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6 thoughts on “Contact Dr. Jones”

  1. Dr. Jones I have black 2yr old lab, all of a sudden his back legs became weak and separating falling out behind him.He can’t sit,doesn’t want to for to log he’s really off balance. He’s bumping into walls or corners. I know he see s fine. His right ear seems to itch, oh and he can’t move his leg to his ear to itch it. He Druzes a little more. When lays down he moans just a little. Then all of a sudden he will feel ok and bolt running like a cheeta happy then back to droopy guy..he’s not the same. Took him into a vet they did a blood pane with X-rays and found nothing wrong..but there is something wrong..
    Any advice..?..thanks Miss Dani Kellogg

  2. We have a 14 years old Husky male ,named Kimba who is having / difficulty getting up. We have being giving him CBD with THC ( Vet CBD ) n decided to change with our vet recommendations, We are presently giving him pain Med Carprofen 100mg 1 1/2tablet daily, also Gabapentin 100 ng 3 tablets in the morning n 3 in the evening (8 to 12 hrs a part)plus Cosequin 2 daily . PLEASE HELP!!!

    Best, Ramkn
    (323) 317-8585

  3. Dr., I am using belladonna and tincture of licorice on my 80lbs pitbull. He has a collapsed trachea due to being kicked in the throat many yrs ago. This combination is the only thing we have found that will help with his gagging. He was getting exhausted from the constant coughing and gagging but the 2 homeopathic meds are working miracles! In a video you say to only use the licorice for 5 days. When can I start it back up? 5 days on then how many off?
    Thank you for all you do,

  4. I really need ur help me in my gsd puppy 10 months.i follwoed you and it seems a nerve damage case after vaccination nd she was using her paws to walk.A greta fan from India please contact me.i did blood test xray but nothing came out

  5. Hi Dr Jones
    What would you recommend the dosage Dandelion Leaf( no alcohol) for my 12 lbs
    dog who is having heart problem??

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