1 thought on “Documented anti cancer remedy for dogs and cats #shorts”

  1. Hi Doctor,

    I was wondering if this was for certain type of cancer?
    After a chest x-ray, 2 ultra sounds (the second w/a fine needle aspiration which wasn’t 100% conclusive but suggestive), and a CT scan, my 10.5ish year old husky-mix has a growth his vet believes is neuroendocrine in origin and is growing in a way that is invading his vena cava and aorta and resection is not possible. An oncologist at MSU said they would give radiation treatments but it will only possibly shrink the growth and it will grow back. I have pet insurance so money is not a factor I just don’t believe 4 weeks of radiation plus possible side affects is worth putting my dog through for something that Will maybe only shrink and come back. I’m looking for any treatment that may slow the growth of this thing. He is otherwise a healthy senior dog who had yet to show symptoms. This was found due to an appt. I made because I was paranoid that he was having trouble breathing and his vet recommended a chest x-ray which came back fine but this is how she saw something in the x-ray, wasn’t sure what it was, and wanted a better look, hence the ultrasound. I found your YT channel and began following on FB where I saw this video.
    Thank you for what you do.

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