Dog Hot Spots: Natural Home Remedies

In this new video Dr Jones shows you to tell if your dog has a hot spot.

The exact steps to take to treat your dog’s hot spot at home

14 thoughts on “Dog Hot Spots: Natural Home Remedies”

  1. Dear Dr. Jones
    I truly enjoy your videos.My problem is that my dogs continue to get ear infections. They are Blue pitbulls ,i’ve taken them to the vet but all he does is give them a shot ,put them on antibiotics, and sends some ear drops. They do well when on medication, but as soon as they go out….the infection comes back. I wonder what can i do naturally at home for this problem? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Marley( Golden retriever) has one ear that always seems to have that brownish dirt stuff in it. Maybe a video on ear cleaning and why she gets this?

  3. Love your videos. What can I do for treacheal collapse? I don’t want to put my tiny toy poodle on steriods if I don’t have to. Thank you

  4. We had a Golden Retriever that we got at 4 1/2 months old. His ears were so bad you could hardly bear to be near him. Having had ear conditions with a previous Golden, I immediately started him on Revolution. He also had no eyelashes or eyebrows, he was so loaded with ear mites and skin mites. Within a week his ears were clearing up (I was cleaning his ears 4 times a day) and he had stopped his constant scratching.
    Within a month his eyebrows and eyelashes were growing in, and his nose was no longer hairless.
    I know this is not a natural remedy, but if you need FAST action this is the way to go to get these conditions under control. Because we traveled to Texas every winter he was on revolution year round because of the fleas and ticks found in that region.

  5. Dr Jones

    I enjoyed watching your video about hot spot and how to properly give care, very interesting. I haven’t yet met a Vet that has an interest in the natural care for our pets so I’m very happy to have run into you. You’re videos are a learning experience… thank you!

    I have no suggestion at this time for a video but will send an email if I think of something.

    Good night

  6. Thank you Dr. Jones for the wonderful informative lesson in treatment of hot spots. I would be interested in learning what to do when and after dogs have seizures. I would like to learn more about how to stop a dog from biting. My dog went through 3 periods of attempting to bite me. I was wonderful to him yet the behavior would surface out of the blue. I learned alot from Cesar Milan about how to handle him better through calm assertiveness. After reading a recent article of yours about probable effects from using Frontline, I think some of my dogs problems resulted from having that applied for many years. I did change my dogs topical treatment of fleas and ticks to something else and it did help. My dog did have a thyroid condition and his medicine was changed after a couple of years. The first medicine the vet thought possibly was a source of his aggression toward me. I played easy listening music for my dogs most of the day and it helped alot. One thing that helped my dogs ears, saved me money, and was more enjoyable for my dogs ear cleanings was to use unscented baby wipes. I also cleaned their faces often with them and they loved it. Keeping their bed linens changed often made them happy and helped clear ear problems. Thank you, Angie Cook

  7. Hi Dr Jones

    I’ve recently seen an article reporting a very promising new treatment for hotspots using an extract of brown seaweed – Fucidin, or something similar. Heard anything about it and when it may come to market?


  8. The only way I got rid of yeast infection in my cat’s ear was by using witch hazel on a cotton ball. The meds that the doctor gave me didn’t work. The infection came back. Now I’m worried the infection could have spred before I got rid of it. How do I find out if it did?
    Thank you so much, Jeannie

  9. Is there any product that I can use on my older dog to clean his teeth at home, I try to do it myself he doesn’t like it and he’s too old to be put under to have them cleaned. He has some pretty dark spots on the front teeth at the bottom in behind. Thank you

  10. I totally agree with Marianne. I would LOVE an answer to tracheal collapse. My Pomeranian has the same thing along with a heart murmur. I just hate to hear my baby cough all the time. Thank you!

  11. Hi Linda, The aspirin is 325mg tablet dissolved in 1/2 cup of concentrated black tea.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, and look forward to a video on tracheal collapse, plus a new video on ear infections!

    Dr Andrew

  12. Hi Dr Jones

    Thank you for the video
    my dog ??chih-tzu maltese , she is 13 years old, has three flesh-colored warts.
    all 3 of unpleasant places her head , am afraid to brush and comb because of warts
    is there anything homeopathic that they go away?

    Best regards

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