7 Things I Would Not Do Since Being a Retired Veterinarian

Dr Jones shows you the top 7 things he would NEVER do for his pets since being a retired veterinarian.

5 thoughts on “7 Things I Would Not Do Since Being a Retired Veterinarian”

  1. Hello Dr. Jones. We have an opposite situation here — neglect and malpractice. My Greyhound needed dental treatment about two years ago which they did not do (probably did not sense money!). Now going through other vets treating her for they are mistreating her and addressing teeth. You mention questioning your vet? However if you do this they tell you to get lost! Now my dog has kidney issues and cannot be treated with conventional medicine or anathesia for dental. Therefore, the dental issue gets worse and we are working with a holistic vet to get her kidney issue under control. She could die because of what they did not do — I believe this happened to my last greyhounds. I will never get over the decisions I made trusting these individuals.
    I seriously want to report the conventional vets to the college but, as you know, this does not work. I would like them put in jail as my dog is suffering for their neglect and stupidity! Her life is on the line.
    Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much… Jacki

  2. Dear Dr. Jones,
    Can my 7 year old 60 pound Shepherd mix take 2 doses of Natural Factors Bioactive Quercetin EMIQ 50mg twice daily for allergies or just once per day?
    Thank you!

  3. I worked for several Vets , small and large animal Vets. Some were excellent, some were incompetent.
    My own Ch. Golden Retriever went in for an Emergency C- section. She was on the table 2.6 hrs. Because they wanted I Spay her. This was the second spay this Vet attempted. The first dog died. I absolutely said no. She would not give her antibiotics, and she became septic. My personal Vet was out of town. When he saw all the faxes he called me, and took her right in. He wrote a letter to the DPR as Did I. Not only did they refuse to treat her after she was septic, no other Vet or ER would see her because thy didn’t want the liability. I didn’t want to litigate, I wanted my dog to live.
    She said they don’t give antibiotics to routine spays or C-sections anymore. My friend who is an intensive care nurse concurred with me that abdominal surgery. Should be followed up with antibiotics. Vets are self insured in Florida, so you will never get any one to speak about another Vet.Bless you for your honesty. I will not allow anyone to perform surgery on my animal without signing an agreement to administer antibiotics. Destroyed my confidence in Emergency clinics

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