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Brave Cat Saves Young Boy From Vicious Dog Attack

By Dr. Andrew Jones

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One Response to “Brave Cat Saves Young Boy From Vicious Dog Attack”

  1. Avatar TaoJones Says:
    May 15th, 2014 at 9:50 am

    It’s interesting that the woman (presumably the child’s mother) runs back toward the house and leaves the injured child tangled up in his little bike. If the cat hadn’t stayed with the child when the woman ran away, the dog could have easily returned and inflicted more injuries on the child.

    It’s also interesting that the family seems to have had a high quality surveillance system in place around their property. I wonder why . . . the area doesn’t look like what one might call a “high crime area.”

    Regardless of the reason for the security cameras, the images clearly show that the dog was running free and that the attack was unprovoked. If the dog was traced back to an irresponsible owner, his or her liability in this instance is huge. If anyone has information on how this event played out, I hope it will be posted here.



Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM