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Administering Medication

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: www.theonlinevet.com

Re: Administering Medication


Does this sound familiar?

You have a swimming dog – such as a Lab… he swims A LOT.

But all the swimming means some water gets into his ears.

He develops a full blown ear infection.

Shaking his head, scratching at his ear and yelping if touched – in short… one very unhappy dog.

So WHAT can you do?

Well there are the Conventional Options – and in many instances these work well.

But what about the recurring Ear Infections?

Do you really want to keep going back to your Veterinarian?

I suggest that you get to the underlying cause – and look at ALL of your options.

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HOW to give the Medication in the Ears


It is important to get the medication into the horizontal part of the ear canal. Unlike our ear canal, the dog’s external ear canal is “L” shaped. The vertical canal connects with the outside of the ear and is the upper part of the “L”. The horizontal canal lies deeper in the canal and terminates at the eardrum. Our goal is to administer the medication into the lower part of the “L” – the horizontal ear canal.

The ear canal may be medicated by following these steps:

1. Pull the earflap straight up and hold it with one hand.

2. Place a small amount of medication into the vertical part of the ear canal while continuing to keep the earflap elevated.

3. Put one finger in front of and at the base of the earflap, and put your thumb behind and at the base.

4. Massage the ear canal between your finger and thumb. A squishing sound tells you that the medication has gone into the ear canal.

5. Clean the outer part of the ear canal and the inside of the earflap with a cotton ball soaked in some of the medication.


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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM


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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM