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COUGAR attacks dog..DISTRACTED with DRAMA..

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: http://www.veterinarysecretsrevealed.com

Re: COUGAR attacks dog..DISTRACTED with DRAMA..


Good morning and Happy Thursday to you all.

Yesterday’s newsletter never made it as I was up late
doing an emergency surgery.

A dog with extensive lacerations from a Cougar Attack was in
need of some immediate surgery.

He is now doing OK, although I am still quite concerned that large
sections of skin on his neck may still need to be removed.

There are areas where most of the blood supply has been lost. It
was hard to tell what was healthy tissue, what was a vital structure,
–Cougars cause ALOT of trauma.

For Most of You Cougars aren’t a BIG concern.

In Fact I have yet to see a Cougar in my area. although I fairly
regularly see dogs attacked from Cougars- Most Cats unfortunately
don’t survive.

For most of us, INCLUDING me, my own Pet’s are at RISK
of things MUCH less dramatic, but FAR more SERIOUS.

We all want our Pets to LIVE a LONG and HEALTHY life,
but we NEGLECT to do some pretty simple things to
ENSURE that this happens.

IN FACT it’s pretty easy to get DISTRACTED with worries
about EMERGENCIES and DRAMA that likely WON’T EVER

AND I’ll use My Own Dog Lewis as an Example.

HERE are some of MY CORE BELIEFS to having a

1. DIET. AVOID the crappy commercial kibble.
Feed some quality NATURAL, HOLISTIC kibble if YOU
MUST feed Kibble.

I am doing this NOW.

2. FEED some of the Food as RAW, and Make some of
your Pet’s Own food at HOME.

I have been pretty faithful in doing this, although
lately I have been working TOO much and this has well
fallen by the wayside..

3. EXCERCISE..Regular, Twice a day and AT LEAST

In the past I have been VERY REGIMENTED about this..
I feel that this is a BIG KEY to my own health, but
lately Lewis ISN”T getting as much as I would like.
Then as a consequence he has now gained weight and he last
weighed in at 100lbs..AAARGH!!!

I am NOW committed to A MINIMUM 30 MINUTES TWICE a day of
EXERCISE. I am going ALSO have him Dog Walked with a
DOG WALKING service MORE Often.

4. AVOIDING Conventional Medication and IT’s Side EFFECTS.

I AM faithfully sticking to this- Lewis has had FEW health
problems for which I am Thankful

5. LIMITING VACCINES. As little and as few as possible.

Lewis hasn’t had a Vaccine in 2 years. ZERO. I will ONLY
give him the BARE minimum.

6. BEING AWARE of all the Alternate Options, and being
committed to ONGOING LEARNING.

I am ALWAYS reading and learning New ways to PREVENT


Here is a great way to Start with the OVER 1000




P.S. I am human, and EVEN though I KNOW what I should
be doing, it doesn’t mean that I ALWAYS do it. I find that
it’s hard to stay comitted in a Bubble. When I talk to like
minded Pet Owners, then I become ALL excited, and get back to
FEEDING RAW and COOKING more of LEWIS’ own food. I found this
happened after Catherine O’Driscolls Interview for my
Membership Site. It was VERY INSPIRING.

TO get connected to like minded souls, and Hear a GREAT
INTERVIEW you should check out:

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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