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Cataracts In Dogs: 3 New Natural Remedies

By Dr. Andrew Jones

Dog Cataracts are very common, and especially difficult to treat. Dr. Jones shows you what a cataract is, along with 3 new holistic options.

Cataracts are an opacity or white area of the lens in the eye. The lens is behind the cornea, which focuses light to the back of the eye. The lens gets cloudy, which makes it hard to see.

They can be genetic and congenital, meaning they are born with it. It can also be brought on with trauma, or inflammation. Most commonly is from diabetes, which brings sugar to the lens, resulting in fluid buildup.

Firstly, Triphala: Has been shown to delay onset and progression of cataracts. Dosage is 1-2 mg/lb twice daily.

Secondly, Astaxanthin: A potent antioxidant and has been shown to help with eye diseases, especially cataracts. Dosage is: 1mg/20 twice daily.

Krill oil is another way to take it, and Dr. Jones has a link below for his own Omega 3 Supplement with Krill Oil:

Dr. Jones’ Supplement, Ultimate Omega 3 Health Formula:

Lastly, Aloe Vera: Filtered and purified Aloe Vera has been shown to help with dry eyes, inflammation, as well as cataracts. Be sure to use filtered and purified Aloe Vera. 2 Drops daily in each eye.

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One Response to “Cataracts In Dogs: 3 New Natural Remedies”

  1. Avatar Donna Fantasia Says:
    February 22nd, 2021 at 8:46 am

    I’m trying to get a decent pic of Zac’s eye to show you what I noticed yesterday, Sunday February 21st I hope you can see and that I can send a pic it’s his left eye outer circle of the iris it’s a dark spot not sure if it’s blood? When he has had blood in the past it was red! The us may be a lot more than just a tiny pin spot in the past that was red maybe because it’s more is why it’s darker? But, can you tell? And I’ve been using vetericyn eye drops in his eyes on and off for at least six years, is it ok still? I’m beside myself w/worry!! He’ll be 12 God willing on March 7th!!! I’m so worried!! I hope I can send the pic nope doesn’t show where I may submit one I’ll try to send in an email I hope you find this to explain I guess I should’ve tried to see if I can send a pic before all this? ??


Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM