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Good morning and a cheery Friday to you all.

I turned 42 yesterday..yaaay..I remember being 20 and thinking how old 40 was. Now 40 doesn’t really seem that old.

My personal good news happened while being out at dinner with my wife – the RCMP phoned saying that they arrested a many driving around in my Nelson Animal Hospital vehicle.

Apparently he was seen all over the place – not one of those wise criminals – and somebody finally
turned him in.


Is it the Dog or the Owner?

I frequently hear news stories of Dog attacks on people – and the media loves it when it is a Pit Bull.

A few recent attacks in BC have lead local authorities to want to BAN the breed.

I am curious as to what you think:

Are you in favor of Dog Bans?

Or do you think that is is NOT possible to legislate common sense?

My personal favorite would be to BAN the stunned people who fail to train and socialize their dogs properly.

Most Pit Bulls that I see are very gentle with people – I have had far more bites from aggressive Chihuahua’s…

Animal lover intervenes to block euthanization of Surrey pit bulls

Hal Harris with one of his four pit bulls seized on Aug. 11. Hal Harris with one of his four pit bulls seized on Aug. 11. (CBC)They say cats have nine lives, but three pit bulls in Surrey may have at least two each, if an animal lover and her lawyer get their way.

The three dogs, and a fourth pit bull puppy, were seized after they allegedly attacked several other dogs and people in Surrey and Vancouver Island over the past year.

And while the city of Surrey wants them put down, saying they are a danger to the public, at least one animal lover says she is willing to pay for an independent assessment to see if they can be rehabilitated and saved.

At a hearing on Thursday in Surrey Provincial Court to determine the fate of the dogs, lawyer Kirk Tousaw appeared to intervene on behalf of his client, Lauren Phillips, who wants to save the three dogs from euthanization.

“Our hope is that we can get an expert in to take a look at the dogs, to see if they can be rehabilitated, and if so place them in good homes so they don’t have to be killed,” said Tousaw.

Following the intervention by Tousaw, a second hearing to discuss the proposal was scheduled for Sept. 17. The fourth dog seized has already been put down, said Tousaw.

A lawyer for the City of Surrey told CBC News the staff would have to decide whether or not they would allow Phillips to pay for an independent assessment of the animals.

At the hearing, the dogs’ owner Hal Harris was also served with a summons for 10 counts of dangerous dogs being at large, 10 counts of dangerous dogs without a muzzle and four counts of dogs not being licensed.

Harris is scheduled to appear in court again to face the new charges on Sept. 4.


P.S. This is the time of year that I see a large number of emergencies – from lacerations, to bee stings, to near drownings.

You At Least need to be able to KNOW if your dog or cat is in distress, and in NEED of URGENT

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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  1. I think anyone who wants to ban a breed is showing how ignorant they are. It’s the owners fault that dogs behave the way they do. There is talk of doing the same here in NYC. I hope it doesn’t come to pass.

  2. I don’t thing banning a dog breed is right. It’s not the brred of dog…it’s the people that own them. If you do not train your dog and socialize them then you will have problems with them. Every breed has different tendensies…the trick is how to deal with them. You always hear about the pitt bulls & rotwilers attacking but how about the little dogs like the the dash hounds or yorkies! They bite and attack too!

  3. Hello Dr. Jones, I totally agree with you, those small dogs can be more vicious than the bigger dogs. I had a cocker spaniel who always got bittern by smaller dogs, one went right on top of him and bit him in the neck. Now we have a whipped and he got bitten already twice from smaller dogs. As we figured out, you just have to watch bigger dogs, when they’re more than one together, then it could happen that they attack. Everybody should train their dog properly, and if they can’t, then they should keep them on a leash when they go for a walk, or in a kennel at home. Our whippet Merlot needs his run everyday, otherwise he is not happy. Thank you for all your work and tips Dr. Jones. And happy belated birthday. Have a wonderful day. Margaret

  4. I absolutely think that it is the way in which a dog is brought up as to how vicious and predictable it will be.

    I wish – in a perfect world – all potential pet owners had to be evaluated and obtain a license in order to own a pet and not just anyone, regardless of their circumstances, situation or nature could become a pet owner.

  5. We should not condemn any dog due to its breed alone. There needs to be heftier fines for owners not providing proper “animal care” which should include training,socialization, and the prevention of cruel living environments. It seems that bad owners seem to attract to certain breed types which has given the breed a bad name. Also, the media (just as in politics) seems to direct the public opinion rather than any real knowledge. The public needs to stop relying on the newspapers and TV for their education.

  6. I do not believe in banning dogs. There are far too many insurors, munincipalities and housing authorities and landlords deciding that one breed or another is and “aggressive breed” and therefore will not have on the premises or insure an owner who has that breed.

    I own one such “aggressive breed”. Princess is a Rottweiler and is the best and most gentle creature ever known to man. I am SURE the breed can be “aggressive” but she knows that she is NOT the boss here. My firm belief is that it is all in how you train them or their lack of training.

    I did not do a lot of training with Princess because I did not need to but I do not ignore her either. Sometimes people just put their dogs out in the yard and do nothing with them and expect that these bored and unhappy “kids” will just magically be “good”. That simply is not how it works.

    Occasionally I am sure there is some bad breeding that results in dogs that are a “bubble off plumb” but that is the exception to the rule and anyway there are PLENTY of people that are a lot more “danger to the public” than any dog will EVER be.

  7. I am so tired of hearing about banning breeds. Is there some way we can ban irresponsible pet owners?
    I have known many gentle, sweet pit bulls. As we all (hopefully) know, it is the owners, not the dogs.
    The old rule applies – give out love, get love back!

  8. On June 10, my son was out walking our Maltesse when they were attached by a shephard mix and a Pit Bull. The shephard merely knocked the Maltesse over, but the Pit siezed him behind the head and shook him so violently that it dislocated his left eyeball from the socket. He was left with severe lacerations beind the head and around his neck area. My son was bitten on the hand in his attempt to break the Pit’s grip. My son and the guy that had accidently let the dogs out of a nearby yard, were both kicking and hitting the Pit trying to make it let go. From what I’ve learned since, this was a one-year old female Pit, who attached without provocation. The shephard and Pit have both been put down by local animal control. The owner has never inquired as to the injuries sustained by my son and/or our dog. Our Maltesse has recoverd from the lacerations, however, he is blind in his left eye now and he’s only five years old. It’s really difficult to muster any sympathy for a breed that is known for vicious, unprovoked attacks or the people that own them. We go to court in mid-September.

  9. I agree with you Dr. Jones… I think society would be far better off if governement banned the people who train pit bulls to be fighting dogs. The dogs aren’t at fault here… it’s the owners.

  10. It is a shame that poor animals have to pay for STUPID humans.It is all in how you care and love your pet.Pits suffer because of ignorant people who don’t care about the animal and teach them to be mean.It really makes me sick!!!I have seen some really sweet pit bulls and it just breaks my heart that there are some really STUPID people that don’t have a clue!!!Maybe we need to ban the STUPID people and send them all to an island to live in their ignorance and stupidty together!!!!!

  11. I had a rather large Pitbull [72lbs]I bought him out of a truck he was living in @ 1 year of age.Chico was the best dog I ever owned. He hated other dogs and cats and came with a lot of baggage. I had to put him down @ 12 years of age because his cancer from 3 years prior had returned. He was the most work of any dog I ever owned because of the loser people I bought him from ruined him. I trusted him. He was the most devoted dog. I say don’t ban pitbulls ban the idiots that own them and make them the way they are.

  12. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of as many people as possible. I live in vancouver, BC and i work with animals, mainly dogs. I think Breed Bans are ridiculous and foolish and there is no way to really regulate that kind of thing because there will always be backyard breeders…and those are the people that should be banned! From my experience it is almost always the owners of these dogs who own them for the wrong reasons, then train them to be cruel and by “train” them i mean through neglect, abuse, non-training, etc. it is disgusting. i see it with Pit Bulls, Rottis, and even Staffies (who are some of the sweetest dogs in the world – called “kid nannies” because of their gentle nature with children when raised properly). I’ve met wonderful Pit Bulls, wonderful Rottis, and amazing Staffies who are Therapy Dogs! I also help to run a Therapy Dog program and see proof of the possibilities all the time! Those poor pitbulls deserve another chance at a good life. they deserve to be assessed, and they deserve to be trained and taken care of properly. People need to resect animals and the breeds they get involved with…Respect and love is what it’s about.

    Happy belated birthday by the way =)

  13. If we’re going to ban anything, it should be the sociably accepted idea that ANYONE can own another life,(whether it be dog, cats, human baby’s, etc) and be responsible with it. Consider the following: We live in a world where you need licenses to: Catch a fish, drive a car, hunt, (I could go on all day), etc.. but any abusive, neglectfully brain dead jerk can have a puppy & or a human baby. Where does that tell you our priorities are?

    Instead of banning Pit bulls (or any other breed)is paranoid, & delusional at best. Ban stupidity!

  14. I really have mixed feelings about this topic. I’ve had two pitbulls in the past who were very sweet dogs BUT I also witnessed how their siblings were raised and they were not so sweet.

    Seeing as pitbulls do have an underlying tendency to aggression that can come out anytime when provoked I kind of do agree that they should not be bred further. It’s sad but all it takes is some loser to raise their dog the wrong way and it will tear a kid’s face off. Used to happen once a year or so when I lived in Toronto. I love them but don’t think it’s worth the risk. These dogs have the potential to kill. This is really the only dog that should be muzzled in public because of the potential damage.

    Our old tenant who had a German Shephard got bitten by my female pitbill (just a nip in the arm but it was bleeding quite a bit) who was quite a good dog but he was teasing her and his dog was running around free while he had my dog on a leash. I told him he deserved it and evicted him but it showed me the potential. She could have ripped his whole arm off. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t have pulled up in the driveway at that moment. Both the pitbulls would listen to me on or off leash. My small dog doesn’t! Smaller brain I guess.

    Small dogs bite way more but the damage is considerably less. I don’t think my Min Pin could hurt anyone if she bit. She can’t even chew through rawhide!

  15. There are some breeds that are genetically predisposed to being aggressive/prtective. One cannot alter the genetics in a dog, the behavior can only be tempered to a degree. I have a Fila Brasileiro, she has the intact original temperament of the Fila which is very protective over family members and is not meant for the typical pet person. Much of a dog’s behavior ia molded by the owners, but there are some breeds whose bloodlines dictates the disposition of the animal. Having traines dogs for 25 years, I find the real problem lies with the owners, human kind can be so ignorant. Have found also that most dogs are smarter than their owners.

  16. I wonder how many people realize that the American Staff. terrier is amongst the oldest companion canines known to this country! (USA)

    Because they hefty with muscle mass, we have been brainwashed into thinking they’re a danger to society in general.

    However, Dr. Jones in correct in noting, most bites come from the little ankle chompers! People, work with your dogs, learn what makes them tick and you’ll be shocked by the number of people who claim you’re so LUCKY, to have a wonderful dog, regardless of their breed!

    Yes, the harder you work, they luckier you’ll be!


  17. I, personally am scared of pitt bulls. My daughter had one years ago, and he simply couldn’t be trained. He ended up being put down. I have a long haired chihuahua, and she can be very nasty. My deceased husband used to tease her, and think he was playing with her. She used to bite him to the point that he would bleed. She does know who she likes, and doesn’t like. She is 8 years old, and her behavior isn’t getting any better. She bit me real hard only once, and I ignored her for 3 days. She tried very hard to get me to let her sit on my lap, but I didn’t for the full 3 days. Now, she puts a lot of thought into whether she should bite me or not.
    Thank you,

  18. Hello, I had to chime in on this one. I actually own a pit, 1/2 lab as well, but her body is totally all Pit Bull, muscle from head to toe. She is the sweetest, most playful, silly dog I have known. I have an 8 year old daughter and do not think twice about leaving the 2 of them alone. They have a Blast playing together. Yes she is strong, but she knows when to be gentle and kind. When you hand her food from your hand she barley takes it from you, as to not touch you or as little as possible.

    I just hate when people associate dogs with out looking at the people who train them.. Like the Crazy Mass Murders out there. Are we killing the People and calling out the parents? Absolutly NOT!!! WHY? isn’t it the same thing…. You train your children to be a example of who you want them to be, good, nice, manners, treat others how you would like to be treated, and you expect that from them… when they don’t give it to you, you then disapline them and tell them to do it the correct way. Show them how, when, where and how…. SAME WITH A DOG! or any other animal you have. I just think it’s soo crazy how people look at these Animals and say bad things. The poor dogs were brought up that way… People treat these animals as killers when they aren’t, it’s how Humans have treated and taught them to be. Punish them, not the animal, for it only was doing what it was taught to do… When Kids act out and do bad things, the parents are the ones that are looked at and possibly placed into Jail. Why not this way as well???

  19. It is sad to say that the guardian does not want to take responsibility. The guardian is responsible for taking care of their companion, the guardian is the one that is supposed to be “intelligent” and rational. Yet, the companion always gets blamed. There is no rationality in those actions. I oppose the ban, but do not oppose a ban on guardians who are not willing to take the responsibility of their companion. Why aren’t guardians screened to determine if they are capable of taking on that responsibility?

  20. The blatent ignorance being slung around here is truly tragic. Yes, some breeds are known for being more aggressive than others, choose your pet wisely. This is really ALL about pet owners and their lack of desire/ability to train their dogs properly so the dog can comport itself appropriately, AT ALL TIMES! I rescued a yellow lab who was turned in for, are you ready for this one? Lunging at small dogs. As we all know, labs are not bred to be, nor known for being aggressive. Since I have had her she has not shown ANY sign of aggression towards any other dogs, small or large. Dogs are much like children, every behavior is making a statement. It up to the owner to be responsible enough to determine what their dog is telling them and working from there. I am a special ed. teacher and my new best friend is on her way to being certified as a threpy dog, she will join me in my effort to make a difference in childrens lives. So, there you have it, It’s NOT the dog, it’s the owner. I vote to ban certain people from having dogs rather than banning a breed. You need a licence to drive, but anyone can have children and dogs… Every day I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am… MGH

  21. But doesn’t anyone see the obvious – that a bite from a Yorkie is NOT the equivalent to a bite from a Pitbull?

    I think that people who want the ban desire it because they feel that there is no other way to control the irresponsible people who acquire and overbreed these dogs. Many people where I live own these dogs for the wrong reasons too – for the status of owning a tough dog or becuase they are conducting illicit activities on their properties.

    These dogs can be deadly. So far the only person I have seen able to rehabilitate Pitbulls is Cesar Milan, and logically, how many people are able to access his services? And how many of the above type of owners do you think are going to watch his videos to learn his methods to try on their own?

    Meanwhile, a whole lot of people and animals are at risk. A few years ago my neighbour’s German Shepherd attacked my American Eskimo, requiring three surgeries (which the Shepherd’s owners did not offer to pay for). Somehow I don’t think the damage would have been the same if a Yorkie had attacked my dog – I tried desperately to pull the Shepherd off my Eskimo, and it finally took a neighbour with a two-by-four to get it to let go of her.

    I realize that banning one particular breed is not necessarily the answer, but for many people, it’s the only way they feel they will have some control over the those irresponsible people who do not look after these dogs properly.

    Perhaps more stringent licensing is a better idea – but it’s not a black and white issue, and I mean that as someone who LOVES and rescues dogs.

  22. I am against dog bans. It isn’t the dogs, it the parents. If more people had respect for animals, there would be no problems. But some people don’t understand, dogs especially. It is stereotypical, just like it is for people.

    They see a big dog and get scared. My dogs would scare anyone as both are 100 and 100+ lbs each. But really all they want is kisses and love. They actually whine if you don’t acknowledge them. They wouldn’t hurt anything.

    I have met a few pit bulls and haven’t had anything but respect for them. These guys were well behaved and I had no problem introducing them to our dogs. They had no problem with our dogs either.


  23. I am very much against the banning of specific breeds. What I would like to do to some owners is not fit to print so I’ll not go there.

    I do think each case of animal aggression should be looked into on an individual basis. Most people are not even able to identify a Pit Bull amongst other dogs who look similiar. There are many large strong dogs – are we to ban them all because they are big. Then what comes next – a medium size dog – how about a full of life large puppy. A friend has a 6 month old Lab and believe me he is strong. Not a mean bone in his body but strong.

    Then next we could ban the little dog who nips at dogs and people.

    Where it will end is up to all of us. We need to be writing letters to our representatives in government – from our local district Mayors right up to our Premiers and Prime Minister. If we don’t speak up for these animals – who will?
    Thank you.

  24. I disagree with breed bans. There have been attempts to ban many different breeds over the years, not just pit bulls and pit bull mixes; Rottweilers, German Shepherds, even Labradors have all been the subject of attempted legislation. It doesn’t work. The people who raise them, train them (or not), and care for them (or not) are the ones who make the difference as to whether a dog is dangerous or not. I have a friend who has two pit bulls; she fostered the first one from rescue, then adopted her, and is fostering a second rescued pit bull now and rehabbing her for a new home. These are sweet dogs. Both, thanks to my friend, now have their Canine Good Citizenship award from the AKC. The second one will make someone a terrific pet some day if my friend doesn’t end up adopting her as well.

    I have been bitten by dogs twice. Both times it was a Chihuahua.

  25. Yes It is not the breed of the animals but it is How they are bred to protect and fight for humans enjoyment that is so wrong.. If one is growling at me and bareing it’s teeth i won’t stick around to find out if it is tame or not. These animals that are trained for security should not be running at Large anywhere.
    Maybe there should have been one inside the vet
    Glad you got your wheels back

  26. I train dogs and I own an aggressive pitbull. I never allow him to be around dogs or people when he is aggressive. I think all dogs are able to be rehabed. I think people need to be made responsible for their pets. I also think most people are not properly trained on how to handle any dog. We need to have more rules before people get pets. Most people do not know their dog is aggressive until it bites another dog, or a person. My pitbull is only territorial. Off the property he is a very friendly animal. He lives with an American Bulldog, male, as well. You have to know your dog before you allow him to socialize with other dogs and people. Banning a breed will not solve the problem of aggression. Teaching people how to deal with dogs would help a lot to stop this problem. I think it would be a good idea to educate all potential owners on dog behavior and how to deal with dog issues. Keep up the good work Doc. Arlene Hale, Florida

  27. First and Second: Happy Birthday, and glad to hear you have your vehicle back.
    Now: BREED BANS DON’T WORK. Whoever thought of them is stupid and certainly didn’t do ANY homework on the issue of dog bites. Yes, research shows that several of the small breeds tend to be more apt to bite. Seems every decade someone in society starts in on one of the breeds to label them “Bad” and the Media takes off with it. One decade it was the Dobermans, another decade the German Shepherds, then the Rotties, now the Pitties. It’s not the “breed”… Lets look at all the factors, from the humans to the inbreeding to the puppy mills, but mostly the humans. Even several of Michael Vick’s dogs are now in loving homes and get along most lovingly with humans and other animals. One of them is even a certified therapy dog for hospitals and nursing homes.
    We have two Dobermans and both are very even tempered, and very loving, as were our Dobermans from the past. Most “Pit Bulls” are couch potatoes and just want to be loved and petted. Most of the “bully breeds” we know are just big babies.
    The Media LOVES to sensationalize the topic when a “bully breed” is in the news. If the media is on a “dog hunt” They should give equal time on the news with the Doxie, Chihuahua, or Poodle bites!!!!

  28. Happy Birthday Dr. Jones, and I’m so glad you raised this topic .
    Something that upsets me is that when people like Michael Vick are caught killing and torturing “pit bulls”, the media regularly says these people are killing the dogs for “under-performing” or “not performing”. Translation?? The dogs are being killed because they DON’T FIGHT. Hasn’t anyone realized this? The “pit bulls” are so unwilling to fight, that they are tortured and beaten to death. No one directly mentions this fact, they glide over it. There are dogs that don’t want to fight no matter what breed they are, and there are dogs that will fight no matter what breed they are. Our local dog park was terrorized for a long time by a Yellow Labrador Retriever. He would beat the snot out of any dog that came in, and the woman who owned him would stand by and whine “I just don’t know why he does that”.There are two dachshunds down the street from me that will shred your ankles if you walk by their house and the front door is open (which it often is).
    Pit bull is not a breed, it is a term for several different breeds of dogs. For anyone who wants to educate themselves on facts about pit bulls, there is an excellent book called “Pit Bulls for Dummies” and it is worth reading. If anyone remembers the famous T.V. show “The Little Rascals”, the dog was a “pit bull”. No one back then freaked out that a “pit bull” was running around loose with a bunch of children. These dogs have been demonized by the media, and abused by the people who exploit them. And bad breeding is happening, by people.
    On banning the “breed”, Pit Bull is a term commonly used to describe several breeds of dog in the Molosser family, Molosser is a type of large, solidly-built dogs comprising several breeds, probably all descended from the same root stock. To “ban” the “breed” is showing a huge ignorance. For anyone interested, read this and dig around in the links, we educate ourselves on what we’re talking about at least.
    Here’s another link worth reading

  29. Hi Dr. Jones. I agree that banning of specific breeds is ridiculous. Since we cannot legislate stupidity out of the human race, perhaps we can offer some help in the form of training. If people who adopt dogs like pit bulls, Rotties, German Shepherds were encouraged to participate in a one -on-one training program with their pups, and a qualified trainer, there would be far fewer incidents of aggression. (I mean behavior training, along w/basic obedience). Of course, it makes sense for any dog owner to train their dog, but chihuahuas can inflict far less damage than a large breed dog. Cesar Millan offers excellent advice for people as to how to raise a well-behaved dog. Thank you. Elena Ferrante

  30. i think banning a specific breed is stupid but i do think that there should be some sort of regulations on breeding and selling sertain breeds to try and prevent cases of attack and agression from accuring california at least in fresno you now have to get a liscence from the county to sell puppies legally in an attempt to cut down on the unwanted pet problem there though i dont know how well it will actually work or if it will make a diffrence but blamming the dog or its breed for its agression is wrong its all on how the owners treat and raise there dogs more than the breed itself i have come across more unstable germanshepards and dalmations then pitbulls and rotweilers

  31. Dear Dr. Jones,

    A very happy birthday to you sir, and many more happy ones to look forward to.

    Now, to answer your question. Isn’t it amazing how smart humans think they are? Just think for a moment about about the ban on guns. Okay, so they’d ban guns and those who are determined to kill…just find a “different” method of killing. A knife, baseball bat, etc.

    Therefore, if the ban on PitBulls did go into effect, those who train PitBulls to be agressive, will just use a “different” breed of dog. (this is really a “no brainer”, don’t you think?)

    We need to put people in jail for the “unnatural” treament of these dogs. A pet is supposed to be a “companion,” to which we have a fondness of and and care for them. Instead, we have people who are abusing these helpless animals and selling them to fight, destroy or mame. There is something utterly “wrong” with the “mind” of people who do this. They are the ones who need to be banned from ever owning a pet. Period! I mean, do we really have to “teach”…common sense?

    In closing, I was happy to hear that your vehicle was found and driving it… was another “brilliant” mind. Hahaha

    Blessings to you and yours,


  32. Good dogs are put down all the time because they are deemed a “dangerous breed”. Pit bull terriers are bred to fight… but not to bite humans. When bad breeders and bad training and bad lifestyles (Micheal Vick wanna-bes) come along, they take a noble and wonderful animal and change it to one that must or should be destoyed. Every dog has the potential to bite and even kill. King Charles I of England named the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel after himself in honor of the fact that twelve of his beloved dogs killed an intruder and saved his life… Even the tiny Cavalier can kill… are we to ban all dogs then?

    What should be banned is irresponsible breeding and dog fights and such. We, as Americans and Canadians, should look to the German’s system of breeding: every dog that will be bred must pass a “Prufung” a test for temperament, viability and transferable positive genetic traits that will enhance the breed. There is no indiscriminate breeding… it is very frowned upon and enforced. And there are very few dog fight problems… it’s not allowed and is rigorously pursued within the law.

    They don’t ban these breeds (square jawed dogs), but have strict controls: they must be muzzled in public, they must be always on a leash, they must have this and that control… all very strict and rigorously controled by both the population and the government.

    American in Germany

  33. I worked for a year in a vet’s office. You are right Chihuahuas are more apt to bit. They will even bit the fire right out of their owners.

    My mom had one of those nasty little beasts. I would take a pit bull first. Neighbor has a pit bull and he is just playful, not too bright though according to neighbor.


  34. Some bully breeds are sought out specifically for their aggressive traits and their unyielding determination. Those that choose these dogs for these qualities often have little regard for anyone but themselves and are more likely to teach them bad habits. With this in mind, do you honestly think that a ban will prevent them from obtaining dogs with these traits? If you ban one breed, they’ll just get another and you’ll be faced with the same problems from an owner that doesn’t care enought to properly teach their animals or specifically wants them for those aggressive tendencies. You can’t account for individual idiocy! It would be like banning all martial arts because they COULD be used to hurt someone.

  35. I think that it is a combination of breeding and the owner/trainer that determines how the dog is.
    Some people get a dog and leave it outside in the yard, and let it run at large, go over to the neighbor’s, on the road, etc. and you can’t tell them anything. They pay very little attention to the dog and then blame the dog when they have problems with the dog.

    I agree that a lot of it is the owner’s fault. As well if the dog is abused, it will probably mimic the abuse, which might explain some of the attacks.

    I have a dog who I think is a Border Collie. She came on my doorstep when she was 3 months old and I kept her. She was very aggressive when she was a little pup. I am wondering if it’s the breed or something that was done to her when she was a pup. She is a nice dog but can’t be trusted around cats, children, and other dogs. She gets along now with her own pack. (I have 5 dogs.) I met some people that had a dog that looked and acted just like her and they said it was a border collie.

  36. Happy birthday to you and congrats on getting your vehicle back! What a nice birthday present!

    We used to have a dog that was half lab half pit and he was a very sweet guy! I’ve seen labs that have more behaviour problems than pit bulls! I think we should ban stupid people… not allow them to have pets.

  37. G’day Dog lovers,
    Your all right it is ridiculous to ban dog breeds far better to ban some owners as I have found that dogs tend to take on the character of their owners.

    Basically if the owner is a well balanced individual the dog will be a well balanced dog, tho any character flaws in the owner are transmitted to the dog if the owner is a bully then the dog will take on that characteristic as well. The same for cowardice timidity slyness….

    I have owned many of these (terrifying breeds in my 51 years and have never had any of them bite anyone (one exception I was standing next to a bloke at my garage sale as he tried to pull start a mower he was considering buying and as he pulled the starter cord violently in my direction my 10 yo Bull terrier bitch jumped up and grabbed the hand she thought he was threatening me with one of her teeth punctured his palm she didn’t ‘bite’ him or else he wouldn’t have a hand today).

    As a young man I was a Bikie (or in American biker) as you can imagine many of my associates had bull terriers or the equivalent cross breeds the type of dog that HAS been outlawed here in Australia :(( I have seen some of these ignorant owners discipline their dogs by head butting them into telephone poles or similar. Personally I believe that these animals (owners) should be the ones put down not the poor ‘dumb’ animal.

    You cannot teach a dog to be social in this manner all you do is create a social misfit out of it and further the myth of savage dogs that should be put down.

    For what its worth I believe you should teach a dog in the same manner that you teach your children, reward and praise them when they do well, chastise them when they do something wrong, and if they persist mild correction to teach actions have consequences. Well it works for me both with my children and Dogs 🙂

  38. I agree with the guy who said “don’t ban breeds; ban breeding” — here in N. Fla. we have many “backyard” breeders of pit bulls and many people who buy them so they can look tough walking around with a pit bull.

    People who want dogs need to research what type of dog they want and the traits inherent to certain breeds.

    People need to socialize their dogs early and properly. No aggressive “punishment” training; positive reinforcement works and teaches that aggression is not a proper response to anything. Certain breeds are designed for tenacity, grip, and muscle; this is because they were originally bred by misguided people in the past who wanted to watch dogs fight each other to death. It’s ugly but it’s a part of the heritage of some breeds.

    Owners [in an ideal world] would be able to recognize signs of aggressiveness and “nip” them in the bud behaviorally. If they couldn’t stop the behaviors they would be able to manage them, like the lady who keeps a close eye on her pit bull when she’s out with him.

    It’s common sense to us, who love animals, but to some pet “owners,” if they can’t leave a dog untrained and chained in the yard from birth to death, or loose in the yard without it jumping the fence and harming others, or worse yet, loose on the street without training or restraint, they don’t want to put in the work due to a good companion dog/human caregiver relationship. They’re still in some old paradigm of owning a junk yard dog.

    In an ideal world, all people who wanted pets would have to learn about dogs and their behavior, cats and their behavior, birds, rabbits, etc., depending on what type of pet(s). Then they would have to learn about the type of dog they want and how to teach it and manage its natural behaviors.

    In this ideal world, pet people would be licensed to guard their charges. Fees from licenses would go toward spaying/neutering their pets. Depending upon income level, certain folks could pay a little more to help subsidize TNR of feral cats or have the money go into a central fund to help less financially fortunate people get, and medically care for, their own pets.

    I wish that everyone cared for animals as much as I do. But I always remember a former co-worker who was shocked upon hearing that I had five cats. “And you let them INDOORS?” she asked. “I KEEP them indoors,” I said. The only cats she had ever seen were half-feral “barn cats,” and her family’s “companion” dogs remained outdoors during the night and most of the day.

    People never cease to amaze me, but she may have gone home and said the very same thing!

    [Why I don’t let my cats outdoors: Too much fast traffic, too many careless drivers under 20, too many animal-hating nuts out there, too many untrained dogs off-leash in violation of city ordinance…someday I promise my cats a play yard or screen porch, but forgive me that I can’t provide it right now.]

    Thanks for bringing up this topic. I agree — it’s mostly untrained owners who are the problem. I speak to everyone I see with a puppy about raising “patient and polite” fur babies. [Hopefully a little education goes a long way]

    Hey Doc, a very happy birthday. The RCMP got their man, and hopefully, you have your vehicle! Enjoy another wonderful year.

  39. Hello there Dr. Jones

    As an animal communicator who has talked to many dogs and cats (as well as other animals!), I know there is no such thing as a bad breed, or bad individual dog or cat. It is how we humans treat our wonderful companion animals that elicits “good” or “bad” responses. To ban a particular breed is idiotic. I have found Pit Bulls to be sweet, gentle dogs.

    Any animal can be rehabilitated — just a matter of how long it takes. I rescued a young cat about 10 years ago. When I first got her inside, she was so scared I could not touch her for a couple of months and she did not purr for almost a year! I can now pick her up and pet her, even though she lets me know when she’s “not in the mood”!!

    It would be great if lawmakers would get some courage instead of being scared to do something different, i.e., give the dogs to someone who is willing to work with them.

    Love, Peace, and Harmony


  40. my daughter was severely attacked by a pit bull while at her friends home for no reason the dog just latched onto her face and tore away and she now suffers from post tramatic stress and numerous other things, and is only a young girl. This was a “family dog” but has bitten at least 5- 6 people I have since heard. I have also since this heard quite alot of stories of other pit bulls randomly attacking for no apparent reason .I just think they are not to be around people especially children.Yes little dogs are vicious and can tear up your legs but they wont go for your throat as these bigger dogs do .
    I have heard so many horror stories since this happened to my daughter from people about big dogs attacking and biting for no apperant reason.
    You never know what animals are thinking I love them but dont trust them.

  41. Ban the idiots who cause all the suffering to dogs and animals and others of their own species, but as soon as stricter laws are even thought about the human race gets on board defending these miscreants “right” to do the evil they do by formulating excuses for them! Because they are too stupid to even come up with an excuse for their own pathetic selves. We hear the same old lame “the perpetrater had a rough childhood” or “dog fighting is considered sport by many in the south” so that makes it OK? What about serial rapists or murderers can someone defend their right to engage in their idea of “sport” or entertainment too? I better shut up before long someone will! I suppose I will never understand how is it that the human race is considered the most intelligent or advanced, but then only by the human race itself! I wait for the time to come when there really will be true intelligence and justice in the world but I dont think its possible as long as homosapiens is on the planet.

  42. I don’t think they should put those pit bulls down. As far as I can see, it is the owners fault. If you give your dog the proper training,loving and socialize`with other people and dogs. Your dog(s) should be your companion. I have two small dogs and can tell you they can be just aggresive as the big dogs. I keep a eye on them at all times when they are around people and other dogs. My daughter has two pit bulls, and they are so loving and gentle. I can’t believe people when they train their dogs to be aggersive and dangerous towards other dogs & people. I love animals and if you take care of them the way you are suppose to you will not have any problems. It’s not the animals fault it is the way the owner trains them. I believe if you can’t take care of your pet then don’t have one. The owner is the idio not the dog.

  43. I love what you said about banning owners who don’t train and socialize their dogs properly. That’s where the real problem is. Pet ownership comes with responsibility, period.

  44. I reckon when your dog attacks another human because you the owner have made it agressive and not taken precautions, the dog should be assessed and rehabilitated and the owner jailed for life. At least then the people owning dogs will be way more responsible… anyway thats never going to happen.

    Either way it’s always the dog that gets put down and the owner just gets a ban? How does that work if it’s the owners fault? More punishment for the human, 99% of dogs are happy playful things when they enter this world and like humans they’re influenced by their surroundings, normally human ones. Lets be honest, most wild dogs are better socially trained than the dogs some maniacs are allowed to have.

    Right I’m getting off my soapbox. Never ban breeds, ban the human, change the laws so the real problem is addressed.

  45. I dont think its all in how we raise them,sometimes you just cant take away what their breed is to do,some dogs are hunters….you cant take that away from them even though they may not be trained to hunt…its there ,in the cant take the hunting skills away and you cant take the aggression away from a dog that it s in the breed,all breeds are in such a catorgery and the pitts do not like other dogs as well as the akitas,you may not allow a pitt to be aggressive but theres gonna be a trial day when the pitt gets a chance to get to another dog then he will.I have westies ….and they are diggers.ive never allowed them to do this and will correct them but they too are terriers and thats their job.each breed carrys out a certain job whether we allow it or not,my westies are strong hunters,they go crazy when they see cats ,squirrells ,but loves people and other dogs,always.I couldnt take that away from them no matter how good of a trainer you are.thats why its very important to do a breed research before getting a dog,if you want a agressive fellow one that will protect the family and one thats known to not get along well w/other dogs then you should get a pitt.I dont want the breed cause they are bred to fight,they will always be a fighting group.their just in that catagory.its in them and no one can take that instinct matter the training.there will be that time that they will be tested or tempted and will succeed.the main problem w/that breed is over population ,there are more pitts in the dog section for sale than any other breed.too many people are over breeding them,I do think there should be strong laws against that,we should only be allowed to breed them IF your a registered breeded,otherwise all pitt owners SHOULD have them spayed or neutered,that would really help the problem.

  46. I feel that all dogs are born GOOD dogs, its the people that turn them around. Think about it, if you were tied up on a short chain, fed when someone remembers, and kicked when someone felt like kicking you…..wouldn’t you turn nasty?!?! I know I would!!!

    I took a wolf from a man, here in the lower mainland because he was hitting and kicking it, then drove over it with his truck (he got out to go pee). The first night I had him in my home he grabbed me by the throat three times. I calmly told him it was wrong, and he put his head down as if in apology. He was approx 1 1/2 yrs when I “got” him and at 12 yrs old he went to Rainbow Bridge. Having him in my life was amazing, he was one of the best “family members” a person could ever hope to have in their lives.

    I agree that banning stupidity and ignorance is the way, not so called “vicious breeds”. Some people shouldn’t have pets. That is my 2 cents worth.

    P.S. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  47. Years ago I bred and raised Pit Bulls, NEVER had one bite anyone. I now raise toy Chihuahua’s and they have never growled at or biten anyone. I raise my dogs with a kind heart and a tender touch and it shows. I’m with you Doc go after the people that raise the bad dogs. Happy Birthday to you! ! ! I too can remember thinking 40 was old but @ 53 life is still a blast! ! ! HAVE YOU HUGGED YOU DOG TODAY? yes I have all 7 seven of them :o) Love your news letters.

  48. I have a 112 lb anatolian shepherd who is aggressive towards other dogs as well as people he deems to be a threat. When I first rescued Benjie, the vet told me to I had to be either 6’tall and weigh 250lbs, or euthanize him.
    I refused to do that. That was 9 years ago.
    In the intervening time, I have learned so many things from Benjie. I have learned to compensate for his fear aggression. When company comes, he puts himself in his room, barking all the way there We get to walk early enough in summer to see the fireflies. In winter we are the first ones in the snow before it has been trampled on.
    IThis dog who would not have been given a chance saved my life when an intruder tried to brake in to my home.
    The people who are suppose to be the guardians to their non human companions are to blame for the travesty that happened to those pit bulls. With a little training this tragedy could have been avoided.

  49. If you look at the statistics on pit bull attacks and if someone you love has been a victim of a pit bull attack….. what would your opinion be? The statistics on that breeds attacks and many fatal are pretty high in numbers. I have three children age 2, 16, and 25. Since 1983 I felt I would never let my child around a pit bull. My child means more to me than any dog. If there is the SLIGHTEST chance a dog could hurt your children, Why take a chance? DUH!! Should be a no brainer for any parent. Unfortunately not everyone has the same thoughts and many children have been attacked.

  50. Everyone in my neighborhood that owns a pit freezes like a deer in headlights when they are out walking their dog and they encounter another person with their dog. Their body language shows they have no confidence in their ability to control their dogs. My next door neighbor has a pit and has said on many occasions she trusts her around people but not other dogs. That’s a great pet to have and a nuisance to other dog owners.In NY if you own a home and have a breed of dog that is on a list that insurance companies keep and don’t disclose that info to them when they write your policy you can wind up on the hook for 100% of the liability if you dog attacks someone. The breeds on that list are Pits, Shepherds, Akita, Bull Mastiff, Dobermans and a few others that I can’t recall off hand. I know for a fact that the itty bitty breeds aren’t on that list. I have never heard of a Pomeranian, or Maltese mauling someone to death! The damage inflicted by large breeds is catastrophic in comparison to what a little one can do. Getting bit is never pleasant but I would rather be bitten by a Yorkie than a Pit Bull if it had to happen at all and anyone that says different is being less than honest. If you banned the stupid people it would do away with a sizable precentage of the population!

  51. Breed bans represent canine raceism. I have owned and loved pit bulls and american staff terriers for many many years and know them to be wonderful companion animals. My dogs are always the best behaved dogs in the neighborhood. Good dogs are the product of responsible owners. Owners of the bully breeds should litigate cities that attempt to ban their breed. If the dogs and owners have done no wrong, they should not suffer the discrimination of breed bans.

  52. I saw a dog bandanna that I think fits perfectly. It said, “Punish the deed not the breed.” You can’t generalize certain breeds, just like you can’t generalize certain human races. Every living being has their own personality. However, I do think that chaining dogs should be outlawed. Dogs left on the end of a chain suffer from boredom, and many other problems, including aggression. When all you can do all day long is watch people and kids go zooming past you – you begin to see them as prey or at least something to chase. So then when you get loose – you chase. (I have found a good charity out of N. Carolina “Coalition to Unchain Dogs.” They educate people who keep their dogs chained 24/7 as to what that does to the dog, and then they build a fence for the dogs.)

  53. Breed Specific Legislation is a sign of ignorance. People/legislators who support BSL laws NEED TO BE EDUCATED on the breeds, generally pit bulls, that are being targeted. They need to know that pit bulls are not vicious by nature. People who own & train them to attack are the ones who are vicious & should be put in jail.

  54. I think it is very sad that people take advantage of innocent dogs for their own gain. And you have those people who get dogs and just throw them in the backyard and ignore them. I have neighbors like that now. Who knows how they will turn out. They have food, water and limited shelter, that’s all the law requires from owners. Maybe that is what needs to be changed. Dog owners should be held accountable for how they treat their dogs. And they should put people away for a very long time who intentionally raise dogs to be mean or to be fighters. Banning is not the answer, making laws that have serious consequences for the dog owners actions. Not just their slap on the wrist laws they have now. And they need to enforce it. Now the dogs are the only ones to be punished as well as the victims.

    A few years back, there was a pit mix female put in the backyard of a neighbor’s. It was left with little shelter, occasional water and food. No attention, no contact with people, usually chained to my fence. She played with my dogs along the fence and she was really sweet when I petted her and gave her food and water when her bowls were empty. She went into season and got out one day. The male dog across the street that always ran loose was after her. Unfortunately, the little boy that lived at that house tried to separate them. Both dogs attacked him. We chased the dogs off, his dog went up into the carport and the little female went back into her backyard. When the authorities came to the location of the attack, they took the little female and left the male. She was so scared but she came to me and went with them without a fuss. She never growled at them or tried to bite them, she was the same sweet dog I knew before. I knew they were going to kill her. Her owners never even bothered to acknowledge her existence. She lived alone and she died alone. They are the ones that should have been punished, but they weren’t. The little boy recovered and his dog continued to run the streets. So the little boy, the little female and the landlord of the house she lived at were the ones who paid the price. No one bothered to go after the owners, to punish them. The laws need to be changed!

  55. I have 2 PitBulls, 5 years and 2 years and both are the sweetest dogs I have ever had. I adopted both as adults and the previous owners did a wonderful job of training and socializing them. They have never bite anyone or showed any aggression to anyone that visits my home. I agree that training and socialization is important. I don’t agree on a breed ban. I believe the local cities should actually just enfore the laws they probably already have on the books regardng restraint and licensing. Believe me if someone receives enough dog at large tickets at 70 plus dollars each they will start being more careful with keeping the animals put up. My sympathies to anyone harmed or knows someone hurt by a PitBull on this post. I keep my babies in the house and they are always leashed when out of the house for their protection and mine as I am aware not everyone loves them as much as I do.

  56. no ban on dogs!!! I have 8 dogs and one of them is a pit bull…he can be mean at times but he is a sweetheart anyway because he knows he has to!! looks like I got him just in time as he had lots of fight and wanting to kill in him and I have had to work a lot with him on it but he is good dog now!It isn`t the dog that is to blame for his actions…it`s what he is taught!!! I love all dogs!!

  57. No ban should be put on any breed of dog. People are so stupid it’s not even funny! It’s not the dog, it is the owner of the dog who make the dog the way they are.

    Being from L.A., I have seen it too many times. A dog is going to react to the way it has been treated and raised. I’m sorry, but I have not seen a pit bull who has been treated good and raised with love be bad. People who are dog haters are the people who are banning pit bulls. Any dog will bite or attack if backed into a corner, or being mistreated. Just like a tarantula, push one into a corner and it will strike. Same with a dog!!!

    If BC bans pit bulls, then they are very stupid and have no common sense! It isn’t the dog to blame; it is the person! I don’t care what type of dog it is. I love them and I’m not afraid of them. Besides, people should not let their little kids go up to strange dogs that they don’t know. Even if you know the dog, you shouldn’t just let your kids play with them without anyone watching.

    Don’t blame the dog, blame the owner!

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