Diabetes In Cats: Best Home Remedies

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Dr Jones’ cat Murray is on 3 things that have treated his diabetes; his cat is no longer on Insulin!

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  1. Hi Dr. Jones.

    Your supplement that helped keep Murray healthy, in it there is condroitin, with msm. This sent me on a search for msm without chondroitin because it supposedly causes high blood pressure, in humans, So I’m concerned about it.Is msm good for the bones? I know it helps the nails and hair.

    I had been givingMinesule amt of restore life vitamin to my cat, who was 16, who began to jump tables afterward. He was about to have a second bout of kidney disease, which progressed. I am sad he passed but want to keep my recent kitten who wandered up to us healthy. Should I be looking for raw pet food companies in my state, or use raw reconstituted.

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