7 Pet Food Ingredients to AVOID

Dr Jones shows you the TOP 7 Pet Food Ingredients to AVOID feeding to your dog or cat.

2 thoughts on “7 Pet Food Ingredients to AVOID”

  1. Hello, I just found you on u-tube. I seen your Video on ivermectin to cure cancer in dogs. I have a little yorkie mixed dog that has what feels like fatter tumors or cyst by his breast bone a couple smaller ones higher and one behind his right shoulder. He weights about 18-20 lbs. can you tell me please how offen he should get ivermectin and should it be given in an injection or by mouth. I have ivermectin for cattle that I’m treating a dog for parasites it I given it by mouth. Should it be given as an injection? Any of your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi & God bless you Dr Jones on all your videos. I have written some down .I as many others had no idea in the risk of animal pet food etc. So I watch your videos to learn how to make home made food.I Throw out egg white shells not knowing the benefit of it. I watch only your videos I believe your a great honest animal lover and Veterinary. Looking forward to buying your book. Sincerely yours Ms. Rosa Rivera
    P.S I have a mini pincher & Chihuahua. Do you have anything for dogs teeth infections. I use your garlic with honey and also coconut oil it helps anything else on list?

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