A BIG response, and more to this story…

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Re: A BIG response, and more to this story…


Good morning fellow readers.

Yesterday’s story about Mickael Vick being indicted for dogfighting
generated a tonne of response.

Thank You to those who took the time to write.

Here is a very detailed letter that sheds further light on animal abuse,
especially in the South.

Dear Dr. Jones,

I just had to respond to your article about dog fighting.

We have a private animal sanctuary in upstate South Carolina (3rd in nation in
animal cruelty). We are self-supporting and I have been watching your efforts
to help your local shelter with interest.

There is so much I want to tell you. Let me try to place items in sequence:

1) We are currently at 44 dogs and 11 cats, here at Shepherd’s Haven. They are
all on a RAW diet with immune support, etc. Several of our babies have been with
us for almost 15 years, others are puppies and young dogs we got from the local
animal control officer before he retired (so he wouldn’t have to kill them –
adoption rates are less than 1% here) or from neighbors and family members who
found injured or abandoned pups. Most of our cats are ferals we have tamed.

One of our rescues, Norman, is celebrating his 7th year with us. He was nearly
decapitated in an auto accident. They took the drivers to the hospital and left
the dog to die on the side of the road. We found him, got the story and brought
him home to our infirmary, thinking that at least he could die in warmth and a
soft bed. Miraculously, he survived with nursing care (I am a retired Critical
Care RN). He is all scarred up and he won’t win any beauty contests but he is
a happy camper who gives and receives lots of love. Our vet is amazed by him.

We just lost Melanie after 10 years. She was a Samoyed who escaped from a puppy
mill and was hit by a car. When I found her, she was lying by the side of the
road with one eye knocked out and nearly skinned alive from being dragged by
the chain around her neck. Even though she had to be in terrible pain, she
recognized that I was trying to help her and struggled to help me get her into
the car and home to safety. I was able to replace her eye in an emergency
treatment but she remained blind in that eye. I loved her from the moment
I met her and I love her still, even though she has gone on. She also bore
scars very bravely for the remainder of her life, but fortunately she was
pain-free. Most of our furbabies are miracles as well and they all are
loving and grateful and give us far more than we can ever repay.

2) There is lots of dog fighting and cock fighting around here. (Too many
brain-dead, brutal neanderthals still think it is fun to see animals tear
each other to death AND there are ENORMOUS amounts of money made and lost
in the gambling. Ain’t macho garbage fun?)

3) We have had ten separate attempts to steal our dogs for bait. Guess they
figured they’d make a big haul in one swoop, instead of stealing neighboring
dogs one at a time. We had to put in a security system we couldn’t afford,
but the real solution came about when I started spreading the word that we
had guns and would “kill” anyone who tried to steal our dogs. I am a responsible
citizen, with a Concealed Weapons permit and a dead shot. (I wouldn’t really
kill anyone, but I wanted them to think that I would.) One of the suspected
dog snatchers asked me if I was worried about being sent to prison for killing
someone. I told him, “Yeah, I’ll be in prison but the thief will be dead!”
Interestingly enough, word spread like wildfire and the thieving attempts stopped. Seems brutality is the only language these creeps understand.

4) Because every penny we have goes towards making life wonderful for as many
dogs as we can help, we aren’t able to make donations to help other shelters.
I’m sure God understands this and I hope you will too.
To give you another idea of the type of mentality we are up against here: At one
point it was discovered that Animal Control was “euthanizing”(sic) captured
cats and dogs by using them as target practice, turning them loose and shooting
them as they ran away. Fortunately, those individuals were replaced several
years ago, but virtually every animal rounded up here is killed. Not to mention
the jerks who still brag about shooting any animal that steps into their yard.

I could tell you horror stories all day long, about genital mutilations and
nailing dogs up to barn walls, etc. We even had a creep bury a dog up to his
neck and chop it’s head off by running over it with a bush-hog tractor – for
eating eggs. The people here who think they are good to their dogs keep them
in the yard on a six foot chain or, if the dogs are lucky, in a six-foot square
chain link pen from which they are never released and have little shelter.
And this is in an area that gets to 100 degrees plus in summer and 20 degrees
in winter. How can a person stay sane surrounded by such horrific cruelty and
stupidity? (Actually, most people think WE are “crazy” for wasting so much
time and money on “just animals”) But, we pray a lot, even though some of our
biggest critics are local church-goers.

I know this is a long email but I just had to write to you. We have utilized
home remedies for years, under-vaccinated our dogs (Sshh!) and save the vet
visits for really important things that we can’t treat at home in our own
infirmary, including spay-neuter. We have developed a combination treatment
that so far has pulled 30 puppies successfully through Parvo. (We did lose
one who was bleeding-out by the time we got her.) We have discovered a human
immune treatment that has not only completely put my Multiple Sclerosis into
remission for 7 years, but is extremely effective for dogs with liver or
kidney failure. This came in very handy after this last prepared dog food/poison
fiasco at Menu foods. (We had a small group on commercial dog food for easy
medication-administration. I won’t make THAT mistake again.)

I also started my personal quest for a better way after losing a beloved
companion to traditional animal treatments, so I understand and applaud
your mission and dedication.

Thank you for allowing me to ventilate and especially for the good work you do.
Brennan Kingsland

Thank You Brennan for that very detailed and kind response.

I APPLAUD you for you HUGE dedication and sacrifice. The world is a better
place because of people like you.

I literally had no idea of the extent of animal abuse- obviously we as
a society have a LoNG WAY to go until dogs and cats are considered members
of everyone’s family.


P.S. This once again reinforces my belief in supporting those who unselfishly
support animals, especially private animal shelters and rescue groups.

If you have a local animal shelter in need of support, SUPPORT them.

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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  1. Brennan,
    I am an animal advocate in South Carolina. I urge you to contact Attorney General Henry McMaster in Columbia and share your information. He, and his entire office, have a proven track record on being very concerned about animal welfare issues, and they have taken excellent action regarding dog-fighting activities. His office currently supports legislation I have introduced in the legislature which will correct the unknown flaw in S.C. law: veterinarians are exempt from animal abuse laws! If you care to read about how I got involved with all this, please read my background story. http://allcarelawsuits.ctyme.com/secretsystem.htm I will tell you that I worked long and hard to do it, but the veterinarian written about has had his license revoked.

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