and my family consists of 10 critters now. They were all strays, bound for slaugther, unwanted and found their way to me, one way or another. There are 2 horses (both bought from a slaughter auction, one a terribly abused ex-race horse, one a then 9-month old foal!), 2 dogs (both strays and sick when they found me), 1 cat (pregnant, sick and asthmatic when she found me), 2 parrots (both were sick and were going to be put to sleep, in my care they are both well and happy now), 1 rooster (who was supposed to end up as chicken soup), 1 skunk (who was not cared for and in dire need for a caring home) and 1 wild rat (who I found abandoned at 4 days old, I hand raised her and she’s 3 years and 5 months old now) and one husband who also needed a loving home! 🙂
    With the economy being so bad right now I cannot spend any money on anything else other than necessities for the citters and us. That’s why I would be EXTREMELY grateful if my critters and I could benefit from your course.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience,
    Sabine and furry / feathered family

  39. Avatar Sabine Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Dr. Andrew,
    I’m a big fan of you, I really enjoy receiving your newsletter and I constantly tell people about you and your site.
    I love animals and my family consists of 10 critters now. They were all strays, bound for slaugther, unwanted and found their way to me, one way or another. There are 2 horses (both bought from a slaughter auction, one a terribly abused ex-race horse, one a then 9-month old foal!), 2 dogs (both strays and sick when they found me), 1 cat (pregnant, sick and asthmatic when she found me), 2 parrots (both were sick and were going to be put to sleep, in my care they are both well and happy now), 1 rooster (who was supposed to end up as chicken soup), 1 skunk (who was not cared for and in dire need for a caring home) and 1 wild rat (who I found abandoned at 4 days old, I hand raised her and she’s 3 years and 5 months old now) and one husband who also needed a loving home! 🙂
    With the economy being so bad right now I cannot spend any money on anything else other than necessities for the citters and us. That’s why I would be EXTREMELY grateful if my critters and I could benefit from your course.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience,
    Sabine and furry / feathered family

  40. Avatar Rosalind Humphrey Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    Dear Dr. Jones:
    I used to live in Vancouver and now live in Ontario and spend my spare time fostering and volunteering for animal shelters. I currently have a mom cat with 4 kittens, one of which is really tiny and the runt. On Sunday the runt just lapsed into a coma type state and was just shallow breathing but rapidly, tongue hanging out and eyes glaring, I think she was dehydrated. I panicked, but kept her warm, gave her saline under the skin and looked on your web site and others and tried tube feeding and thankfully it seems to have worked, she is coming around. Thank heavens for people like you to help people in these emergencies. I’m hoping that she will recover fully, she is feeding from her mom now and I’m trying to supplement with formula. Thanks again…..

  41. Avatar JO, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    A FR**EE course, well that would be enlightening and amazing. Good of you to consider doing that, what a brilliant idea. I am sure all of those bothering to enter would be overjoyed to receive that.
    I wondered about that and thought what would be the deciding factor if I was giving something away like this? My answer was, that a) it wouldn’t stay on the shelf so to speak, and it would be utilized. b) that the content would be tested and shared. I thought, “YES! I can do that.”
    I have worked with animals as an ambulance officer to injured pets, dogs, cats, horses, goats etc and the odd wildlife too. It was very challenging. One reason I left though was too much dogma in the field. Animals were getting the raw end of the deal, and the crunch came when the institution I worked for was more intent on numbers than the welfare of the animals. I had to put healthy dogs down due to our inability to rehouse them. It was so distressing. I ended up refusing, it was too much for me.
    I know because of my experience and the fact that I have been in sales for years, and I am considered reasonably knowledgeable on stuff, I would LOVE to be able to share with a better knowledge base. I walked away from conventional medicine, after doctors killed my mother due to the concoction of drugs they had her on she got liver cancer. Then my third son almost died after immunizations, so I have been an alternative seeker ever since.
    I only feed my dogs naturally, nothing artificial goes into them. They have been immunized with homeopathics. I have even convinced the local dog sledding club to allow dogs immunized this way to compete. I tell many people about alternatives to how they are now feeding/treating their dogs.
    If I were to be the winner of you FR**EE giveaway I would endeavor to educate others in this field, and guide them to your course so that they too could have all your wise, tested and true answers on tap.
    I believe allowing me to win, would spread the word of your course far and wide. I believe you would benefit as much as I not to mention all the animals who if they could talk would thank us both.
    I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes, I hope you choose wisely and well.

  42. Avatar Elaine Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    I would like to win your course because it would benefit my dog.I cant afford your course. My dog has many health issues and I need help and I feel your course can help me I recently lost my spouse and I dont want to lose my dog.Im on a fixed income and I am disabled.This course can help me help my dog.I have had bad experiences with vets that want to drug my dog and I dont like it.Please consider me.

  43. Avatar Christina Tracy Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    Here is my story as to why I feel I would be a good person to get the course.

    I am a disabled person that lives alone with my service dog. Being disabled I know that man has caused a great deal of harm not only in pets but in our own bodies. I know there is a better way and would love the opportunity to be able to use your course to make life better for my dog.

    He has a sensitive stomach and I know there is a better way for him, and want to make the best life I can for my partner.

    I have before I was disabled raised horses, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks. I lived on a small homestead with my husband and children.

    My husband has since left me, because he was not able to deal with my disablity, and 2 of my children are grown with children of their own, and my 17 year old daughter lives with her father and his girlfriend.

    Life is not and has not been easy however I wish to make the best possible life for myself and for my dog and partner Akaya.

  44. Avatar Lidzia Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Hello Dr Jones
    I’ve read some of the previus story and I have to say some of them are “so real”
    Yes ..as some of the pet owners I believe that if I had the knowledge with you great help I could safe my beloved dog. There was number of factors to devolope his lymhoma cancer + plus my naive trust to vets. Well………..after a few weeks we lost him and… I still think we were badly robbed by vet. Dylek should be still with us.
    Few weeks after our first dog died I noticed a slightly enlarged lymphatic node in Nana’s (second Rotti)neck. Being worried that it might be a serious condition, I made an appointment with a local Veterinary Hospital for further investigation. During the appointment the vet dismissed possibility of another, unrelated dog having a cancer, and prescribed antibiotics to fight what he thought was an upper respiratory infection. However, on my request to eliminate the possibility of the cancer, the vet made an aspiration and sent a sample for a laboratory test. After about two weeks the results from the test came as inconclusive, and an appointment for a full biopsy and further tests was arranged. After three weeks of agonizing wait, Nana was diagnosed as terminally ill with lymphoma cancer.

    She is still with us. We decided not to go with chemotherapy as vet suggested. We only do what you wrote in your newsletter. She is only on meat/fish and vegatable, has MANY herbs and natural supplaments. I’m hopping to “be chosen” mainly to know what else I could do and give her to keep her alive. To loose her (eventualy) just after few months later we lost such a wonderful and loyal big gentele giant will be just undiscridable.
    I’m a member of Fife Rottie Rescue in Scotland and we have many dogs with different problems and thanks to you we could help them more.

    I really enjoy receiving your newsletter Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience

  45. Avatar Meg Wigington Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    Hi, I have a small in home daycare and boarding service for small breed dogs that I run from my home.
    I would love to be able to take better care of my charges. There has been times that I had to take a dog to the vet’s because I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to know if I could handle the problem myself.I hate having to present a vet bill to the people that trust me to know how to take care of their little ones.
    Also I have alot of people call me and ask questions about something that isn’t right with their dog and to have your course as a reference would help me to give them correct answers and a comfort to them to be able to help thier dogs
    Also I am always trying to educate my customers about the evils of feeding thier dogs food off the super market shelf.I make my own dog food but the people that use my services don’t have the time to do that. To have documentation from your course to show them what they were doing to their dogs would make so many of these precious babies live happier and healthier lives.
    I don’t make much money from my little business, I do it because the thought of these little creatures spending 10-12 hours a day in a cage just breaks my heart. I can’t imagine the stress and fear these little things go through when their people have to go out of town to not only to be seperated from their family but to spend day after day in a cage must be doggie hell
    Anyways, I could help myself and others so much if I could be the blessed one to win your course.
    Thanks Meg Wigington

  46. Avatar Christie Davidson Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    I faithfully read every newsletter you send out, knowing that you will give me a little insight as how to treat my miniature dachsund, Cricket, who has been with me since she was six weeks old (she is almost twelve now).

    Cricket and I have been through some tough times together, and she always seems to come to me on her own, instinctively knowing when something is wrong .. whether it be physically or emotionally. She has been my rock and my best friend now for nearly 12 years; and I love her as I love my children.

    Cricket has been recently diagnosed with a thyroid problem, along with an allergic reaction to some unknown thing/s. All of this has made her hair fall out (almost completely), she has a bad odor and has lost at least 15 lbs. I know that she was overweight. She now looks like a cross between a hairless Chihuaha and a Sharpei.

    I want to be there for her, as she has always been for me. I just don’t know how to keep doing that without having outrageous vet bills that we cannot afford. I want to treat her holistically/naturally .. thinking that this is the least and the best I can do for her.

    I am on disability for several reasons and am now, after a car accident, starting to have other health issues to deal with. My husband is afraid to leave me alone, and has had to take leave of his job to help care for me. That, in itself, leaves us with only my pitiful pension to live on until he can find other work closer to home.

    I want to thank you for giving me this chance at your giveaway and for giving Cricket a chance at a better life and healthier life.

  47. Avatar Trish Parsons Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    Hello Dr. Jones,
    Recently we lost several of our beloved pets. We still don’t know exactly what it was. They did not show the classic parvo symptoms. Two of them spent time in the Animal hospital and we still lost them. The ones we had left at home we mixed up a home remedy tea and gave it to them every 15 minutes for the first hour and then 1 time and hour for about 24 hours. We also gave them immodium ad for diarhea. We started feeding them the chicken first start baby food mixed pedialyte water every couple of hours. We continued to do this until they begin to eat on their own. We managed to contain the virus in the quarantined area. We heavily sterilized and cleaned the whole house. We also took precautions with sterilizing our hands and clothing even our shoes. I think the home tea is what saved their lives. Now I keep all the items on hand and can make it at the first hint something is wrong. We managed to save the rest of our babies. I just wished we had of known about the tea in time to save the first ones to go down.

  48. Avatar Clearysage Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    Yes you are right I would love a copy of your course.
    I have had dogs all my life and friends contact me when they are having health problems with their animals.I am into natural medicine so I suggest herbs when possible and wish we had a local vet that was educated in natural medicine I could refer them to but we don’t.So I do my best with what knowledge I have to help them.With that said I feel I am a resource and your course would really help many people in our area with natural ways to treat their animals.I am a acupressurist so I am constantly sharing information with my clients on natural ways to help themselves and their animals when I come across new information.I was just recently sharing with a client your info on not over vaccinating our pets and this was new info for her that she really appreciated. She has 5 dogs and most of them she has rescued from various situations and appreciates all the natural approaches she can use to keep her animals healthy.If I were to be chosen to receive your course I will share the info with many many people in hopes that we can keep our animal friends healthy in a natural way and address their heath issues early on while something can still be done.With my own dog right now I am dealing with her blown ACL.Due to her age and other joints with arthritis I have decided not to do the surgery as I feel it would be to stressful on her. She is on previcox and doing quite well considering the situation.Prior to this happenning she was on synovi 3 for many years as well as other ones of this nature but they just did not give her much relief. So now I have had to go the heavy medication way.I have had blood work done to make sure her organs are tolerating it and all looks good so far.At this point quality of life is most important and she is much happier so this is where we are at.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share with you why your course would benefit not only me but many others if it comes my way.Take care and thank you for truly caring about our precious animals they are such a gift to human beings they truly teach us what love and being in the present moment is……..

  49. Avatar Lynda Murrell Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    I would dearly love to receive a free copy of your fabulous course. Here in New Zealand homeopathic and natural treatments for our pets are still few and far between. I have always believed in treating my pets with natural therapies, however due to a lack of information here this has required alot of reading and researching on my part. I have never vaccinated my pets much to the disgust of many. My animals have never had any chronic illnesses, in fact my golden retriever lived to the age of 20 and until his final year he appeared to be a young and vibrant dog. I would love to receive your course so that I have accurate and quality information in regards to treating my much loved family of pets ( 1 dog, 2 cats and a bird). Thank you for this opportunity, it would be great if we could have better access to your information in NZ.
    Regards Lynda

  50. Avatar Dagmar Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 8:41 pm

    I rescued my 2 boxer girls last year, they are both 7 years old. I was looking especially for older dogs as they find it so much harder to find a new home. There was lots of fighting going on in the beginning and everybody was recommending to give one away. For me that was out of the question, if I adopt an animal than it is for life! And I just saw the fighting as a challenge for myself. If I can master that, I can master other things as well! After 3-4 weeks the fights suddenly stopped and today my girls are inseparable. I knew that one of them had cancer and was on death row, but I got all my money together to get her through her surgeries. Yes, some call me crazy to do all of that for “just” a dog and especially for a dog I did not even know before. But for me every individual is special, why should I not be able to love her, just because she has cancer?
    For several months she is now suffering from itchiness and I try all sorts of things to give her some relief. My vet suggested giving her regular shots or cortisone as a long term treatment. I know my vet is very upset with me in discussing and questioning her suggestions, but I just want the best for my dogs and if it does not feel right, then it probably is not right.
    During my odyssey with my animals (I had dogs and cats before those ones as well), I got interested in alternative ways like healing with energy which makes a huge difference to them. I will start a business soon and try to teach as many people as possible how to do that themselves to their pets. So for me getting that course now would make a big difference! If there is somebody else who needs it more, I understand.


  51. Avatar Louise Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    I would love to have your course but I can not afford it . I have 5 dogs and need to know ALL I can to take great care of my babies. I can not afford to run to the vet. every time I need to so it would be a Great help to me. I am disabled and have to really watch and be careful how I spend what money I get . All I can do is HOPE and PRAY I win your course. Thanks for all the help you have already been to me and my babies….THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!

  52. Avatar Amy Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    I have been dying to get your course since I started seeing information on it this past year. Just last week I wished I had heard about it years ago and had purchsed it then. I had my “little princess” Abbey for 17 years and in January of this year she was diagnosed with feline GI Lymphoma and lost her battle last Monday (on my 31st birthday of all days) when I had to make the toughest decision of my life and put her to sleep.

    I have been a life long cat owner and always thought I was giving them the best life and doing everything I could to keep them healthly…until now. I thought I was doing things right by bringing Abbey to the vet each year and feeding her prescription cat food from the vet…the works! I now feel that doing those things were part of the reason for why she got sick.

    It was so hard to say good bye to her and I truly believe she would have been around longer if I had your course. So this past weekend I went out and saved a kitty from the Animal Services Shelter and I can only hope to keep Little Petey in better health. I want to purchase your program but due to my financial situation I am unable to right now (I unfortunately love my job working with children with Autism, which does not pay well). I want Little Petey to have a great start in life and know that the time is now to get things on the right track!!

  53. Avatar Sandy Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    First let me sy that I love your newsletter and I have many of your printed materials, but being an auditory/visual learner I would definetly have an advantage with the cd’s. I can’t afford to purchase the whole course because I myself am disabled and my husband works very hard to support us and my to help out our daughter’s family who is going through some hard times.

    Being interested in natural health choices for myself, I of course am interesed in natural choices for my babies whenever possible.

    Having had a poodle years ago that even though she was up in years, the vet said it was important to have her teeth cleaned. At that time not knowing what I know now I had the proceedure done. She was give an anesthetic, had her teeh done and was never the same again. She began to have seizures. The doctor said it was unrelated, but I was never satisfied with that. She then began to just run in circles. Unless you physically made her stop she would continue to do this until she just couldn’t stand any longer. She would cower in the corner when she was to exhausted to circle. She didn’t respond to us in any way. After several weeks of this, and several trips to multiple vets with no answers, we finally had no choice but to have her put down.

    Now, many years later I have two American Hairless terriers that are the love of my life. They are small dogs (5 & 6 lbs). I had a very bad experience with our first one, the vet almost killed her with an amitraz dip after developing a severe case of demodex after receiving her vaccinations. She was less than 3 lbs at the time. I know the vaccinations did not cause the demodex, but she had signs of a breakout when we took her for her shots. I was told the little bumps were ‘puppy acne’. Our other little one (her sister) had been purchased by another person but when she developed demodex after vaccinations (same as ours) she returned her to the breeder. We adopted her as well.

    Needless to say, I am trying to do everything I can to treat them myself, and at least have some knowledge when I do have to go to the vets.

    God’s blessing,

  54. Avatar Helena Arrechea Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    I have a 12 year old lovely old english sheepdog, who is constantly with me as we go to work together in my school supplies store. She can’t stand up by herself butonce she is up continues walking altho’ with difficulty. She has a tumor in her spleen but that sort of stays lethargic and we manage it sort of. I used to feed her “premium food, ” but since she started with her problems and pains, I cook for her every day, Carrots, yamani rice and chicken with absolutely no skin or fat. We live in Argentina and altho I keep all your mails and advice I can’t afford your course . My vet is lovely and she tries to do her best and accepts all kind of advice I tell her you suggest. I would be honoured if I won your course and specially because not only would I benefit from it but many people around me who are also interested in your methods. hope to hear soon positively from you, and I love the daily chit chat you put in your letters. Helena

  55. Avatar Judy Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    I have a beagle who is almost 6 years old. In August of 2006, she became lame and was unable to walk. Of course, this happened on Friday evening, after normal vet hours. I contacted the emergency vet clinic nearest where I live, and they advised me to bring Reba in right away. I took her in, crying most of the way. She and I were there for close to 4 hours, before they told me they needed to keep her overnight for more testing and observation. $800 later and a host of tests, there were no conclusions to why she went lame. The only diagnosis they were able to make were that her liver enzymes were elevated, and that disc disease could not be ruled out.

    Two weeks later, we took her to our vet for follow up testing. Her ALT was 486, indicating she had extreme liver damage, as well as her ALKP being 329. On the 26th of August, we did a full abdominal exploratory on Reba, for a good look around and the biopsy of her liver. The biopsy ruled out cancer, but no cause of damage could be determined. Reba continued to be in pain, but was on pain meds (Rimadyl) to keep her comfortable.

    More than once Vic and I slept on the floor with her, afraid we would wake up and she be dead. He and I took turns taking off work to stay home with her until she pulled out of the situation.

    She was put on SAME, Milk Thistle, and Vitamin E to help her liver recover. A lab test a month after her surgery only revealed slight lowing of the ALKP and ALT. She continue to have her levels checked and other tests on a monthly basis. She was given Tramadol and Prednisone on the 30th of March, 2007.

    On the 31st of March while sitting on the sofa with her, I noticed her right eye was “cloudy”. Again, Friday evening. Because we had exhausted all options with our vet, our next option was to take her to Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. They performed all tests our regular vet could not, as well as joint taps on the fluid. They believed she may have tick disease, sending her home the next day with doxycycline. Her recovery was short lived. Their diagnosis was Polyarthritis; Lymphadenopathy; Thrombocytopenia; Hepatopathy of unknown etiology, all immume-mediated.

    I have weaned her from the prednisone and have her on glucosamine and chondroitin, with no clear improvement. She has lost close to 4 pounds since not taking the prednisone. I don’t believe Reba will ever be a romping puppy again, but I want to give her the best, pain free life possible. I know there are other options out there for us that our normal channels have not given us, and I would love to have this information from you at this “free” price. Reba is our baby, and we love her dearly; she is like one of our children.

    Apologies for the length, but it is quite a story life for Reba for the past couple years. Thanks. -Judy

  56. Avatar Bonnie Stinnett Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 11:33 pm

    I had a 12 year old poodle pug mix and he die of sugar diebeates I has him at the vet and they keep telling me he needed to loose weight but then all of a sudden he really started to loose weight and I took him back to the vet and they had to do blood test that cost more than I could afford but I had it done anyway and then it was 2 late to help him to keep him from suffering I had him put to sleep. I have been getting your letters for a while and I do a lot of my other 3 little dogs medicen my self by useing what you have put in your e-mails but that does not take care of all the things I need to know but I can not afford your book now.

  57. Avatar Maureen Potter Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 12:58 am

    I had just discovered that my breast cancer had returned, when I got Maggie (a West Highland White Terrier) from Westie Rescue. Well, she was really pathetic — looked more like a drowned white rat, than a Westie; and petrified of everyone and every thing! But then, I didn’t look so hot myself, and was pretty terrified of the fight I was facing with the Her2NeuPlus type of cancer. So, I looked at her and said: “Well sweetie, let’s fight together. I’ll help you and you help me.”

    Today, two years later, she’s the most loving, happy, healthy, and precious friend that God ever created. We both survived, with the love and encouragement of each other.

    Maggie’s 11 years old now (though she thinks she’s still a puppy)and I’d like to keep her around for another 11+ years (as you know, Westies can live to 20 years and beyond, if well cared for).

    Unfortunately, after three bouts with cancer, my finances are pretty tight. With your course, I know that my Maggie would be around for a lot longer.

    God bless you, in the wonderful work that you do. It takes a lot of courage for you to stand by your convictions! I read every e-mail you send, and am very grateful for them.

  58. Avatar LESLIE STROM Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 3:29 am


  59. Avatar Bob Estabrook Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 7:40 am

    Hello Doctor Jones,

    My families story resulted in the needless death of our dog Maggie, while a veterinarian was treating Maggie for cancer. Maggie, was injured at the hands of our local veterinarian and suffered for many weeks (eleven) unnecessarily.

    Maggie was a mixed breed approximately 10 years old. She was not just a pet but a family member who we loved dearly. With that said, I will write this letter withholding any emotions and just try to state the facts, which led to her death.

    Maggie had Lymphoma and was being treated with IV cancer treatments (Chemo) with a chemical called doxorubicin. During her third treatment, the IV was not placed correctly in the vein. The chemical, doxorubicin, was draining under her skin for more than an hour before the tech notified the doctor. Once the IV was removed, the doctor flushed her leg with saline solution to dilute the chemical.

    Doxorubicin is an extremely dangerous drug when not administered properly. It will destroy the tissue, muscle, and skin. The doctor did not tell us how toxic this chemical was and how devastating Maggie’s injury would become over time, because he was not trained or educated in the dangers of this chemical.

    The doctor told us to keep warm compresses on her leg and it should heal. What the doctor did not realize is that flushing her leg with saline solution and keeping warm compresses on her leg was the worse possible treatment for this insult to Maggie’s leg. This just spread the chemical and worsened the area of necrosis.

    Maggie should have immediately been given a drug called Zinecard (Dexrazoane) to counteract some of the doxorubicin. We should have been referred within hours to an oncologist or a surgeon to see if her leg could be saved. Immediate emergency response was needed to save Maggie. Instead, because the doctor was not educated on the affects of doxorubicin extravasation, Maggie’s leg was deteriorating from the inside out. This was painful for her and she had to go approximately 11 weeks with this injury before my family made the decision to seek a second opinion and ultimately euthanize her because of her pain. The doctor never suggested we seek a second opinion.

    If we were informed as to the severity of Maggie’s condition, I feel we would have amputated her leg and continued her Chemotherapy knowing she would still have about a year to live. Angell Animal Medical Center said that dogs adjust well with three legs and Maggie could have continued receiving her cancer treatments and her quality of life would have been better. We filed a complaint with the veterinary board hoping to somehow make it mandatory for all veterinarians who work with IV chemotherapy drugs to be trained and educated on the dangers of the chemicals and the devastating effects it has on the animals and families when not administered properly. In addition, veterinarians who administer doxorubicin need to know how to properly treat and when to refer out to specialists. I truly believe this incident was unnecessary and could have been avoided if my veterinarian was informed of the dangers and knew how to address them.

    Since purchasing your book I have used your treatments of common illnesses for my German Shepherd pup with great success, and am now armed with questions to ask whenever my new veterinarian wants to inject or prescribe medications as treatments.

    Thank you,


  60. Avatar Andre St-Jacques Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 7:42 am

    I would surly appreciate having your package on animal health, it would complete all your emails that I hallways keep to my computer for later reference,I yam a retired employee from Canada Post,
    after 33 years of service but took my retirement at
    51 years of age so I have a smaller pension than I would had at 55, so your course is to expansive for me!.
    As far as I remember wee hallways had cats in our family and I love cats and all animals since my young age.
    For now a have a female cat that love very mutch
    it was given to me 15 years ago by my physiotherapist, the problem is she is overweight
    and for 2 years now she stops to go to her litter
    box and can’t clean her self (rear and back) and I
    now she feels bad about that looking at her.
    Many peoples told me that I should euthanase her
    because she is to hold but I can’t do this I love her to much and she is in good health apart is cleaning problem .
    I feed her with low carb dry food and senior cat food recommended by vets she eats and drink normally.
    I hope to keep her as long as I can.
    Thank you for your good advice.
    Andre St-Jaques


  61. Avatar Joyce Crock Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 7:59 am

    Dear Dr. Jones,
    I would love to be able to order your book and all right now. I have two dogs, and two cats.All our getting on in years. But the most concerning thing right now is my first dog, Wolf. He is now fourteen years old. A sheperd collie mix. He has had loose stool since December when he got into some cookies that I forgot to put up. He doesn’t seem to be in any sort of pain or anything, and still gets really excited to see me and play like a pup. But this is most concerning to me. I have tried some new food with rice and chicken, but it doesn’t seem to help. I have given him a pepto bismal a day in his food, and it seems to help a little. He will not go for a day or sometimes he has a bit of harder stool, but for the most part it is completly liquid. It would be great to have these tools as my little girl who is an American Eskimo is not people friendly what so ever and can’t be muzzled. Trips to the vet are horrendous for her and myself. I have tried tranquilizing her before appointments but to no avail. Anyway now that I have written a novel, (which I apologize for) it would be great if someone or anyone coudl help me with Wolfs problem. I am afraid of what a vet might say, and I don’t want to do any furhter damage to him.

    Thank You

  62. Avatar SueAnne Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 8:41 am

    Wow Dr Jones. There are some very sad stories and alot of people in need of your course. I too have a sad story about finances and troubles. But it is not as sad as most of these. I have 2 dogs a collie/wolf cross a rescue and a terrier/min pin cross. Both thank God are healthier than all those other dogs at the moment. I would love your course so that I can help others and my own pets, but I think it should be given to the couple that have the dog rescue Haven. Everyone is in need of your information including myself it is too bad you cannot give the information to them all, they are all deserving. Good luck in finding the right one. Thank you for all the information you have sent out for free. The information is invaluable and has already helped a few people. God bless you and all your work. Sue

  63. Avatar Sandie Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 9:12 am

    An eye awakening experience:

    I have a 3 ½ Yellow Lab named Frodo. Just before he turned two I noticed that he seemed to bunny hop sometimes when we were out walking. With dread, I took him to my Vet for advice. I suspected HD. After the x-rays ($700.00 worth) were complete, my worst fear was realized, Frodo had Hip Dysphasia AND a Cruciate Ligament problem. The HD was diagnosed as mild to moderate. As for the Cruciate issue, he wasn’t entirely positive it was really a torn ligament and was referred to the University of Guelph OVC. At the OVC they told me that a tear in the Ligament was serious and could rip apart anytime. Keep in mind here that Frodo didn’t have any pain, he just bunny hopped occasionally. Looking back I wonder how two different Vets came to two entirely different opinions as how bad the tear was. I did have a two year health guarantee from the breeder, but who really uses this guarantee? Frodo had been part of my family since he was 10 weeks old, there was no way I was going to give him back to the breeder to likely be destroyed.

    The Vet at OVC suggested a TPLO surgery as our best course of action, this treatment cost $2800.00. We asked about alternatives but upon the Vets advice we agreed to go ahead. It was a heart wrenching decision. We picked him up 2 days later and I could barely look at his leg, the incision was huge! The recovery time was about 4 months with two check ups in between at a cost of 300.00 each. We are now up over 4 thousand dollars that we have spent on our dog. It was a long recovery for all of us but we made it thru.

    Frodo has always had strange little skin conditions that would flare up, almost like little bites. He also suffered from hot spots. When he was in for his TPLO, we were given antibiotics for this. Sure, they worked when he was on the drugs, but as soon as he was off, they would flare up again. The Vet also gave us Rimadyl and said that Frodo would most likely be on it for the rest of this life. The side effects of this drug can include kidney damage which could result in death. We would take Frodo in every 3 months for blood work to keep an eye on his kidney functions (100 to 150 dollars a visit). Every time he drank a little too much or not quite enough water or had an extra long pee, or just a squirt, I was always worried his kidneys were failing. I knew we couldn’t live like this forever. The vet also suggested a dog food he supplied, which was supposedly good for joints and cartilage. We put him on this food.

    Frodo stopped eating. I don’t mean he picked at his food and ate half sometimes and all of it other times, I mean he stopped eating. I tried to feed him kibble by kibble I tried to put goodies in his food to entice him, I tried everything I could to get him to eat, and he just refused. He would go days without food. He got so he could barely get up without limping, he no longer would go on walks, he layed on the floor like a lump, I’m convinced he was malnourished. Again, back to the Vets (I’m a slow learner), they suggested I have the other leg done…another TPLO! I just couldn’t imagine going through that again. My husband and I were thinking about what we were going to have to put Frodo through again, and though we didn’t admit it to each other, both of us were thinking euthanasia.

    I decided to do some research on my own about natural treatments. This is how I discovered (thanks to this website and a few others) the vast difference in dog food brands. I learned about grain in food, I learned about carcinogens in food, I learned that MOST commercial dog foods are garbage. I learned that Vets are poisoning our beloved pets from over vaccination.

    I completely changed Frodo’s diet and gave him supplements. I took him off the Rimadyl. He gets a combination of raw and a good quality, no grain, kibble. 6 months later…..His skin conditions are gone, his hot spots are gone, HIS LIMP IS GONE! We now wonder if the first TPLO was really as necessary as they led us to believe.

    He eats every meal with enthusiasm. He runs and plays like a pup. His energy is just where it should be for a dog his age. My husband thinks it’s a miracle and is now a believer that quality food and supplements are two of the most important things you can do to make a difference in your pet’s health. We also don’t take a Vet’s word as gospel anymore, and try to keep ourselves educated regarding our dogs health.

    I am not entering your freebie contest as I have just ordered your course online to take advantage of the sale. There are some of the posts I’ve read here that probably could take advantage of it without the added burden of the cost. I just wanted to tell you that I am a true believer that we, as pet owners, have to take more responsibility for our pet’s health and treatments. No longer will I go to my Vets and treat him as knowing everything. I will ask more questions, I will do my research and I will never take his advice on my dog’s diet again.

    Keep up the good work!


  64. Avatar Kare Blackburn Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 10:26 am

    Hey Dr. Andrew!!

    First, thank YOU for your incredible site and important updates in your fun/funny emails! I found your site while desperately searching for answers when our previously happy, healthy and huge german shephard pup (Shaman)started to waste away befor our very eyes after his neutering surgery in 1/08.

    After reading your wisdoms, we knew to look for a different kind of vet and also just what questions to pursue. Seems as if he was having a terrible gastrointestinal (allergic) reaction to the tramadol he had been given. Unfortunately, these answers almost came too late… he had been in a 3-4 week jag of vomiting with diarrhea that had become a set “cycle;” a total mind-body reinforced reaction. I knew this as I am a healer and had stayed home with him… he is my other son! However, several vets would not listen to what you and my intuitive voice were telling me and kept searching for more severe causes (i.e., he must be obstructed or there must be some horrible, underlyng reason). Thus, it took too long to find an answer (simple tx = some rice/chicken, Sucralfate, Metronidazole, and lots of LOVE).

    I am happy to report that Shaman is very healthy, happy and a real “moose” today!! His older, bio. sister, Spirit, made sure to keep him Present and playful for which we are infinitely grateful. Having been a healer/counselor with kids and teens for many years, I have become inspired to return to my own childhood’s first love: Animals. Like you, I practice a myriad of alternative (not for long!) healing mehthods, like Reiki, hands-on, herbal/natural, crystals (they work!), along with more traditional and established ways that also heal. I am about Solutions and ALL that is positively possible, for both people and pets! 🙂

    Being in a transitional stage, resources are more than tight… as they are for too many, for now. You have many wonderful and deserving folks responding. Cool! Just know that I am ready, open and willing to be a most enthusiastic student!! I would treasure the opportunity to learn more through your course and wise writings. I find an elated sense of humor a must for the best of teachers in this world. Thanks for always sharing yours!

    Wishing you Peace, Light & overflowing JOY.

  65. Avatar Kijo Pulford Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    Thank you for caring and sharing so much information with all of us, Dr. Jones. I truly appreciate receiving your newsletter, and wish I had come across it earlier.

    Like many others, I believed in the traditional practice of caring for my pets with vaccines, commercial foods and medications when necessary. I have grown up with pets and have always had animals,and luckily, had never encountered health issues with any of them. They all lived happily to their so-called “normal” lifespan.

    Unfortunately, I ended up losing my canine soulmate, Zeus, way too early. I believe that if I knew then what I know now, he would still be with me today.

    Zeus was a very healthy, almost 8 year old, 200-lb, extremely large Rottweiler (believe me, not an ounce overweight). After an ACL injury, he was prescribed Rimadyl, and everything went downhill fast.

    He experienced Rimadyl toxicity. I was devastated there was no cure, just lots of hope and prayers and weak suggestions. I could never describe the anger and feelings I experienced.

    I turned to holistic and at-home remedies. Changed his diet and supplemented vitamins and minerals and anything else I came across that even remotely indicated it could help.

    Even though I was unable to reverse the damage, I was able to pull him through the side effects enough to have him with me for four more months, surprising even my vet, who acknowledged that in all his year’s of schooling and experience, he’s never experienced anything like this. To the very end, Zeus did not show any pain or side effects associated with kidney damage.

    I realized how much my dog loved me, and even though I am still very sad and miss him every day, I am grateful I have experienced a love and devotion second to none.

    Since Zeus’ passing, we have rescued and adopted two more family members, one being another Rottie. Trust me, I will not make the same mistakes in their care as I have made in the past. I have already implemented what I have learned about food and vaccines into their lives, and I continue to seek out more and new information that I can apply.

    I have learned alot, but I know there is alot more to learn. I would enjoy receiving your home study course and I certainly would put it to good use.

    Thanks for letting me share my story.

  66. Avatar Barbara Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    Dr. Jones,

    Being a dog mom to 5 adopted dogs from kill zones takes all money I have. I faithfully read your newsletter and keep them in a folder. I do what you say and I thrive on the knowledge you send out about the dog. several times I have almost followed thru on buying your course but after re thinking I knew I just could not. I must stay focused on keeping a roof over our heads and food.
    Thanks for putting the info out tho.
    Always for the Dogs
    Barbara and her pack

  67. Avatar ann s Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    I love uour website I have learned alot form it I have read your book that I have. it very intesting. it sound like you really love your job. Ilike your e-mail because the thing that read I fell the same the that going on here in the state. I would love to get more information from your website because the vet.here in my area I live are not much help I have had to do alot of work for myself to help my dog and my two cat. my dog this bladder problem with three surgery having stone’s removed and he is on a special diet with NF kidney funcation Purina veterinary diets. had poo problem. found mass in the bladder wall thinking from the surgery’s.not sure the mas is. is. my cat has heart problem, and my other cat has hairball problem.

  68. Avatar Janice Hilderbrand Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    I would love to win your giveaway since I am on Social Security of only $495.00 per month and could not afford it any other way. I have 7 Jack Russell Terriers to feed and one that was just operated on for mammary cancer. I read most of the e-book I got online and am now following your instructions. I have switched to Candidea Dog Food and I am also preparing to gather the ingredients for the Cancer Diet for my Jo and the Raw Diet for the rest of my dogs. Jo is the fourth of my lifetime of dogs that has had cancer and that’s four to many. I don’t get much money each month but I will be using what I do have to save my dogs. I believe I can do that with God’s help and your books. Thanks again for all the help you and your advice have given to me and my dogs. God Bless you and your work.

  69. Avatar Ted Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    I was informed of your web site after losing our Siberian Husky Codie. Codie had to be put down at only 8 years because she had blown out both her back knees. We did everything the Vet suggested and more with no success. After reading your Newsletters all of us in the family feel some guilt in that what we thought was right for her in her feeding, (dog foods), excercising, vaccinations, medications, etc. was not what we should have done. Our Husky pup Ladie (just 11 months old) is getting the benefit of our knowledge from your emails. We’d like to know more and your course is the way to go. Regardless of what happens here… PLEASE DO NOT STOP PUBLISHING YOUR NEWSLETTER…. It’s a LIFE saver. We’ve had some pretty bad experiences with our Emergency Vets here in this Ontario city. Along with our Husky we’ve had Lhasa’s for many many years and lost 2 of them in my opinion Vet incompetancy. In one case our Wookie had a severe back injury. Our regular Vet was unavailable and we went to the Emerg Clinic. Wookie was a great dog 3 years old yet and they said we could probably save him with surgery. Our plan was to go to the Vet College in Guelph Ont, but this was evening and we had to wait till morning. In the mean time the clinic took xrays and pumped our 23 pound dog with enough Steroids to put pitbull in la la land. Immediately in the morning we took Wookie to our regular vet and he went ballistic.. They actually killed our puppy with a steroid overdose. Had we known then what more we know now from your newsletters we would have taken a different path and maybe still had wookie. Our current vet knows that we read your newsletter and agrees with NOT ALL but MOST of what you’ve published and really does WORK with US in the Health care of our 3 dog (2 Lhasa’s and the husky)…
    Please continue on in this truely beneficial effort your persuing to help all of us take better and more proper care of our 4 legged family members.

  70. Avatar Susan Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    I need the home study because I never know whether I’m getting good or bad advice from a vet; it seems a lot of vets, like conventional human doctors, they’ve adopted a plan of “15 minutes per patient”, which lead me to believe that they are more interested in volume than quality care. I have trust issues when it comes to my beloveds, and I need to know when I’m getting bad advice.

    I always get a 2nd opinion (friends, breeders, other vets) when I’m not sure, sometimes it’s conflicting advice, and I don’t want my pet’s life to depend on it.

  71. Avatar Jean Crawford Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    So much to say,,,but to make this a little shorter…,,,I care for EVERYONES pets…especially cats, people put them out, they get hurt or sick, I take them in, take them to the vet, etc. Sometimes I can’t afford to do this and the pets suffer for it. I would so love to be able to help these animals with what I could learn from your course, but again,,I cannot afford it…as a senior citizen, it cost a lot when we had 2 cats affected by the food recall…we lost both of them after almost 5,000$ in fees. And …it was trial and error, they , the vets, didn;t know what to do for them either! So to have the chance to help these animals in need with more than just food would be wonderful…! I have one now who has been through some kind of trauma,,,broken jaw, tail and I’m sure some internal injuries, and I’m doing the best I can for him. I also care for a cat with FLUTD who was plugged last year and is now on a special diet, IS it the best I can do?? I don;t know..also I have as well one with chronic asthma….Yes, I could use this course,,,maybe some day I’ll get a chance to use it….I can but hope!! It would mean sooo much to soo many unwanted or abandoned pets, I know, so maybe somehow soon, I”ll be able to access your course. But until then, I’ll read the e-mails you send and learn what I can from them…and thanks for writing them,,they are a help!

  72. Avatar Jean Crawford Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    So much to say,,,but to make this a little shorter…,,,I care for EVERYONES pets…especially cats, people put them out, they get hurt or sick, I take them in, take them to the vet, etc. Sometimes I can’t afford to do this and the pets suffer for it. I would so love to be able to help these animals with what I could learn from your course, but again,,I cannot afford it…as a senior citizen, it cost a lot when we had 2 cats affected by the food recall…we lost both of them after almost 5,000$(which we had to borrow) in fees. And …it was trial and error, they , the vets, didn;t know what to do for them either!Then I lost my 13 year old cat to liver failure… So to have the chance to help these animals in need with more than just food would be wonderful…! I have one now who has been through some kind of trauma,,,broken jaw, tail and I’m sure some internal injuries, and I’m doing the best I can for him. I also care for a cat with FLUTD who was plugged last year and is now on a special diet, IS it the best I can do?? I don;t know..also I have as well one with chronic asthma….Yes, I could use this course,,,maybe some day I’ll get a chance to use it….I can but hope!! It would mean sooo much to soo many unwanted or abandoned pets, I know, so maybe somehow soon, I”ll be able to access your course. But until then, I’ll read the e-mails you send and learn what I can from them…and thanks for writing them,,they are a help!

  73. Avatar Daniel Hatton Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Dr. Jones: We have 2 dogs a Pomeranian and a Australian Blue Heeler plus 23 cats. Took on the dogs our selves. But the 23 cats is a different story. We are the only house on our road, so we have became the place for people to drop their unwanted cats and kittens. I have been disabled for nine years. Can barely feed our selves little on the animals. But we make sure they eat as well as we do. Just can’t afford a veteranarian. Do not know what we would do with out your emails they have really helped us out. Sure would like to win the free course. Thank You Daniel

  74. Avatar Roberta Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    I wish you lived closer to my town so my animal shelter pets would have better veterinary care when they need it (and from a vet who cares, to boot). That has not been our experience, and a lot of innocent pets have perished for want of a professional and competent resource. I finally learned to stop taking them in, and guess what… the survival rate went up. But that’s not the real answer. Knowledge is. I’ve certainly learned a lot from experience, and now many pet owners call me for advice! I tell them I can’t give veterinary advice, but I can share what I’ve been through, and they can glean their own advice out of that. More pets are making it, just from what I’ve learned from you. Now even more people call me for help with their animals. If I were younger, I’d go to vet school. I’ve referred quite a few to your web site as well, and some of them have purchased your course. If I didn’t spend all that I have on just keeping these animals fed and vetted, I’d buy the course, too. But I’ve gotten used to hearing “no” as our city has refused to support the effort, and I get opposition daily from people who think this is a waste of time. But there are many people who deserve this course. Whomever you choose, animals will benefit. And for me, that’s the bottom line. Thanks for all you do.

  75. Avatar Joy Redwine Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Dr, Jones: I would love to win your course because I have a passion to know as much as I can about helping my family, which includes animals, live the healthiest lives that we can. The more I live and learn the more I realize that although doctors are here to help us, we are ultimately responsible for making the best decisions that we can for our own health and knowing enough to be able to stand behind those decisions. In the last six months, my healthy approach to life has been fueled by reading everything I can about natural approaches, which includes all your emails. Six months ago, the veterinarian professionals let me down as I desperately tried to find out what was “not quite right” with my beloved Sheltie. I understand that they were doing what they were used to doing but it failed my family and we are still devastated by our loss. I have begun working in my chiropractor’s office because I want to surround myself with learning healthy new things all the time. I have the platform to share with people the responsibility we have to take care of our families, including our pets. I would LOVE to win your course. After I use it, I will share the information with anyone who will listen. I am so glad you are sharing your passion for what you have learned with us. Joy

  76. Avatar Sandra janoski Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    I really enjoy all the info. I have gotten so far. I already have vet. secrets revealed, & veterinary code. These have already been a huge help to me. I have a cat with cronic sinusitis, & urinary tract problems, & your info has helped me to help him.I’ve had another one who had diarreah problems, & your info. helped me there as well. Over time, I have saved money running to the vet, & have learned to feel for & look for certain things with my pets. I even have the neighbors coming to me to help them with their pets!! I prefer to use the natural way of healing over drugs if at all possible. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge & love for animals with others who feel the same about their pets. I would buy all of your ebooks, but can’t really afford to due to our own health & mony issues, I have to be careful where I spend opur monies. And on the other hand, you have helped us save money by sharing this gift of healing & helping animals with us. Thank you so much.

  77. Avatar Sandra janoski Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    I really enjoy all the info. I have gotten so far. I already have verinary. secrets revealed, & the veterinary code. These have already been a huge help to me. I have a cat with cronic sinusitis, & urinary tract problems, & your info has helped me to help him.I’ve had another one who had diarreah problems, & your info. helped me there as well. Over time, I have saved money running to the vet, & have learned to feel for & look for certain things with my pets. I even have the neighbors coming to me to help them with their pets!! I prefer to use the natural way of healing over drugs if at all possible. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge & love for animals with others who feel the same about their pets. I would buy all of your ebooks, but can’t really afford to due to our own health & mony issues, I have to be careful where I spend our monies. And on the other hand, you have helped us save money by sharing this gift of healing & helping animals with us. Thank you so much.

  78. Avatar Sandra janoski Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    I really enjoy all the info. I have gotten so far. I already have verinary. secrets revealed, & the veterinary code. These have already been a huge help to me. I have a cat with cronic sinusitis, & urinary tract problems, & your info has helped me to help him.I’ve had another one who had diarreah problems, & your info. helped me there as well. Over time, I have saved money running to the vet, & have learned to feel for & look for certain things with my pets. I even have the neighbors coming to me to help them with their pets!! I prefer to use the natural way of healing over drugs if at all possible. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge & love for animals with others who feel the same about their pets. I would buy all of your ebooks, but can’t really afford to due to our own health & mony issues, I have to be careful where I spend our monies. And on the other hand, you have helped us save money by sharing this gift of healing & helping animals with us. I am a news corraspondant for a international pixie bob cat website, & also share some of your info there as well. They seem to like it. Hopefully that will lead others to your special way of caring for pets. Thank you so much.

  79. Avatar Cindy Magnuson Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    Hi Doc,
    I would accept your course give-away, if the Universe decides that I could continue to give forward the very much needed information that you are offering in your work. I am a Dream Analyst,Numerologist, Reiki Practitioner and Animal Communicator. Animal communication fell onto my plate when a group of horses communicated the message that I would be working with them through my dreams. I have been blessed to have discovered wonderful energetic connections with animals and owners in the time that I began working with them and this is the type of communicatiion I offer to owners. For diet, care, nutritional needs, training, I leave that up to the experts and consequently I advise them with listings of specialists that work in the same manner that I do, holistically and providing them immediately with the means to do their own animal communication and healing. Call me for the big stuff when needed is my motto and let me teach you how to open up these pathways for you.
    I do not have the finances for the course. It is simply the way it is at this time. I have the desire to order your course to expand what awarenesses I can offer to others when I work with them. We share the same goals for the world.
    Many Blessings for your revolutionary work….glad to have met you,
    Cindy Magnuson
    Tinley Park, IL

  80. Avatar Art Trombley Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    Dr. Andrew, I was forced to retire at 55 and live on very little money. My Prescriptions use up over 40% of My income. My best friend is BooBoo, an 8 year old Chow/Retriver, Her meds take up another 10% of My little income, I’m not complaining, Her 10% is the best money I spend, but if I had Your course(which I can’t afford), I probably could do better for Her and save money too. I used one of Your tips to clear up Red Eye that She had almost 2 years ago with ‘Tea Drops” it has come back twice and each time it cost only the price of a tea bag to fix it, BooBoo’s Dr. said it would cost $400 to run tests to find out what She is Allergic to, I just don’t have that kind of money, thank God that I got Your tip just at the right time. We had a real bad experience with a real bad vet. My BooBoo had been attacked by fire ants and had a hot spot on the base of Her tail, this vet treated Her so roughly that She lost control of Her bowels before I could get Her out of His office, I have had Her since She was 10 weeks old and She has never went to the bathroom in My home, not even one mistake, so I know that He really hurt Her. I now drive 12 miles further to a compationate vet, they don’t use the natural methods that You do, but at least they are kind. I would make good use of Your course if I were to win it, I would read it ALL and use it to help My Best Friend and save money at the same time, so please give the free course to Me, Thank You, Art

  81. Avatar Doug Dammeier Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Hi Doctor:
    My wife and I rescued a long-haired chihuahua whom we’ve had for 4+ years now and she’s always been very healthy since we’ve had her. She came to us at 4 1/2 lbs, patches of furr missing, starving, and labeled as a ‘fear biter.’

    I’m now 58 years old and had never had a dog since my beloved Spot was killed by a car at age nine. But the minute I looked into those eyes of my Molly I was ‘hooked’ on her. She seemed to understand and never once tried to bite me and after nursing her back to a healthy 10 lbs. she is my constant companion.

    That’s not why I want your free course. Shortly after we rescued Molly along came Macy, a poodle/papillion mix who is all white and just adorable. No one wanted her at age 2 so we took her in also. She took sick last year and it cost me over $1000 at the Vet to save her. She got healthier by never we could never get rid of the skin condition she has. She has been on Temeril but it doesn’t seem to help. Her skin was normally a light gray color, but for the past few months it has been bright pink and she constantly itches and sometimes I think her skin is just burning her. I feel so bad for her as she is my loyal girl.

    I have tried anti-biotics creams, tee tree oil, apple cider, and other ‘natural’ creams to no avail. I am now weening both dogs off the dry food slowly and and feeding them raw organic beef and vegetables. My friends have their dogs on a 100% raw diet and it’s seems to be my last hope for Macy as I can’t afford to take her to the ‘Allergy Vet’ and spend over $2000 to see if they can ‘cure’ her.

    Thanks for your FREE newsletter. At least I get tips from that. Thanks for you good work with animals. That would be my dream job.

  82. Avatar Terry Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    I think it is wonderful of you to offer your course for free to someone in need. As a senior myself, I am not able to afford this but many who posted before me seem in greater need. So, please give this to one of them. And—-keep those emails coming! Thanks.

  83. Avatar dixie peterson Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    Dear Dr. Jones,
    In response to your offer for your course – it would be a real blessing for us. I now forward your info that you so faithfully send to my family & friends that have pets – it has been so helpful to all of us.
    We, as you say, are short of c**h – soc.security does not go very far at all – enough – now about our “kids” – we have taken in 6 Poms -with problems varying from blindness, deafness, complete hair loss, a liver shunt, seizures – we’ve pretty much had it all – our oldest is 16 almost totally blind, getting deaf – hardly any hearing left & has developed a horrible cough, the next is 15 – seizures & an onry ol’ cuss, then 9 – she has seizures & a terrible breathing problem, also has bad hip dysplasia – she’s our little “sidewinder”,the next is 4 – she’s deaf in one ear & stands to one side as if to make up for the loss of hearing, the next is almost 4 – she has lost most of her hair –
    we spayed her – they found a tumor, the next had what they thought was a liver shunt – after many tests, etc. $$$$ – she couldn’t even walk without falling over – she now runs like the wind, dances on her hind legs – I have her on regular dog food (chicken soup for the dog…),
    my last two are quite healthy other than dysplasia on the youngest one. I also have 3 cats, the oldest one – they said was too mean – he’s such a cuddler & is now 15, one that 8
    and 1 that’s 7 that we took in when her mother, as a stray dropped off here had kittens. We live in the country & seem to have a load of cats dropped off here every year. I’ve managed to place most of them. I’ve also place 6 other dogs that weren’t wanted by some, but loved by their current homes. We lost 2 of our daughters in 2006 and I don’t know where I’d be without my “kids” to keep my spirits up & laughter at their
    crazy antics. All 11 have adapted to us quite well. Your course would really help us in treating them at home wherever we could. Needless to say – our vet bills have been quite extensive – all are spayed or neutered…. I’ve paid a lot of attention to what you’ve been saying about the vaccines. I look forward to your informative newsletters. I thank you for considering us to receive your course. We’re always trying to find ways to take care of our “babies” at home – one vet recommended that our dog (the one that couldn’t walk with the liver shunt, be put down.)-
    She’s so happy & funny & loving – I can’t imagine not having her. I know our oldest ones probably won’t be here with us too much longer – but they’ll receive the best of care & love that we can give them until the end of their lives. I’m sure that with the help of your course – we would be much better off in trying to treat them at home for whatever we can. Thank you again for all you are doing for animals – may God bless you for all you done & for your help. No matter who you chose to receive your course, please don’t stop your newsletters! And thank you again. dixie

  84. Avatar Darla Raser Says:
    March 21st, 2008 at 12:35 am

    Hello, Dr. Jones. I would love to win your give away, but most importantly I would like to get Abbie’s story out there with the hope that others will read it and learn from my experience with her.
    Abbie’s Story Born 6-19-2004
    In August of 2004, Abbie came home to live with us from our local pet store. She went to the pet store’s Vet for her check up and was released in perfect health. In October I took a stool sample to my Vet and she had tape worms so on 10-5-04 she was wormed with a one dose pill. She just itched and itched so back to the Vet on 10-8-04, she was diagnosed with Cheyletiella mites and was given injections of Ivermectin every other week for over four months. In the mean time Abbie got her DHPP/Corona/Bordetella shot. She reacted and had to go back for an antihistamine shot. That was on 10-28-04. On 11-22-04 she had her DHPP injection and again another reaction and injection of an antihistiamine.
    1-27-05 Rabies, followed by a reaction and benadryl injection. On Abbie’s first adventure into the woods she got Guardia and had to be treated with medication.
    Then we had her spayed in Sept. 05, that week while on pain pills she broke her left front elbow. She had to have surgery for her leg(her stitches were not even out from being spayed). Poor, poor girl, she was on Rimadyl for so long that she started throwing up blood. So they switched her to Codeine 30 mg. as well as keeping her on a muscle relaxant. Some other drugs given to her (not all) are Acepromazine 10mg, Butorphanol, Cephalexin 250 mg, for ears Genitzol Ointment. I am sure that she also got steroid injections as well.
    On 5-12-06 Abbie got a DAP 3yr and also a Bordetella injection, needless to say she had another reaction and we had to go get another antihistamine injection.
    One week later the Vet called to check and see how Abbie was doing. He then told me about Auto Immune Disorder and that vaccines can trigger it in some dogs. I know that he is a caring man and really is commited to his treatment of animals. But I just sat there after the call, I ached inside to think that I was paying them for what might ultimately cause her death. Well over 4,000.00 has been spent so far on conventional veterinarian treatment and now I realize that all of the drugs and vaccines have not helped , but have greatly harmed her immune system.
    So here we are in 2008, Abbie’s ears, eyes, and skin have been a mess, she smells, her hair has been falling out from her scratching and chewing on herself. When this first started she withdrew.
    She only wanted to lay around, she didn’t even want to have us touch her.
    I put her on a raw diet of turkey meat and brown rice, bone meal, fish oil and kelp. It has been about three months now and last week she started playing with Merlin our other Cocker. We now have hope that she is on the mend. She still scratches all of the time, her ears are a mess,and her hair still comes out with scratching and chewing. But she is playful and interactive again.
    I have no desire what so ever to ever subject any of my animals to a conventional DVM again. (Only in the event of an emergency).
    I have been unable to work because of an auto accident and I am finally on the mend. Believe me if I had the money I would have purchased your entire system by now.
    The benefit: MY ANIMALS WOULD HAVE THE BEST CARE THAT I CAN GIVE THEM. I have learned so many natural alternatives just from your e-mails alone. I really appreciate the conviction that you have. You know, in reality you have already made me a winner because you have shown me an alternative that I believe will save my little girls life. Even if I am not chosen I will purchase your system as soon as I can afford it.
    Thank you from Abbie and I.

  85. Avatar V.Roche Says:
    March 21st, 2008 at 1:15 am

    Hi Dr.Jones
    Well this is the first time I have ever written something about myself trying to get something for free so here goes.I have always have alot of pets and have always tried to take really good care of them and reacently I lost two of my best friends my dog wildthing I lost to cancer and my other boy mo my cat he had organs that faiked him it felt like someone ripped my heart out it was like I had lost one of my kids I would never wish that on anyone it has been awhile now and I still cry everytime I think of how much they where a part of my life I still have 23 animals and I really think your course could benefit me as that I don’t have the money to buy it cause we live on a limited budget now since we took in our mothers,and still have all these mouths to feed I read every email that I recieve from you and I really enjoy them but I know the course would really help me with taking care of my babies needs.And if you find someone else that needs it more then me I will keep reading your emails and maybe one day I can save up and buy it,it just seems everytime I try something comes up but that is the way life is with its ups and downs huh,anyway thank you for ready this and giving us all the chance to win your course.Thank you so very much! Vickie

  86. Avatar Doug Murray Says:
    March 21st, 2008 at 9:53 am

    First, a little background on my animal friends & I. My first pet, a German Shephard named “Beauty” was the runt of the litter. That didn’t stop her from having huge litters of puppies (the record was 14!!!). Of course not all of them survived but top add another twist of fate, her pups couldn’t tolerate her milk & we had to hand wean them. It’s quite a task to try to bottle-feed a dozen squirming puppies! It’s also quite endearing…

    Years later my friend’s Tabby disappeared shortly after having four kittens. Once again we were forced to go with formula. Before this I considered myself more of a “Dog Person”. Those cats grew up as their children (we swore they acted “more human than feline” ;)!

    After I moved to Ottawa, a roomate was talked into taking 2 of his ex’s cat’s kittens. Everybody fawned over them & they would keep us entertained by their boisterous play. To save the furniture I tied a small piece of carpet to the knule post at the base of the stairs. It didn’t take long for them to start play-fighting while hanging from it, taking pokes at each other between the rungs, leaping to the top to be “king of the castle”. If I’d had a camcorder, I would have been in the running for one of those “Funniest Home Video” prizes (& they’d have been swimming in catnip!!! ;]

    They would occasionally drive me crazy with their nightime antics exploring the basement, but I couldn’t help but grin when they’d start kneeding my beard (with their razor sharp kitten claws, oooch!) as if I was their mom!!! It still makes me smile…

    Our roommate soon moved & asked my sister & myself to take care of them. We were able to keep them together for their first year (to give them a way of venting their boundless energy). When I finaly got a suitable apartment, I took “Smidgeon” in. He & his brother “Attahuelpa” had always been very friendly & affectionate. But “Smidge” on his own was a handful, he would race up one end of the sectional couch, around the corner, then down the other end like some kind of Ferrari!!! I swear he’d go half-way up the wall around the corner (which sometimes drove me half-way up the wall too (lol)!

    He soon had me well enough trained to build him a pet flap in one of the windows. You see, he’d decided to follow me one frozen December day& even though I tried to get him to stay home he wound up disappearing for a week! After many heart wrenching visits to the shelter I’d pretty much given him up for dead (it had been a steady minus 30′ C. all week). Then I finally heard a very loud (almost yelling) “ROWL!!!” at my door.

    He was skinny as a rail & I scooped him up to warm him, as I carried the poor guy to the kitchen. I’d never seen a cat go through tree cans of food in one day! Thankfully, other than being cold & VERY HUNGRY, he seemed fine & was back to normal within a few days. I could barely peel him off my lap that week, not that I minded.

    Somehow he learned to come to me when I’d whistle! My friends said he acted more like a dog, running up to everyone & rolling around on his back waiting for his belly to be rubbed. At one point he took to digging into my sweater as I attempted to type on my computer. He’d make himself all comfy cradled in my lap & start kneeding my sweater with those sharp claws while burrying his snout into my armpit (lol, that tickled :).

    Not to mention all the “presents” he’d bring me (great, another decapitated mouse…). I saved as many as I could (I lost count how many). He even brought me a sparrow, which I also managed to save. And when I rescued some fledgling European Starlings that had managed to fall all four floors to the basements old furnace chimney, he listened to me & left them alone (such a good boy). That was one long sleepless night of chirping & although I did bond with them quite a bit, I was very happy when the parents showed up to take care of them!

    In 1999 my sister rescued a 4 month old kitten from having to spend the next 6 months quarantined in a tiny cage (he “parents” were moving to Asia). Unfortunately, she didn’t get along with my sister’s other cat! Somehow I was talked into taking her in as well. This was even more of a challenge considering she’d managed to get pregnant! I decided to keep the two of them separate to avoid any complications from stress (at least until the kittens had another home). Thankfully my friend Dan welcomed both kittens.

    “Biscuit” is a sweet little cat that some of my friends were calling “Fraidy Cat” because she was timid around people, though never with me! I remember the first time I saw her, she scampered right up to me & nuzzled my hand. I instantly fell for her, even though she had a few quirks. I’ve lost count of how many computer wires she’s nibbled (I know it’s too much like a mouse tail)!!! And she gave “Smidge” a run for his money as far as hunting! She even managed to snag a small chipmunk, which took me days to usher back outside! Then, a few hours later, she showed up at the pet door carrying the same chipmunk like it was her kitten, ha!!!

    After the recommended time, I had her spayed. Within a week I got a knock on my front door… it was my neighbor telling me (with a big grin on his face 🙂 there were some “visitors” at my back door! When I checked, there were three little kittens scampering around the back porch! I guess they had been abandoned by their mom as often happens. Problem was I had a “full house”… neither of my guys liked them (nothing but hisses).

    Still I did my best for them making sure that they had food & water & going out to spend time with them (the porch had some good spots for them to keep sheltered). After a week or two of asking around I was lucky to find someone to take in all three! When I had the chance to visit them in their new home, they all seemed very happy. And I felt good that I could have helped them along their way.

    This past fall my sister’s cat became very ill, the vets were baffled but gave her a regimen of treatments they guessed would help. This, of course, cost her as much as her months rent! They then informed her that they recommended she admit poor “Atahuelpa” to their hospital at the cost of $300 a day with no assurance that he would make it!

    Both my sister & I are on pensions so the only way I could be of any help was to assist her administering “at home care”. Being that I had two cats of my own I proposed that we take care of him at my home. We basically spent the entire week with him on our laps or snuggled beside us as we tried to keep an around the clock vigil. Seeing as he was 16 years old (& my older cat’s brother) we were able to treat him to some time outside with my two, though he wasn’t very energetic he seemed to perk up quite a lot.

    I was hopeful, he seemed to be on the mend! We had followed the vets’ instructions to the letter but sadly he passed away after a week. My attempts at “mouth to ‘snout’ recessitation” were unsuccessful & he died cradled on my lap 🙁

    My sister & I were both heartbroken & full of self recrimination! What else could we have done better? Could the hospital have saved him (after all they had told my sister to consider euthenizing the poor little guy)??? They weren’t even certain what the cause of his illness was, although they’d given him as many tests as they could think of.

    Around 2 months later I got a knock on my door. It was my new neighbor telling me that my cat “Smidgeon” was not doing so well. As I picked him up he groaned… He was always so full of spirit even though his age & arthritis slowed him down a little: you couldn’t keep him inside if you tried (unless he was feeling snuggly)!!!

    I’m not unfamiliar with basic first aid, many times I’ve had to deal with on the job cuts (which would be considered to need stitches) as well as having to clean the wounds (usually but not always to myself) which requires a “steely” disposition.

    Although I tried to maintain my cool & deal with the task at hand, my mind was reeling! What was going on???!!! Was the problem the flea spray I’d given them (after the usual drops had failed to have any effect)???!!! Had the fleas “vectored” some strange disease to him? Was one of the neighbors’ vehicles leaking coolant? Had he caught the same illness that claimed his brother???

    And what of my little female cat “Biscuit”? All I could do was to get my neighbor to call her friend (a vet) & ask what the best thing to do was. We found out that the recommended first aid was to bathe the poor guy to get rid of the flea spray. All resources that I found said the same thing: treatment would take months of recovery & huge vet bills, even if only for the medication. Not to mention, we weren’t certain exactly what was wrong, there were too many possibilities.

    After a couple of days “Smidgeon” seemed to be on the mend, though still a little wobbley. Most of that week he spent curled up on my lap, not groaning anymore, even the occassional purr as I stroked him. Seemingly there was little I could do other than to keep a close eye on him & keep him warm to prevent seisures. I did the best I could for him (singlehandedly) for more than a week but eventually he too secumbed to what ever had caused his illness.

    I was livid! I was heart-broken! I considered hauling his lifeless body into the grocery store where I’d purchased the vile “Hartz” spray & loudly vocalizing my opinion of their product!!! I planned to alert the media for coverage! I’d seen (too late) the other pets listed on the “Hartz Victims” website… there are around ten thousand KNOWN victims most of which didn’t survive!!!

    To be fair, “Hartz” HAD done wonders for the abondoned pets in New Orleans after “Katrina”! Though after researching the key ingredient,
    I was shocked to see the effects were known! It also angered me to learn that they had continued to sell this product years after the first complaints had been voiced. The fact that they are major sponsors of A.V.M.A. awards (seems like back-room kick-backs, eh?) made my blood boil!

    Clearly I’d been lied to. Clearly my trust in our pet products industry & government regulatory boards had been betrayed! On top of it all, I found out that some of the vet bills for these poor unfortunate animals had been “voluntarily” payed (after lawyers became involved) by “Hartz” without admitting to being the cause of the problem in the first place!

    All I know is that I’d have been made homeless if I’d have put “Smidgeon” in the hospital for what I would call “cruelty to animals” if not “reckless endangerment”!!! How do they get away with it???!!!

    So I decided to find out the best way to care for my last survivor, my 7 year old female “Biscuit”. After trying another useless drop “Zodiac”, there were still fleas. When someone suggested that I ask the local “Humane Society” what they used I was “stonewalled”! They said it would be a conflict of interest! When I asked what conflict they refered to, they just repeated themselves. I felt they should know some of what myself & others (especially “Smidge”) had gone through & made mention that my friends in the media would be very interested to hear their answers I was politely asked to hold for a moment… when the receptionist returned she said she could give me a hint: “Orange”!

    Of course I tried to find out where in Ottawa I could get this. The only place was the vets! And even though (in Canada) it’s an “over the counter” product, they wanted around $100 just to tell me the obvious “You cat has fleas”!!! That didn’t include the $70 they wanted for the medicine! They told me they couldn’t or wouldn’t sell me the drops without their “pound of flesh & some blood”!!! In the end, I had to go on the internet & wait more than a month for the vials to come from Australia!!! I suppose that $50 doesn’t seem like much to most people but that’s a lot to me!

    Finally my last surviving kitten (I’ll always call her that, she’s so small 🙂 pulled through, though I was very concerned for quite a while. Thankfully I spent an extra few dollars on some vitamin E capsules which I broke open & applied to her wounds (she had scratched herself raw). I also discovered that she seemed to enjoy the flavour so I fed her 1 or 2 capsules each day for a week or so. The conscensus is that this aids in healing, & I was nothing short of amazed at the speed of her recovery. She had been looking very shaggy & listless for the better part of two months & I feared the worst!

    I’m happy to say that she is fine & back to her old frisky self. She has even ventured outside a few times. But I can’t help but wonder what I’d do if there were any other issues. Yes the internet is very helpful but by the time you’re able to get a straight answer from anywhere it could be too late! I’ve always tried to help others when I could & now I would welcome some help myself!

    Thank you.

    Doug Murray

  87. Avatar Karen Masini Says:
    March 21st, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    Good Friday to you Dr. jones! Well sir I could benefit from your course because, I love learning how to take care of my companions.It seems that all my family and friends come to me or call when their dogs and cats get ill.I have so many friends that don’t live with me and i happily go check on them .Some times its a happy visit and sometimes i just don’t have a clue and advise them to see the local vet.Most don’t have the money and i just do what i can.I have Rotties and am now on the 3rd generation of a family line.I have started saving money to try and buy your deal but it seems when i am just about there something comes up.I don’t reach as many people as you but i am in oklahoma and i have 2 grown daughters that live in texas and they call mom and we talk about what to do for their babies(my grand dogs and cats)!! I hope to be hearing from you and i hope to see you talk about things for people that live in the country that have to deal with wild animals and mostly about snake bites!We have rattlesnakes and copperheads and watermoccasins.The antidote for these are only in the major citys. Thank You for your consederation.

  88. Avatar Sharon Botha Says:
    March 21st, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Dear Dr Jones,thank you so much for your informative newsletters.I would dearly like to win your course as I have had 2 dogs with cancer and I would love to know how to prevent cancer in my current dogs.My husband and I dont have any children ,so our dogs are our children and we love them so much.We lost our beloved boerboel male,Casper,14 months ago due to a melanoma in his mouth.We tried everything chemo,radiation and natural supplements,but the cancer eventually spread to lungs and we had to euthanize our special furbaby.We got another boerboel pup last year and when he was 6 months old,we discovered he had squamous cell carcinoma in his mouth.Have you ever heard of cancer in such a young dog?Mufhasa had to have half his left lower jawbone removed and so far he is in remission.He is now 11 months old.In a time period of 1 yr I have had 2 dogs with cancer and we have been devastated.So now you can see why I really need your course as i want to prevent the cancer coming back in Mufhasa’s mouth(he cant die at such a young age) and prevent my new 4 month old pup,Sheena,from getting cancer.
    Thank you from Mufhasa,Sheena and Sharon
    South Africa

  89. Avatar Joseph Candela Says:
    March 21st, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    I would most certainly love to obtain your home study course, but have been unemployed for over a year due to the extra time involved in locating work due to my blindness disability.

    This past year has been a real disaster with the conventional vet we have been using for close to six years. Many things have happened to blow our trust in this practice, but the two straws that broke the camel’s back were these…
    Our roughly nine year old Chihuahua, (she was found abandoned in a rest stop,) takes Ursodiol, 30 MG, once per day-with food, and Dennosyl, 90 MG, once per day-on empty stomach, because of out of order liver enzyme readings, the exact cause of which is unknown, because we haven’t been able to let the vet do the necessary tests, for financial reasons. We ran in to a problem with the compounding lab which the vet works with, which, as it turns out, was a miscommunication between the vet and the lab, though neither are accepting responsibility. The vet, out and out refused to back us up in our battle to get the lab to make good on the order, to the point where they were actually siding with the lab. I know that it is considered unethical and possibly illegal, for vets to take kick-backs from these labs, but it sure had the appearance that this was what was causing the vet to not want to rock the boat with the lab. I was eventually able to work it out with the lab myself, but no longer had an iota of trust in our vet.

    Couple that with my wife’s witnessing of a situation that I feel ranks up near the top in terms of unethical behavior. One day, while my wife was wating to pick up our dog after dental surgery, other pet guardians were milling around a cage with a cat in it, which was being adopted out. As the people were questioning the office staff, it was learned that the cat needed a type of surgery, which the previous owner could not afford to have them perform. The owner left the cat with the vet, but it was unclear to my wife and the others, as to whether it was to be euthanized. The vet then turned around, performed the surgery and eventually adopted the cat out. The ethical question in our minds and in the minds of the owners that my wife spoke with outside of the vet’s office, was, if the vet could afford to do the surgery and adopt the cat out, then why couldn’t they work with the owner, and devise a way to make it affordable for that owner to have the surgery and keep his/her pet? We’ve finally gotten out of our comfort zone and left that vet, because in less dramatic ways, they did similarly with us-doing nothing to make it affordable for us and helped us very little with preventitive measures and we just couldn’t take the guilt trips they constantly put on us.

  90. Avatar Janet Bachelor Says:
    March 21st, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Well, I would certainly love to receive your course. It would be great “karma” when you take into account all that I have been through with my dogs. Let me tell you a little bit about that.

    I lost my beloved “heart dog” Gizmo, an adorable 9 pound long haired Chihuahua-Papillon mix, back in 1999 due to his being “over vaccinated.” It nearly tore my heart out and though at the time I suspected it was the vaccines that killed him, I now know for sure it was and I am ripping mad and still grieve for him! He was such a special little dog who did not deserve to die that way.

    Since his passing, I adopted two little older Papillons. Both have had their health issues that I had previously stayed abreast of. Now add to that …..just about 6 months ago my vet who practiced somewhat holistically (she could do chiropractic and acupuncture) but was also allopathic fired me and my two dogs, her patients for apparently asking too many questions. Both my little dogs have been having problems as they age. My Chloe has had some major ones….she was paralyzed back in August 2004 for two months but somehow came out of it. $2000 worth of tests at a major veterinary college never provided a diagnosis and another $1000 of acupuncture, herbs and care provided by this vet seemed to get her through it. That and prayer.

    This past bout of problems seemed to be too much for that vet. I was trying to get further information regarding the herbs she wanted to put both my older dogs on. She had prescribed them by phone via her clerk after our bi-monthly appointment so I had not been able to ask her any questions regarding them which I would have usually done, (e.g. my old 16 year old cannot take large pills if they cannot be crushed and added to food or when they are crushed if they are bitter she will not take them and that is the form these herbs came in.) Although I asked, I could not get her to talk to me directly. She would have her clerical people take my questions and then would respond through them which would create more questions and also leave lots of room for their young inexperienced staff to get the communication wrong. Have you ever played that game “Telephone” at a party where you tell the person next to you something and they are to pass it on – you know how it turns out! Imagine being forced to do that where your beloved dog’s health is concerned?!? They did finally provide the phone number for the herb company but representative at the herb company actually questioned the prescription I was being given saying it was way too high for both my dog’s size and weight! I passed this on to my vet via her clerk and got fired for my trouble. Imagine?!?
    You think she would have picked up the phone to TALK TO ME! MY DOGS’ HEALTH WAS AT STAKE! Instead a few days later I got a packet in the mail containing the 4 inch thick packet of health records they had on both dogs and a letter dismissing us! Aggghhhhh!

    Here I went to this vet faithfully with my two dogs every two months for almost four years. I was always respectful of her time even though I often waited an hour or more to be seen though I always had an appointment. I always kept my bill current. And I was still treated like that! I am so angry and frustrated at her (and at most vets because I hear these sorts of stories all the time.) Now I always feel terribly uneasy anytime one of my dogs needs to see a vet. It sure would be nice not to have to depend on them because right now when I think about my dog’s health needs, I get a panic attack! Maybe owning your program would help me to feel more confident to meet my dogs’ (and my cat’s) health needs. Anyway I would sure like to be the one to “win” it and see if it would help me to feel more confident when dealing with my pets’ health. Thanks for the offering.

  91. Avatar Rick & Kathy Mello Says:
    March 21st, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    Dr. Jones,

    We would love to receive your course. We are couple that has been involved in rescue and have spent thousands of dollars of our own funds for the treatment of severely compromised dogs for over 20 years. Most recently, we rescued 34 dogs from a single trailer park where the tenants were evicted to make room for condominiums.

    Over the years, we have learned the value of and believe wholeheartily in the natural holistic approach to treating animals while at the same having to be vigilant with many vets who either misdiagnosed the animal or flatly refused to consider other interventions.

    My wife has studied and is very impressed with your work. In fact, she recently left you a message regarding one of the 17 dogs we are still treating from the aforementioned rescue — he is a beagle/basenji mix named Eddie who has has lived with distemper since we rescued him over a year ago. This has been confirmed by an MRI and a recent analysis of his cerebral spinal fluid.

    Dr. Jones, were are believers in your work and since we do so much rescue, there is no question that we can not only help many dogs who need it so desperately, we feel that we can help to educate others. The reason we are reaching out and asking for your help is that in the middle of treating and placing dogs from the large rescue, I was moved into another position and our income was cut in half. We have always been in a position to rescue and on many occassions, have paid other’s medical expenses for their animals when they could not. This is why we are asking to be considered for a complimentary course .. the request is heartfelt and you can be assured that it will be put to great use.

    We are excited about learning even more about your work. We treated a dog with stage four insulinoma. He was given a max of six months to live and lived a zestful life for three years due to a natural diet and supplementation. We have three dogs in our current pack with serious hip issues that are doing quite well with a consistent supplement regimen. Additionally, we had a parapelgic dachshund who lived 16 years (10.5 years while paralyzed). We went the extra mile with a physical therapy and holistic regimen and developed his ability to “spinal walk” to a point where he was filmed by UC Davis who used the video to train vet students. Even as the dog got up in age, we are convinced that he was free of urinary tract and bladder infections because he was on good, natural food and was provided supplementation to bolster his immune system and combat infections.

    Although we had our successes, it did not come without battling veterinarians who did not buy into interventions outside of the medical model and many disappointments over misdiagnosis and not being thorough. This is why we are so diligently on the look out for information that your course provides.

    On behalf of my wife Kathy, we thank you for your work and dedication to animals and for helping people like us who do our very best to provide for them when they have no where to turn. Thank you for your consideration and, again, we thank you.

    Rick and Kathy Mello
    Miami, Florida

  92. Avatar Nancy Bouman Says:
    March 21st, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    I would like to be considered for the free course. I am a dog groomer, been grooming for 35 years, I have been giving my dogs a home made diet for nearly 3 years, I hear from my clients all kinds of stories about their vets, I am constantly giving advice about diet to my clients, I see a lot of problems related to diet, thyroid etc., I myself have lost 2 Rotties to cancer, and have quit giving shots after a year. I am not wealthy, I charge a reasonable amount for my services, so that my clients can come on a more regular basis, I would really like to gain more knowledge, for my own dogs, and my clients dogs, last year, in the middle of the dog food crisis, I had a seminar at my shop for my clients, and had my friends from Nature’s Farmacy/ Abetter way Pet Care, come and show my clients how to fix their own food. I am sure I could put this information to good use.Sincerely, Nancy Bouman

  93. Avatar theresa carr Says:
    March 22nd, 2008 at 12:12 am

    Hi Dr. Jones,
    I also would love to receive a copy of your course as I work as an RN and have shared some information with my coworkers (who also have pets with cancer, etc) about your herbs, massage, pet food recommendations, etc. My information leaves much out though so I give them your website. I think if they could judt see what a great amount of items you offer, they would maybe buy them.

    My american eskimo flurry has cushings and she appears to be fairly stable at this time thanks to your advice. She is due to see her vet april to see how she is progressing.

    I think it just stinks that so many pets are becoming ill with what most consider “human diseases” and I love to give out your weblink hoping you are having luck in spreading your good advice. I also love how you share advice and stories from other professional sources. Keep up the good work !

  94. Avatar Dana Houk Says:
    March 22nd, 2008 at 3:23 am

    Hi Dr. Andrew!

    Well there are a lot of people very deserving of your free course. I too am hoping to be one of those people. When I was a kid I grew up with all kinds of pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, raccoons, turtles, fish, hamsters, etc.) so I consider myself an animal lover. My husband and I recently had a devastating experience with my dog Buster (a one year old Chihuahua) before Christmas last year. He became violently ill. First, he began shaking. Then, he had blood in his diarrhea and began vomiting violently. I was scared to death and in tears that he was going to die. I rushed him to the vets. They kept him for 24 hours, ran tests, and treated him for dehydration. The vet concluded that Buster had some sort of gastrointestinal infection. After putting him on medication and canned food for a couple weeks he was back to his old self. The vet recommended switching his food once again. I was rather frustrated, since this would be the third time in a year. After that suggestion the receptionist whispered to me a holistic food to try and swore by it. I thought I would try it out. Buster is doing much better and doesn’t get sick once or twice a month like he used to. I notice that even certain treats will upset his stomach, so I limit him. I am not sure what vitamins or homemade food to give him, which is where your course would be very helpful. We spent $400.00 on that bill, but Buster is worth it. He is like the son I could never have. I would love to have more dogs, since we can’t have kids, but even that is expensive with trips to the vets. I would really like to purchase your course, so we wouldn’t have to depend on our vet so much. However, we are on one income and I am going to school full time. I have a huge debt in student loans. Anyway, who ever gets your course will be lucky. Good luck to everyone. It was nice to read all the stories.


  95. Avatar Ashleigh Wilson Says:
    March 22nd, 2008 at 4:40 am

    Hello Dr. A,

    My dear boy Mafu, a shephard x retriever(9 1/2yrs), has changed dramatically since Christmas. Appears to be rheumatoid arthritis. I am trying omega 6 oil (grapeseed) Missing Link and glucosamine. Today he had trouble stepping up into my car to go to work with me. Im currently studying Bach. of Natural Medicine to help others help themselves.
    Watching Mafu lose his freedom to move around is so sad. He is my family.
    I see the need for me to learn as much as I can for our animal kingdom as I am for us. They are so precious, and yet we are their lifeline in times like this.
    An NSAID is what I was prescibed by vet..but use them sparingly due to possible side affects.
    An opportunity to undertake your course would be golden.
    My work is taking me back to the Antarctic again this year, so would be most appropriate form of study whilst there.
    Many thanks for your site and information passed on.
    Kind regards,
    ps watch those wee leprechauns, they are rather mischevious re. St Pats day :o)

  96. Avatar 'Brenda Tishim Says:
    March 22nd, 2008 at 8:55 am

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    It was about 7 years ago that my husband and I chose a vet close to home after seeing an ad. We were very pleased with how our precious kitty was treated by the doctor and all of her staff. They were always so gentle and sweet in caring for our anxious little Mimi, as if she were their own, even giving her lots of kisses. It was especially appealing to us that there wasn’t a big push for vaccinations. The vet seemed to share much of our concern about the potential risks.

    When we were worried about two lumps under Mimi’s left arm last September, the vet concluded that it was probably scar tissue from a previous surgery. Her advice was to just monitor the area to see if it changed. I felt uneasy about that course of inaction, but wanted desperately to believe that everything was OK, thinking maybe I was just being paranoid. After all, she is the professional, right? By December, it seemed that one lump was growing quickly, so we took Mimi back to the vet. Instead of scheduling surgery, she decided to do a fine needle aspirate first, which came back as inconclusive but suspicious. So surgery was scheduled, but after an appointment with our chiropractor, we got information about a friend of his who is a vet practicing both holistic and conventional medicine. We dropped by her clinic immediately to see if she might be available to give us her thoughts about the surgery and holistic treatment. She felt that tumor removal was the necessary first step. So we went ahead with the scheduled surgery, with plans to switch to the new vet afterwards. The biopsy results were devastating; the larger tumor was carcinoma. But the vet assured me that she got it all out and there was no evidence that it had invaded the lymph nodes. She said the prognosis for this situation was an average of four more years. I asked about alternative treatment, supplements, anything to help, but her response was that Mimi was eating a good quality food, so that’s really the best we could do. I told her about some options I had run across with some impressive testimonials describing success with other types of cancer, but her response was basically that such anecdotal accounts were worthless if there were no studies to back them. I asked her to be sure to tell me if she ran across anything helpful, knowing full well that she wasn’t going to spend any time investigating alternative options for us.

    With our new vet, the initial protocol was cod liver oil, 500 mg of vitamin C a day, and a Chinese tea pill twice a day. I refrained from feeling the incision for a while, so as not to freak out over every little bump while it was healing. But when I did finally check the area, what I found gave me that same feeling of dread I had experienced before. Mimi had surgery again 15 days ago, with the lab results showing adenocarcinoma. Now we’re in a serious fight for her life. It’s a fulltime job just trying to get all the supplements down her everyday. Trying to hide everything in food has changed her from a happy little kitty who loved to eat, with a taste for all kinds of foods most cats would never touch, to one who is suspicious of everything set before her. Even though we now have a holistic vet, we’re frustrated with the treatment plan. It seems there’s more we should be doing. Because we’ve been into nutrition and alternative medicine ourselves for many years, I’m sure I’m bugging the vet to death with all of my questions, and we realize she can’t possibly devote as much time as we would like to Mimi’s care. With all that I’m reading about treating all the various types of cancer, I am completely overwhelmed with the seemingly infinite options. And I have such a sense of panic over how critical time is and being able to run across and try what will work best for this specific condition. I’m also really kicking myself for not following my gut in September, for not insisting that the vet come up with something better than waiting to see if it changed. We lost three months!

    I love your perspective on pets being family members because that is exactly how we feel. When we meet someone who asks if we have any children, we tell them we have two feline daughters. Unfortunately, we’ve had a miscarriage and unsuccessful attempts with fertility treatments, so Mimi is absolutely our baby. Just a little thing at 6 lbs., she has such a cute personality and is amazingly smart, with an incredible number of words and phrases she responds to, including doing tricks. I know you fully understand when I say we just can’t lose her. After all, the loss you experienced was so painful that it brought you to the crossroads in your life that propelled you into your current mission.

    I’ve been reading your e-mails for a quite a while now and am grateful to have run across you. Every time you put together a special offer, I’m interested to read about it but so frustrated that the money isn’t there to buy it. We’re just getting the bills paid, but doing without a lot of things most people take for granted. You have a good idea of the unexpected expenses we’re dealing with now, after two surgeries and biopsies, two needle aspirates, four office visits, and numerous products all in the course of three months. There are so many other things we needed to use that money for. What an enormous blessing and relief it would be to receive your package right now. We really need your help to immediately determine the best plan for our little patient.

    Beyond the urgent need for your information for Mimi’s care, all your wisdom will contribute immensely to the health of five other felines in our family. Two years ago, we rescued Matti, who was a complete mess and would not have lasted long out there on her own. My mom has two, both of which I rescued. One is 17 or 18 and has a hard time getting around, keeps losing weight, is pulling her fur out in clumps, and has an ear that bothers her a lot (our previous vet has never been able to help with it). The other kitty was obviously abused and still deals with the effects. My sister also has two cats she rescued, one with a seriously overactive thyroid and the resulting symptoms, and the other with behavioral problems. So you can see that the felines in my family desperately need your help!

    I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for all the four-legged kids out there who need you fighting the establishment for their health and for their lives. I very much appreciate your tenacity in spite of the intense opposition you have had to face. Thank you for your consideration…and Mimi says thank you!

  97. Avatar Dena Says:
    March 22nd, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    Hi DR. Jones,
    I hope I am not too late and is this the spot to post. I would love to have a copy of your course.
    I am in the Real Estate field and money is tight right now. I have actually two concerns with both of my dogs. I have a 10 year old German Shep/Doberman mix. She has been healthy all of her life. I have always been concerned when it came to vaccinations, so she has had just the bare minimum. Recently two dogs in my neighbor hood got into a fight and even though my dog was not involved she ran up to the other dogs as they were fighting and when a neighbor called animal control I was issued a citation to provide proof of a rabies vaccination. I could not for she had not had one in 5 years. So I was forced to take her to the vet for the rabies vaccination. Within 48 hours of her shot she had some sort of a mini seizure, I cannot really explain except that when she was walking she kind of fell to the left and seemed momentarily weak. It only lasted about 30 seconds. It happens now every other week or so. I took her to my holistic vet and had a physical and a full blood work up. She is very healthy I was told and actually her hemoglobin was very good for a dog her age and her white blood count was better than average. Outside of having a brain scan done I am stumped as to what I can do if anything at all. My other dog a blue Great Dane puppy who is five months old and has had diarrhea for about 3 weeks now. I took him to the vet and had him tested for worms (including Giardia) results all negative. My vet suggested colitis and gave me a 10 day prescription of Metronidazole saying puppies tend to put everything in their mouth (he does). I have finished the prescription yesterday. The diarrhea is better but not much. I do not want to have all the tests done on him that was suggested. I feed him and my other dog a very good dog food and Giant breed puppy food (Eagle Pack) check out their website. I need your course. Thank-You for including me in your e-mails that you send me every other day even though I am not a member.

  98. Avatar Dena Says:
    March 22nd, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    Hi DR. Jones,
    I hope I am not too late and is this the spot to post. I would love to have a copy of your course.
    I am in the Real Estate field and money is tight right now. I have actually two concerns with both of my dogs. I have a 10 year old German Shep/Doberman mix. She has been healthy all of her life. I have always been concerned when it came to vaccinations, so she has had just the bare minimum. Recently two dogs in my neighbor hood got into a fight and even though my dog was not involved she ran up to the other dogs as they were fighting and when a neighbor called animal control I was issued a citation to provide proof of a rabies vaccination. I could not for she had not had one in 5 years. So I was forced to take her to the vet for the rabies vaccination. Within 48 hours of her shot she had some sort of a mini seizure, I cannot really explain except that when she was walking she kind of fell to the left and seemed momentarily weak. It only lasted about 30 seconds. It happens now every other week or so. I took her to my holistic vet and had a physical and a full blood work up. She is very healthy I was told and actually her hemoglobin was very good for a dog her age and her white blood count was better than average. Outside of having a brain scan done I am stumped as to what to do if there is anything that I can do. My other dog a blue Great Dane puppy who is five months old and had diarrhea for about 3 weeks now. I took him to the vet and had him tested for worms (including Giardia) results all negative. My vet suggested colitis and gave me a 10 day prescription of Metronidazole saying puppies tend to put everything in their mouth (he does) and that it could be colitis? I have finished the prescription yesterday. The diarrhea is better but not much. I do not want to have all the test done on him that was suggested. I feed him and my other dog a very good dog food and Giant breed puppy food (Eagle Pack) check out their website. I need your course.

  99. Avatar robin badwey Says:
    March 23rd, 2008 at 11:42 am


  100. Avatar robin badwey Says:
    March 23rd, 2008 at 11:44 am


  101. Avatar Linda Landry Says:
    March 24th, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    I am interesting in receiving your course. well, actually hoping to win it. I have thirteen cats in my home on my property and am in the process of TNR’ing about a half dozen more who are breeding across the neighborhood (I do put food out for them each day now that I know of their plight). Some are feral (TNR’d, so no babies, and pretty healthy) some are indoor only, others are in and outies. When I see new strays I trap them, get them fixed and vaccinated, treated for parasites (at least a short while of comfort) and if truly not adoptable, I release them and then take on their feeding and care.

    For about ten years my husband and I have been doing this on our own dime. We are not affluent but who cares? We see these beautiful creatures and if we can help them live safer and happier lives then we are happy.

    As you can imagine with so many cats in our lives we’ve seen a range of health problems, from FIV to IBD and a vaccine related fibrosarcoma, in addition to the more common and treatable ailments such as parasites,bite wounds, and skin infections.

    I also am the “cat-intake coordinator” for a tiny rescue in town. We only have about twenty animals at any one time and all are in foster homes, we do home visits for all potential adopters, and are very committed to making sure that these animals are never again an afterthought.

    I would love to be able to advocate for the animals in my care in the most effective way possible and this requires knowing as much as I can about both Western and Eastern medical practices. Right now I am far more knowledgeable and comfortable with Western practices. But I have been noticing lately how many traditional veterinarians are on autopilot when it comes to care. vaccinations are still given in the flank even though evidence suggests it is infinitely safer to give them distally in a limb should a cancer arise, behavioral issues like fur pulling are automatically treated as allergies where none before existed and I am sure that it is a result of stress. In short I have seen inconsistency in care. Things like litter box avoidance are attributed to poor attitude (very anthropomorphic) but things like immune problems and hair pulling are seen as reactions to biology with no other possibilities considered .

    I cannot afford to bring each of my cats in for a $150 initial consultation with a local alternative and complementary veterinarian though I am pleased with the relief she has been able to afford our one cat with a fibrosarcoma.

    If I am the winner of your course I will be able to use it to help not only my own family of felines, but the strays and rescues and feral cats and even stray dogs (I won’t leave a needy animal stranded if I can help it) I will surely continue to come into contact with.

    Thank you. Truly.
    Linda Landry

  102. Avatar Dr Andrew Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 9:16 am

    Hello fellow Veterinary Secrets Readers..

    Thank You all for taking the time to write
    and share your stories.

    I will be choosing the Winners in the next
    24 hours.

    Good Luck!

  103. Avatar bella Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 11:14 am

    i would love to have your course as i am trianing, to be a pet groomer right now and feel it would be benificial to the animals also i am on a disability and just can not afford it right now.i really enjot your course and have learned a lot.thank you for your course and your time.bella.

  104. Avatar Christi Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    First off I want to let you know that I TRULY enjoy your newsletters and the stories on your blog and though they do not always have a happy ending for your patients I have learned so much valuable knowledge. I am writing to tell the story of our little family… We are a family of 2 humans, a 9yr old female cat Streak, a 2yr old male cat Sam and a 1 year old corgi mix dog Yeager. All of our animals are rescue. In fact we will be adopting a pug mix next month once he has healed from his previous owners neglect. The reason I am looking for help is because we have been spending a fortune in vet bills because our Yeager has been ill since the day we adopted him. He has had every possible intestinal worm and bacteria infection and has lately been dealing with a bout of diarrhea/black stool. We have also been attempting to diagnose our beloved Steak, as she will become disoriented and begin forming at the mouth for no reason. At her last visit her heart beat extremely elevated to 250beats for nearly 6hrs straight. The vet has ruled out everything except seizures from a brain tumor or a heart condition. Unfortunately we have to save up for the test and praying that she is ok till then. Not to be so sad in our little family, but we love our “children” and any assistance is help full. I do want to thank you for your information on not vaccinating yearly like the vets require. I know it has saved Streaks life as she use to get large lumps at the injection site that would take 6months to go away. She is an indoor cat and will not receive any additional vaccinations…
    Thank you again for your blog and your e-news letters they are so very helpful..

    Have a great day!
    Austin, Texas

  105. Avatar Moki Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Your course sounds very interesting indeed. Moki is a kitten with an unknown neurological disorder. Please stop by our website http://www.savemoki.com or blog (address listed above) to see videos of him and read his full story which is to long to list here. Moki has been to serveral doctors and a neurologist at the University of California Davis. At the moment no one seems to know exactly what is wrong with him. To have a vet from outside of the U.S. take a look at Moki’s records would be amazing! We are sure that once you see his videos and read his story you will find that there isn’t another more determined cat, or more deserving…

  106. Avatar Carol Cameron Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    Dr Jones,

    I came across you and your website in 2006 when I was working for Timberwolf Organics. I went to work for them because of the wholistic aspect and because of ‘organics’. Little did I know.

    I already had some experience. I have been working with herbs with humans for years, but the veterinary side was something that I still have trouble finding information.

    I lost a mt beloved Shiloh to a rabies vaccine when she was only eight because of my ignorance. It was her first vaccine, she developed Grande Mal seizures within 12 hours and was on phenobarbital for the remaining 8 months of her life. It was one of the most heartbreaking experience I have ever had.

    Three years later one of her sons was having severe problems with a persistant cough. I took him to our vet and as you can guess, he had heart worms. She described to me the extremely expensive treatment of poisoning my baby and he might not make it. She wouldn’t even start treatment right then because he was so bad off and probably would make it two weeks. I couldn’t take that for an answer. I searched and searched and could find no veterinary herbal cures. So I improvised a human treatment for worms and congestive heart failure. It WORKED!!!! However, we lost Maynard last easter to cancer. I could not find any information to help him out that didn’t cost the fortune that I didn’t have. He did have 5 good years after the heartworms, but he should have had many more than his 13 years with me before he passed. I credit my ignorance of commerical supermarket grade pet foods when he was younger to his much to early demise.

    I love to learn, especially about herbs. But as I have stated, the availability of pet based information is scarce. I now have people coming to me seeking solutions that I don’t have to help their pets. I never charge for this help, I just want to help, but there is so much that I don’t know.

    I would love to take your course to help more pets, but I have fibromyalgia, two herniated discs, and leftover pain from the shingles I had last summer, so I just frankly can’t afford it. To win this free course would be a dream come true. If I can’t work at least I can help freinds, family and the shelters that I volunteer at in the meantime.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

    Carol Cameron

  107. Avatar Art Trombley Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    Dr. Andrew, I almost knew that #12 would win, because they help so many animals, now that You have decided to give another away, please try to keep in mind, “if You save one child, You save the World”. If I were to win the second give away course, I would use it to not only help My best friend Boo, I would also use it to help all My friends that have dogs and cats. #12 was a very good choice, but so would #80. God Bless You for Your daily help’s. Art&Boo

  108. Avatar Sabrina Adleman Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    Hi Dr. Jones,

    I would love to have your course because I believe in treating myself and my family (which includes my cat and puppy) at home and with natural remedies, but this is not why I’m sending you a comment. I apologize for taking advantage of your requests for other comments, but I know you will be reading through these and I wasn’t sure how best to send you a question.

    My question has to do with my 10 month old female chocolate lab, named Bo. I recently noticed that the pillows she sleeps on has a dried stain on it. She often licks herself or chews a bone and leaves a wet mark so at first I didn’t think anything of it until I smelled it once and realized that it smelled like pee. There are several dried spots.

    Bo has been potty trained for some time now and hasn’t had an accident for months now. Now that I think about it when Bo was sleeping in her crate on her blankets, I would notice when I washed her blankets that they smelled some like urine. Now, today when she was licking her crotch I saw a couple drops of urine come out of her urethra! I haven’t noticed her struggling outside to pee at all, but I’m now concerned that this has been going on for a while now and I just didn’t noticed! Of course I feel really bad.

    Are there other things this could be besides a UTI?

    Bo and I would appreciate any information and help you can offer!!!!!!

    Thank you

  109. Avatar Judith Ann Conigliaro Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    I have read every email and newsletter of yours for a year now. You have made such an impact on my life and the care and attention I give my dog, Abigail. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford your program but will continue reading your newsletters and emails. I congratulate you on your first choice to receive a free course – well deserved! Good luck on your second choice – you’ll need it! You have certainly influenced so many lives!

    Keep up the great work!

    Grand Rapids, MI

  110. Avatar Cleta Perry Says:
    March 27th, 2008 at 1:16 am

    I have a small no-kill shelter. I have 9 rescued dogs and 5 cats from the local vet (pound). We are in a rural area. When the vet is about to put a dog or cat down because of a lack of a home he calls me and if I can find room I will take it. Most of my rescues are large.

    I purchased your book Veterinary Secrets over a year ago and have used it almost daily, as well as your daily emails.

    I have a senior border collie who has congestive heart failure, an enlarged heart, and has had one surgery to remove a cancerous tumer, and a senior shepard/wolf cross, who has only had two rabies vaccines and is healthy and almost pup like. I also have an assortment of mixed dogs that are on my website.

    My husband is disabled and I am doing housecleaning and running errands for disabled people in the nearby town, to pay the vet bills, etc. I am extremely lucky to have a large superstore in a nearby town that donates food to me as well as any other pet related item that they cannot sell.

    But there are other expenses such as spay/neuter and any illness the animal has when I get it. Some of the animals I get are in terrible shape. I had a poodle mix who’s fur was so matted I had to shave him plus his feet were raw from walking.

    When our schedule allows we also help with a “rescue railroad” where there are a series of drivers who all love animals and they each take a leg of a journey, transporting these animals from kill locations to foster homes and verified forever homes. We have done at least 3 transports in the last year. The largest one we were involved in, transported 5 brittanys from Tennessee to Oregon.

    Thank you for your help with the pet food recall last year. I printed every list you posted. I really use and save your emails.

    Grinnell Kansas

  111. Avatar Art Trombley Says:
    March 27th, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    Congratulations to the winners of the free Courses, All entries were worthy, Andrew, Maybe You could save this page and when You make Your first $Million$ You could give Us All a free course, We surly All could put it to good use. Thanks Again for the Daily hints and tips, they are valuable. God Bless Us All. Art

  112. Avatar Lynn Siebert Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 10:10 am

    I’m not sure if This qualifies me to win the course,and there are others that need it more than me, but I had an issue with conventional medicine 3 years ago and it almost killed my cat, and I wanted to share it to help others see what those poisons do and to hopefully save another cat from going through what mine did. I rescued a cat from a neglectful situation but before taking her with me she had to be deflead before coming in contact with my other 5 rescues. I put the drops on her neck and she had a reaction that caused siezures. My cats are all indoor so I don’t have much of an issue with fleas, but that was scary. The vet even thought she would die, and was about to euthanize her to stop the seizures. She made it, and is OK, but for 12 hours I thought I had lost her. I have 6 cats right now, all rescues and/or fosters that stayed. I volunteer for 4 animal rescue groups here in Florida, 1 cat rescue, 2 cat/dog rescue groups, and a bengal cat rescue. I also just rescued a conure(small parrot) and 2 lovebirds left to die. I have the conure and the lovebirds were given to a boss of mine who has a lovebird aviary. I do everything natural as much as possible but it’s so hard to find information on what’s safe. This is the only place I found I trust to be safe. Thank You, Lynn

  113. Avatar Gerry Myers Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 10:43 am

    Why do I feel that I should receive a copy of your Home Study course ? Having read through most of the above letters I am probably no more worthy than many.But having discovered your site just two days ago through Google and a question I put regarding Sheba my Border Collie I have been thrilled with your information and newsletters. Like many, I am a senior citizen. I live here in Truro Cornwall, UK in a Housing Estate provided for us without too much of finances. When I was given Sheba as a gift by my children who lived 250
    miles away, I vowed that I would devote myself to hher, and make certain she lived a complete life with love, and care. This i am proud to say I have done. Dr Jones…Yours is the first website for animals that I have found that is Holistic. Perhaps your offer does not pertain to dog owners ouside the Canadian and US continent but if it does I would just love to be in possession of Holistic treatments for Sheba. When she was a puppy I took out Insurance for her, but this is about to come to an end as the coverage was for £6000 and due to her being diagnosed with Colitus, and now with a skin condition Holistic treatments would be wonderful {and having used them on myself in the past have come to realise their worth against many of the so called medical treatments.
    Whatever, I intend to try to save to be able to purchase some of your publications. And I most certainly will be on your site and reading your newsletters very regularly. By the way, I lived in St Catherines Ontario for several years, aand loved it. Would have remained but my wife, children and I came back to England for a visit. My wife became ill with Cancer, and lived then only one more year. So I did not/could not return without her.


Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM