Best Supplements for Dog Seasonal Allergies

Does your dog have Seasonal Allergies? Chronic Ear Infections? Excessive paw, belly or groin licking?

Here’s two supplements I’d suggest:

Krill Oil: Omega 3 supplementation in the form of Krill Oil can be given daily at 500mg/25lbs of bodyweight. It’s a great anti-inflammatory.

Flavonoids/Quercetin: This is a great natural antihistamine. Bioactive Quercetin is much more easily absorbed, dosage is 50mg/25lbs body weight daily.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Jones

2 thoughts on “Best Supplements for Dog Seasonal Allergies”

  1. I would like to buy the allergy supplements , my pup is 14.8 pounds. How do I get those from you and which one would be efficient for her she likes to pull out her hair and lick her paws?

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