Cat for MAYOR of Halifax

An unlikely Halifax mayoralty candidate is attracting a lot of international attention.

Tuxedo Stan is running for mayor of Halifax…

He will likely to a better job than previous mayors.

He will spend less.

Be friendly to those who are nice to him.

Better health care for animals…slower cars…more scratching posts…

The Official plant will become catnip

He will endorse cat naps.

Hopefully not a cat-tas-tropie…

His manager, and owner, Hugh Chisholm, said Stan’s story is even making news overseas.

“I think the thing that floored me the most was a couple of days ago we got a tweet that Stan had made the Sky News Arabia Network,” said Chisholm, “so I followed the link and here’s a story about Stan in a language that I have absolutely no idea what he’s saying except every so often he comes out with ‘Tuxedo Stan.'”

Chisholm and Tuxedo Stan do have a serious side to their campaign.

On his Facebook page, Stan’s “Tuxedo Party” aims to improve the welfare of felines in the Halifax Regional Municipality, “because neglect isn’t working.”

Chisholm said one of the ways to help would be to promote the importance of spaying and neutering cats.

Stan’s notoriety has led Anderson Cooper of CNN to endorse him…

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