Do You Trust Your Vet ?

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Re: Do You Trust Your Vet ?


Good morning to you!

In preparing for the release of my upcoming course, I have included as much information as possible.

A very common question is about pet food.

Here are some of the questions I regularly receive..

What is the Truth about Pet Food?

What is the BEST too feed?

What about Supplements?

Raw Food- Good or Bad?

Who do you believe?

I have written a detailed 50 page Bonus Report Answering all of these questions.

It will be given to all of you who choose to purchase my upcoming Multimedia Course.

Here is a small section from the Bonus Report..


The entire Pet Food debate is confusing to me- and I am a veterinarian. I have spent a long time researching these questions, and I can give you some solid, trustworthy answers.

I am not trying to sell you any specific food or supplement.

I am trying newer foods with my dog, cats and my client?????s pets.

Do You Trust Your Vet on Pet Food?

As a veterinarian, I was taught very little about dog or cat food at university. I received less than 8 hours of teaching on Dog or Cat food.

At my University the LARGE Food companies sponsored events for us, gave us presentations on pet food, and awarded scholarships.

The ???œYou rub my back and I?????ll rub yours???? mentality prevailed.

I even recall a professor telling us to ???œtrust???? a certain large food company, and look forward to getting Big Perks at Pet Food sponsored conferences.

Retailing Pet Food is a Big Source of income for many veterinarians.

We are given trustworthy statements from the Pet Food Rep..which invariably include ???œ????????backed by scientific study and feeding trials????

But common sense is NOT prevailing.

Cats are obligate carnivores- they NEED meat protein as their sole source of nutrition to survive. Yet, if you go to your Veterinarian and ASK for the premium quality adult cat food, I?????ll bet that the first ingredient is a Carbohydrate- and NOT an Animal Protein.

So now that you know that MOST Veterinarians have LITTLE knowledge about Pet nutrtition, and that they have strong FINANCIAL INCENTIVES to NOT change, can you see how you should Question their Pet Food recommendation?


P.S. The issue of exactly what to feed your pet is critical to your pet’s health.

P.P.S. My Bonus Report gives you all the answers!

It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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  1. Hi Coleen –

    Yes, we are answerable to our regional Veterinary Associations. In my case, it is the British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association (BCVMA).

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