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Dr Jones’ BEST EVER At-Home Healing Secrets GIVEAWAY Contest

By Dr. Andrew Jones

Dr Jones’ BEST EVER At Home Healing Secrets GIVEAWAY Contest

I am giving away 3 Complete packages of my BEST EVER Digital Collection of At Home Healing Secrets.


1. Download and read my report called: The Truth Behind Vets, Vaccines, Diet and Disease

2. Leave a comment about How something in the report can help your pet

Leave a comment below this post with your name and email address (click the ‘Comment’ link at the bottom of the post – your email address will not be made public).

3. Send the report to at least 3 friends

I’ll be choosing the lucky WINNERS next Wednesday September 28th!

Good Luck!!

Dr Andrew

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52 Responses to “Dr Jones’ BEST EVER At-Home Healing Secrets GIVEAWAY Contest”

  1. Avatar Susan Kaufman Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 6:00 am

    I am trying to read the article but the link does not work making it impossible to read and enter your contest. I firmly believe in what you are doing by providing this information to us and would love to get the information. Please see if you can have the link fixed. I think you recently stated that your brother takes care of this.

  2. Dr Andrew Dr Andrew Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 6:10 am

    Hi Susan,

    The link has been corrected now.

    Thank you –

  3. Avatar Mona Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 6:18 am

    I have really enjoyed your reading material. I have found it very informative. I have two boxers and a calico cat, so the information you have written I’m sure will be very helpful when the time comes. Fortunately, my animals have been healthly. I have changed some habits since I have been reading your material, and printed all articles for future reference. I have also forwarded your link and printed material to people whom adore their animals and could use these secrets. Thanks for the publications and keeping me on your mailing list.

  4. Avatar catherine Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 6:29 am

    hi dr. andrew i always reading your article you been sent to me.. you know i love animals too and i want to be a veterinarian someday.. as of now i am a nurse i have male dog and i love him so much.. i wish i could made him a healtier and good grooming for him.. tnx so much you are really amazing vet. from philippines

  5. Avatar lee Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 7:40 am

    This has confirmed my thoughts and convictions about overuse of vaccines- I employ the discontinuing many of the vaccines in my older horses, cats, and dog… many interesting ideas of homeopathic and herbal uses – some of which I knew and used but some also that I will try when need arises

  6. Avatar Robyn Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Hi, I read the article and found it helpful because I get senior rescue dogs, right now I have 3 very special friends. Two lab crosses and one hound, I cannot believe anyone would abandon such wonderful dogs and I consider myself so blessed to have found these beauties. However, I live on a rural acreage, aways from town, so “Vet Tips” are very handy for me. I particularly like the parts on homemade food, arthritis and allergies. I have been thinking of feeding raw, or homemade again, but with 3 large dogs, it can be quite the feat, I liked your idea of doing both raw and a good “bagged food”. Also, I have 2 arthritic dogs and one with a constant itch. Anything I can learn to help care for my furry friends, is greatly appreciated, because of where I live and 3 seniors tend to have more health issues than their younger counterparts. Thanks again for all your holistic healing information. If I win the free “At Home Healing Secrets” I would be very greatful and it will be put to good use, I will always have large breed rescue dogs, as they seem to be the ones left in the shelters the longest, and are the ones who can develop more health issues.

  7. Avatar Robin Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 8:36 am

    Hi Dr,
    I have been getting your awesome emails for about a month now. I’m President of Moonlight Cat Rescue in CT. I have ten cats of my own and seventeen foster cats. I have been fighting fleas. I have some cats with Giardia and Coccidia. I just started making my own cat food and they seem to like it. I just started taking an online course for Veterinary Technician and your course would be awesome for the rescue and me. Keep up the awesome work your doing. I have learned a lot.


  8. Avatar Jane Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 9:18 am

    I find you advise very helpgul in trying to provide the very best of care for my French Bulldog. I have read several of your reports and enjoy receiving your emails and the informaiton is appreciated.

  9. Avatar Carrie Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 10:04 am

    What you are doing is admirable…I absolutely love that you are revealing these ‘secrets’ to ensure a better life for the world’s companion animals. 🙂 I especially appreciated the part about vaccinations. After our dear Rottweiler, who was vaccinated with three sets as pup and then annually, only made it to the age of four–spindle cell tumour, immune mediated polyarthritis and lupus (spit!)–I now refuse to vaccinate passed the two puppy shots. My vet knows not to get me into a discussion about it (again) because my reasons (and the research behind them) are darned good! With our dear Rottweiler we saw great results with natural medicine until the lupus (spit!) progressed too far so I utilize homeopathic remedies for not only our pets but us humans too! (Our Mastiff pup–well, she’s two years old now…not really a pup–suffered from UTIs and after several rounds of antibiotics without much improvement I managed to solve the issue with Cantharis! No more UTIs!)

  10. Avatar Heather Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 10:07 am

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    Thank you for your eye opening report. It is imperative that all pet guardians become intelligent consumers of veterinary services. Years ago our pets lived long and healthy lives.Now, despite advances in veterinary care, the opposiste is true. I think it is attributable to theonslaught of vaccinations and other treatments. How often does a vet suggest brewers yeast and garlic instead of dumping poson on your dog’s skin? Glucasamine instead of rimadyl? I don’t begrudge anyone a living but compromising the lives of beloved pets and exploiting the vulnerability of their guardians is just plain wrong. Case in point, my GSD ws diagnosed with an inoperable rectal adeno sarcoma. I was given the option of surgery which even the vet conceded would do nothing but leave the dog incontinent. I declined and was handed a bottle of fifteen arthritis pills (for $100.) and told essentailly to bring her backwhen her condition warranted a shot of the Jesus juice.So I did some researchand and put my pet on a regimen of graviola, stool softener, glucasomine and fish oil She has more energy and a better appetite than ever before. Will she last forever? Of course not. But the remaining time she has she will live with dignity and without pain. I applaud you for sharing the many alternative options available and would love to win the course. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

  11. Avatar Michelle Bell Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Hi Dr. Jones,

    At 3 yrs of age my mini Schnauzer Samson was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy. After really getting no help from the Vet or NeuroVet, I started researching and discovered you. You are probably the best thing to happen to my dogs. I believe in what you stand for. Your articles have taught me to be a better furmommy and how to take care of most things myself. Because of you I know how to feed a raw and homecooked diet, know how to give my guys a proper check-up, and know how to fix most things that happen with them. I now have a little collection of Homeopathic remedies which haven’t failed me yet. Before I go to a vet I always see if I can find something in one of your articles. You haven’t failed me yet Dr Jones which is more than I can say for my vet. So my guy is doing much better thanks to you and your awesome articles. He still has seizures, just not as severe and thank god no more clusters. He is a daily clusterer and was getting no relief from the AED’s and he is on 3 of them. Your recommendations on diet and vaccinations are the main reason he is still here.
    Thank you Dr. Jones your advise is invaluable. Hope I win!!!!!!

  12. Avatar Alexis Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    I liked the whole report, especially the section on vaccinations. My dogs are 7 and 10 and they have been getting annual vaccines all their lives, because the vet insisted on it and I didn’t know. Thank you for informing people on this issue. On one of their next visits I am going to tell them that I only want to do the DA2PP every three years. The section about dog food was informative as well. My grandmother had a female boxer that she had to put to sleep because it got Cushing’s Disease at age 7. I really believe (with research and your wonderful emails) that the combination of too many vaccines and low quality dog food (Beneful) caused this. I had witnessed her health decline before she crossed the rainbow bridge a year ago 🙁 I will be forwarding the report to her and hopefully she will be more informed. Since then, I researched more on dog food. I recently found a book on raw and started my dogs on a raw diet a month ago and they already look healthier! No more doggie odor and no more shedding! It’s just truly amazing! The section on alternatives for medicine was great too. My vet is always prescribing antibiotics, so I’m glad you shared this information. Thanks to one of your previous emails, I also know how to treat ear infections without the expensive ear solution from the vet. Keep up the good work! Thank you so much!

  13. Avatar Marianne H. Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    Although I do not vaccinate my new puppy, I learned that many times the first and only vaccine can give lifelong immunity. I also want to add that many cities offer anesthesia-free teeth cleaning and for one third or less than the price of a risky cleaning at the Vet office. I would like to learn more about the particular diet which is designed to break off plaque and tartar. And, I’ve been feeding raw which is easier to prepare and has alot of health and longevity benefits!

  14. Avatar Barbara Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    I wish I had your report when my previous dog was sick, or at least know some of what I do now from your report. Some of your herbal remedies may have helped her, but most importantly I would not have allowed the vet to give her the yearly vaccines when she was so sick.

    For my current dog we no longer see that vet! I now know you never vaccinate a really sick dog – she knew better! As you indicated she was obviously just in it for the money, and not what was best for my really sick dog. As a new pet owner I was trusting them for my pets health. Not anymore! I am becoming empowered and I am looking for another vet as I still feel the pressure for up selling with the one we are seeing, I will use your advice while looking around – and I have been given a recommendation of a vet who is supposedly really good, and doesn’t give yearly vaccines.

    The arthritis information I am going to implement on an older dog that we also look after, as she has so much trouble getting up and down, and of course the massage I’m sure they both will love. I am forwarding this report to her owner as well so hopefully between the two of us she will get some relief, and a couple of others who have senior pets. I also know four people who just got or are getting a new puppy so your report is going to them as well – Best to get it right from the beginning for the cute fur balls that so quickly steal your heart and become one of the best members of your family!
    Thank you so much for your informative and insightful information!

  15. Avatar Judy Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    I found the information on vaccines very interesting as we have a puppy, and had always trusted the Vet.

  16. Avatar AJ Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    Thanks to all your knowledge which you so kindly share with all of us and which is supported by evidence I have overcome my fear of just doing whatever is recommended with my pets. I have successfully gotten one free of insulin and in normal ranges for over 1 yr and 9months using newer non traditional methods. I still have had to sign waivers which do make me look to be an uncaring shrew (by “depriving” them of life saving vaccines!) but quite the contrary. Every pet I know who is treated traditionally has at least one if not more of your top conditions in ever younger pets. Allergies, gastro intestinal problems, diabetes, all run rampant. But slowly word is getting out, thanks to people like you Dr Jones who encourage us to stand up and advocate for our pets, others will and do hear of successes and I no longer “live” in my vets waiting room!

  17. Avatar Jennifer Says:
    September 22nd, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    Thank you Dr. Jones for all your information. I have 2 Pugs, one with horrible allergies. Both had severe reactions to their vaccinations when they were about 1 yr old. I have been trying to use any natural healing ways I can find. I do talk them over with my vet but I wish we had a holistic vet here in Birmingham, AL,. Thank you for helping:)

  18. Avatar Leola Rogers Says:
    September 23rd, 2011 at 2:05 am

    This article was perfect, it answered some of my questions, but most of all it gave me invaluable information on such things as over vaccinating my furry friends, They are my babies and I do want to do the best that I can for them. The information regarding homemade food was perfect. I have 2 dogs, 1 cat and 5 parrots. And yes they all get along. It’s amusing to watch 1 of our Umbrella Cockatoo’s trying to preen the cat, and her acceptance of this. We have rescued 4 of our critters so your infomation and tips are extremely valuable to us. Thank you for all of your information.

  19. Avatar Susan Young Says:
    September 23rd, 2011 at 7:21 am

    Another well done ebook, Dr. Jones. Thank you for addressing, specifically, these concerns. Thankfully, my veterinarian has been very tolerant of my “odd” waying of caring for pets over the years, including insisting on exploring alternative therapies and then radical reduction in not-so-annual vaccinations. Your “Truth about Vets, Vaccines, Diet and Disease” is an informative work. While many of the changes that I have made in tending to my pets’ health have come via your “Veterinarian Secrets Revealed” book, this new book has given me clarity on one front, in particular. Concerning dry pet food, you say, “When you open a bag of dry food, give it a sniff – if it smells rancid, return it immediately.” I have had that experience with a bag of high end veterinarian prescribed diabetic food. I called the vet, the technician said it was ‘impossible that there could be anything wrong with the food because of the new improved packaging. It would only be rancid if it had been exposed to wet conditions…’. The food was within the expiration date. I thought that maybe I was smelling something that was just the new packaging and attempted to feed it to my diabetic cat. He was so sick! I threw the bag out and my $60.00 for its’ price and went back to the vet for another. I should have taken the bag back with me and demanded a refund. Thank you, Dr. Jones. Now I know that a bag of dry food can turn rancid! I have sent this latest ebook on to 3 of my pet-loving-owning friends and shared it on Facebook. I believe in what you are working to accomplish and support you 100%.

  20. Avatar Linda Baker Says:
    September 23rd, 2011 at 9:03 am

    This e-book is very informative. I have a great dane/great pyrenees mix and she has a lot of problems getting up and down. She is 6 years old but has already become very grey. The part about arthritis will be very helpful in dealing with her.

  21. Avatar CJ Says:
    September 23rd, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    I use your information regarding vaccines, and have stopped getting them. I recommend that my friends read you reports, and many of them have also stopped getting vaccines. THANK YOU so much for giving pet owners all this information, as we can be very intimated by veterinarians, and their scare tactics! Keep up the good work!

  22. Avatar Judye Daley-Johnson Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 2:03 am

    I have come to the conclusion that many pet guardians do not feel competent when attending to their animal companions’ health needs. They seem to regard their animals as separate entities that require different medical treatment than humans. Certainly, cats, dogs and other animals have unique genetic make-ups and they often respond differently to medications, but essentially, they posess the same organs as humans, they breathe air, and they have circulatory systems. Simply put, we all have very much in common. With that in mind minor injuries and illnesses can easily be treated at home, much like our childrens’ health complaints. Dr Jones has developed an excellent common sense approach to animal health care. Since we are progressively regarding our animal companions as members of our families, it is only fitting that we take interest in and actively participate in their wellbeing, rather than passively assign decisions regarding their health care to someone else.

    Of course, for more serious illnesses, veterinarians are trained to heal. One cannot fault veterinarians for thinking inside the box, as this is what they are taught in college. Progressive animal heath professionals naturally expand on their learned abilities to encompass other healing modalities, while others are comfortable to practice only what they have been taught. Dr Jones draws attention to the hesitancy of the scientific community to acknowledge what has not been proven within its realms. Thank you Dr Jones for having the courage to go against the establishment and take a stand for what you truly believe in. You are indeed a forerunner in your profession.

  23. Avatar Lucile Selvey Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 5:18 am

    Thanks for your report on Vaccines, diet etc. Ihave switched my 2 American Cocker Spaniels, ages 11 and 3, over to homecooked meals, and make my own treats. Their coats have started to get thicker and have shown great improvement, allergies are being relieved. I have used many of your herbal remedies for pain and arthritis with great success. You have helped me to become an empowered dog owner – much to the dismay of my vet. Keep up the good work. Reiki, massage and pressure points have helped my old gal deal with bouts of arthritic pain during the winter months. Thanks.

  24. Avatar Gabriele Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 5:26 am

    Hi Dr. Jones, I found your information very interesting. I feed my dog raw now and just the necessary vacs. I always have some rescue wild animals, which often are injured. So any home remedy is always appreciated. I did send your e-book to all my friends. We all got animals. Keep up the good work.

  25. Avatar B J Anderson Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 6:01 am

    The info on Alternative medicine as a treatment and the limitations of vaccinations was the most important for me.Thanks for unbiased guidance not found anywhere else on the web.

  26. Avatar Gayle Chandler Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 7:24 am

    I appreciate the information but

    I have yet to see the article!!!
    Way tooooo much information on the pages!!

    trying to tap into the contest but dont see the aricle..

    just a suggestion to de-clutter!!

    thanks, Gayle

  27. Avatar Sandra Parsons Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Hi Dr. Jones. I subscribed to your newsletters years ago. I have 6 dogs now and have used many of your recipes, remedies and advice. I give your supplements to my dogs daily. I copy your newsletters into my blogs and forward them to my family and friends. I am happy that my Mother sent you my way. Keep doing what you are doing, our pets need you and so us humans ;)!

  28. Avatar JoAnn Burhoop Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 10:50 am

    Thank you so much for all the info that you are providing. It has come in handy in many ways in my house and at PAWS where I volunteer. I have a Aussie Shepard female and 6 cats that are all rescue cases. I also take care of all the ferrel cats in the neighborhood (13 in all). I feed daily, deflea monthly and get them all fixed. When it comes to problems I turn to your courses for help. I am currently making my own pet food from your recipe cuz there are problems with allergies (1 cat has lost alot of hair & 1 constantly licks sores on herself)and I’m using your ideas for easing the symptoms. So far I have used your info for many problems. The dog got a ball stuck in her throat and I knew enough from your video to get it out. One of the ferrel cats had fallen and twisted his leg, I was able to fix it and ease his pain with your info. So, once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me to help these unwanted animals. Keep up the good work, for those of us that want to help out our pets & those that are unwanted your advice and information is invaluable. Bless you for your compassion.

  29. Avatar Judy Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 10:59 am

    I liked this article I wish that kennels would agree with it so I am not forced to give my dog vaccines so I can go on vacation. I do not like the idea of giving vaccines every year.

    It is hard to decide on a good quality food for a dog. I know now that not all dog food has in it what we think and not all manufacturers are ethical.



  30. Avatar Stephanie Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    I really appreciate your focus on prevention – and that’s what I’ve been doing with my big bundle of love. 🙂 She’s been on your supplement for about a year and a half, and I swear by it!

    Your report gave me a kick in the pants specifically about teeth cleanings. Our vet (we have limited choices where we live) wants to do a $300 cleaning every 1-2 years because she has the ‘beginning stages of tartar’. For a long time, I fell for it – because I wanted to keep my dog healthy. We brush regularly, and her teeth and gums are healthy. Thank you for giving me the courage to say ‘no’!

  31. Avatar Shirley Evans Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Hey Dr. Jones, I tried posting earlier not sure what went wrong as it didn’t get posted so will try again. Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the report. It was interesting to read your comments on today’s vets as it is exactly what we are encountering, rushed through appointments, always added expenses we hadn’t counted on. I see the vet and ourselves as owners as a partnership however of late this simple not the case.

    We recently adopted two adorable golden retreivers and have been struggling with what vaccinations to get done. I’ve alway felt dogs get way to many vaccines and the thought has crossed my mind in the past that it might be in some cases causing more harm that good. This information has made be pause for thought and to do some more research. I want the best for these little ones.

    The part about diet and natural therapy was most interesting. I am an energy healer as well as a dog owner and have seen both sides of the issue. We had a female irish setter who was mmisdiagnosed with stomach cancer. Shortly after she started chemotherapy she became much worse and the end result was we had to have her put down at the advise of the vet at the time. We asked for an autopsy to be done as I just could believe how fast she deteriorated. The result was no cancer, she never had it apparently, medication was ultimately cause of her deterioration. Now I know that vets are only human and make mistakes just like the rest of you but we didn’t even get as much as an apology. I fault myself for not asking more questions and for being so trusting, but in the end my little girl paid the price.

    Recently our old male irish setter passed away AT HOME surrounded by those who loved him. I used Reiki to help him cross over and I have to admit it was both sad and beautiful at the same time. For years before his passing I did energy work and massage on him along with natural therapy for his arthritis. After a massage he pranced around like a new puppy.

    The natural treatments you write about in your report are beneficial and will refer to them if and when we are face with any of these ailments.

    Of course we need vets to help us care for our pets. The secret to it all is to find a vet that you are comfortable with, trust to care for you beloved pet. A vet that listens to your concerns and most of all one that willing to work with you to care for our pet.

  32. Avatar Sheryl Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    I really appreciate all your advice and reports. I am particularly interested in information of what vacines to give and how often they are needed. It has always made me worry about the chemicals in their little systems. I give my dog higher quality food as I really don’t have time at the moment to make it myself yet. I have forwarded your newsletters to a lot of my friends who are interested in the best for their pets. Recently, I forwarded your info to a friend who also follows homeopathy advice from a vet in England. So many people can really not afford the high prices of vets today and therefore the animal gets untreated and dies unnecessarily.

  33. Avatar Kathy Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 10:07 am

    Hi Dr Andrew,

    I read your report and I was totally amazed at how I can treat my cats with your
    holistic treatments! I live in a mobile home and people around here leave their cats when
    they move. I am the proud pet parent of 16 indoor cats that adopted me. All are
    neutered and spayed. Some of the cats have bad allergies and the vet has tried to put
    them on prednistone. I said no because I’ve heard so many bad things about it. I just
    bought a bag of one of the natural food brands you suggested in your report, and purchased the ingredients and made “the homemade basic cat and dog food”. I have given it to all of my cats twice now and they love it! They love the Wellness kibble also. You would think they were starving. The junk food made them vomit, so I bought the “nux vomica” that you suggested. After switching their food and the nux vomica, they are doing better already. The vomiting has stopped. After learning and reading about the ingredients on the commercial dry cat food kibble, I can see why it causes so many problems with our pets, thanks to your knowledge. I am going to purchase the Calendula Oil that you suggested for their allergies to help relieve the itching. My 18 year old siamese has bad arthritis, so I am going to get the Glucosamine Hydrochloride and the Glyco Flex to help rebuild her cartilage, then as money permits I will get the chondroitin to help with inflamation. I know she is in pain and after putting her on these 3 supplements, she will be able to walk better and feel better too. You’re a dream come true. Dr Andrew, please choose me as a winner of your veterinarian home study course, because my cats need you. I can’t afford to buy it. I’m a single pet parent and live on a low income. I sent the link to your report to 3 pet lovers. One guy has a dog with cancer and he said he’s going to put the dog on the treatment that you advised because the vet isn’t helping him. Thank you for listening. Kathy

  34. Avatar Dianne Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 10:25 am

    I have 3 cats that were strays. They are now senior cats. I did not have any idea that I could ask my vet for a multiple cat and senior discount. 2 of them have health issues now. I did not realize that vitamins C, E and selenium would help with their conditions. I will be looking into adding this to their diet.
    I am glad to see that essiac tea is also on the list. I do use this and collodial silver for my cats. I will be looking at dandelion as well.
    I was happy to see vaccinations explained and I do not vaccinate every year now, since they are indoor cats. I will start out any future cats/dogs with the schedule explained in the article.
    My current vet does meet the 3 questions regarding quality care, but she does use a lot of antibiotics and prescriptions. It is good to know that there are alternatives.
    I was also glad to see Halo mentioned as a diet to feed cats. I also like the fact that Ellen is involved with Halo.
    Thanks for the article and the courage to speak up for the animals.

  35. Avatar Connie Morales Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 10:56 am

    My husband and I currently have 23 rescued cats that are living with us in NM. The nearest veterinarian that we trust is over 100 miles away so we have to do a lot of care on our own. Our vet is available for phone conversations so we have his guidance and when something is beyond our abilities or there is any doubt about testing for specifics, we make the drive. For us, the information that you send out is a life saver for our kitties. We have been the western medicine route including Rimadyl for my beloved Truena (no longer with us) and witnessed first-hand the horrible side effects. We have also had vets talk us into horrible medical tests for two of our cats which were totally unnecessary and did nothing to prolong life. Thanks to you, we can now much better evaluate what the vet is asking us to do and we can now have access to information for alternatives that we can do safely and at home. We also have much less illness in our home because we have been able to evaluate the best food for our four-legged children. If we keep them healthy through diet, we do not have to worry about the treatments for the diseases. You have saved us much money and most importantly, you have saved us much heartache. Thank you!

  36. Avatar Karin Vilanova Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    I am so excited to have found you and your methods. I have always been interested in the natural way of healing first if at all possible.

    The most helpful part of this ebook for me right now was the section on massage for arthritis. I have a 15 yr old scruffy mutt that is healthy in every way except for the arthritis in his back legs. I’ve started him on your Dog Formula and it has made a noticeable difference but now I can take it to the next level by giving him the massage you recommended Thank you so very much!

  37. Avatar Sacha Martin Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    I is a pity that there were not further tips on diarrhea in cats – my tabby needs a hand; aside from diet change, which greatly helps. I will however be sharing the Peptobismol for dogs trick with a good friend of mine whose Great Dane Lab cross eats all manner of garbage and always has an upset stomach.

  38. Avatar OldDingo (Rebecca) Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    Dear Doctor Andrew Jones
    First of all, thank you for all the time you have put into all the information you have given to all of us who love our Companion Critters and have learned over the years that Vets. are only book learned over priced human whom I wonder sometimes are only looking out for their pocket book! I have really realized this since I have been on social security disability, the rest of the world of doctors and such will give discounts to those of us who are disabled. I’ll give you a hint, stay away from the Veterian hospitals that are fancy, high tech. sure they are nice and have their place,and are needed. But for those of us on low income and have Companions that we have the time to devote more time to help them then money I so appreciate Dr. Jones efforts to put all of this wonderful information. I’ve always wanted to be a Veterian, sadly school was not my thing, so I just learn as much as I can when I can and put it to use when needed. I will never understand why some group of people would want to remove a genuine human who wants to help our companions rather than line his pockets. His information is so helpful when you live out in the country many miles from a Vet.Hospital or only one Doggy Doctor with in a hundred miles and you know more than he does all you are lacking is the proper equipment sometimes.
    Doctor Jones you will never know how much all of your efforts have helped save the lives of many of our Companions. There is nothing more horrible than to have to watch one you love be put down because a supposed Collage educated, internship granted,Deplomia given human could not figure out what was wrong and it was so simple, but by the time they figured out what was wrong it was to late because I thought they knew more than I did and gave him medicines that distroyed his kidneys, talk about rip one’s heart out..I will not trust a Veterian again, They are just as human as the rest of us, and thanks to Dr. Jones we now have the oppertunity to learn enough to ask questions and get a second opinion. If I had, I would still have my much loved commpanion, I now have his nephew and alot more knowledge. Thank you Dr. Andrew Jones Sincerely, OldMontanaDingo
    I would just like to add that it is to bad that the “powers that be” will not allow Dr.Jones to at least tell folks, yes sounds like you are doing the right thing, or no if I were there I would change somethings. I will leave it at that,

  39. Avatar Mary Lou Mirnate Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Hi Dr. Jones,
    OMG! The TRUE Report on Vaccines etc.! Is so enlightening, chock full of antidotes, and information that it is priceless… It was also explained so well, that you knew exactly what to do in many cases of sickness, over the counter drugs, including Holistic remedies, the importance of using them over prescription drugs, and WHY! On top of saving pet owners a ton of money by taking care of their pet themselves. Every household that has a dog or cat should have the book in their home for a fast, easy, reference. Having this knowledge could save a pets life, plus extend their lives by feeding them with the correct neutricious food and nutrients etc.! And every pet owner wants to do what will make their pets happy, healthy, and safe from dangers. I’ve been following and learning from you for over 2 yrs., and you never cease to amaze me. Beside the fact that you created the suppliment to also help our animals stay healthier after losing your precious Hoochie, which brought this all about, and it WORKS! You are the Very “BEST” in my eyes, as you give so much of yourself for the love of animals, and I admire YOU for that. My hope is that the veterinarians get the picture, and start changing the idea of becoming millionaire’s, back to the priority of taking care of animals… Thank YOU for being YOU! God Bless…

  40. Avatar Laura Petrilli Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 5:54 am

    You’re an angel from God! A true pioneer. When I was in desparate need of help for my girl whom I adopted at the age of 5.5yrs with severe allergies, I searched all over and discovered you. What I found out about the types of food we are feeding to our pets is truly disgusting. Once I chose to follow your advice, my little girl is no longer in distress with any type of skin allergy. I have continued to implement your vast wealth of knowledge. I now am leaning in for help about cancer. The same gal who had the allergies has a strong possibilty of having bone cancer. I hope not, but I am not going to take any chances. I am now changing her diet once more with the helpful knowledge from you Dr. Jones. Thank you and God Bless you so much.

  41. Avatar Ana Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 8:28 am

    I’m so pleased that you received the link I sent you for the interview with Dr Schultz. That alone has been my cornerstone for not over vaccinating my pets annually as most vets recommend. I now understand the myriad problems that over vaccination can cause and I will avoid this for my pets, and convince those willing to listen to me. Thank you for bringing his information forward as we are the ones responsible for what is done to our pets. It is your website that rallies those wanting to be better caretakers of furry friends.

  42. Avatar Owner of Skye Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 9:36 am

    I am lucky, I have a vet that actually loves animals…some seem to be there for the money.
    The report helped me to help my dogs stay well but also it helped me to discuss my dogs with the vet. Together we can help my two dogs to live a long, happy and bouncing life.
    Thanks Andrew for giving me the knowledge to understand illness and prevent them happening to my two furries!

  43. Avatar Ruth Brighton Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Hello and thank you so much for all the valuable information Dr. Jones!

    Your website was referred to me by a friend who has a dog suffering from allergies. She is using your supplement and has changed her dogs food. Roxy is dong very well. I want this for Ruca!

    I have downloaded ‘The Truth Behind Vets, Vaccines, Diet and Disease’ for future reference. I have printed the Home Allergy Diet recipe to try. In addition to ordering your supplement, I would like to get her on a nutritious food. We’ve gone through so much with her I’m afraid of going backwards….I just don’t know where to start. Can you help me?
    Ruca is a 3 year old boxer. After trying the usual vet treatments (steroids, anaibiotics, harsh medications) I went to a vet that practices both the conventional and some Holistic approaches (Dr. Rob Butler from the Guelph Animal Hospital in Guelph, Ontario). Her chronic ear infections are now under control and her skin and coat are much better. Although she’s the best she’s ever been, I’d like to get her off the environmental allergy shots she’s been getting for the past year and if possible, the hypoallergenic food (Medi Cal hypoallergenic wet food by Royal Canin and First Choice hypoallergenic potato and duck dry food). With everything we’ve done, she still scratches herself raw from time to time. We don’t know what foods she is allergic to. Is there a food you can recommend for her? We’re getting better but we still need help!

  44. Avatar Patty Hill Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 9:49 am

    I won’t tell you a lie, I am on a fixed income as low as dirt, and can’t get my dogs to a vet , even when sick sometimes. But all your info you provide sure does help me, deal with my dog problems. In fact, I went specific places for their vaccinations, and only what you advised. Cheap for me better for them. Yea Thank you so much.
    Also If you could put your sales at the beginning of the month when I get my check, maybe, just maybe I could get in on it, or part of it anyway. Thanks for your knowledge and generosity.

  45. Avatar Beth Ann Sullivan Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    I am trying the Artemesia on my 11 year old Germans Shepherd.

  46. Avatar Beth Ann Sullivan Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Shared with 377 friends on Facebook. 🙂

  47. Avatar Cheryl Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Wow, This article sure explains a lot about my soon to be ex-Vet. “Up-Sell”, tests, tests, and more tests just to find out that my dog is allergic to fleas.
    Thank you for the valuable information.

  48. Avatar Michelle Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Thank you Dr. Jones for truly caring about animals! Holistic vet care appeals to me so much because it takes a natural and more common sense approach to our pets’ healthcare. Through proper nutrition, avoidance of toxins, and minimization of emotional stress, our pets’ own immune systems become strenghtened, enabling their bodies to heal themselves and to fight off possible future disease. Holistic medicine avoids the overuse and misuse of many drugs, steroids, artificial chemicals, and vaccinations. I love the fact that holistic care looks at the “whole” animal and not just a set of symptoms. An animal’s behavior, mental state, diet and nutrition, and past health history are all very important in determining the exact cause of illness or disease. I have been disappointed many times by conventional vets and am so grateful to have learned about Dr. Jones and his natural approach to animal healthcare. Annual vaccinations for my pets came to a screeching halt thanks to his knowledge! He’s a true pioneer in holistic care for pets!

    own immune systems becomes strengthened, enabling the body to heal itself and ward off possible disease. Another wonderful

  49. Avatar Athena Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    So much good information for us all who love our pets. I particularly love the statements, “You know your pet better than anyone else. How well do you think a Veterinarian can get to know your pet with a 15 minute visit once a year?”

    Several years ago, my dog was playing with a stick and all of the sudden I saw him frantically pawing at his face. I ran over to see if he was choking. I couldn’t find anything in his mouth and assumed a piece of the stick was still lodged somehow.

    I called my vet (have the number programmed in my phones, thank goodness) and he said to bring him in. I had to have a neighbor drive me so I could hold my dog, who was frightened and having fits ever few seconds.

    When we got to the vet office, he took him to the back and then brought him back in the room and said he was fine. He said he ate a piece of kibble and drank some water, so nothing was interfering with his airway.

    I took one look at my dog and knew something wasn’t right. Although he was not fidgeting anymore, he was not acting his normal self. I insisted he check him out again. I said, please check him out some more. Something just isn’t right. He is not acting normal.

    My vet agreed to re-examine and opened my dog’s mouth again and looked around and then said… “Wait a minute, I do see something.”

    What, what did he see?

    He took my dog to the back and when he came back with him, my dog was his normal self again. I was so happy.

    What did you find, I asked. He raised a small ziplock bag with a 1/4 inch piece of stick that had lodged itself in between the back molars shooting straight up like a spear into the roof of my dog’s mouth. He was placed on some antibiotics and off we went.

    I learned a couple of lessons that day:

    First, always ask questions and express any and all concerns to your Vet until you are satisfied with the answers. They aren’t perfect and can make mistakes, just like all of us.

    And secondly, don’t let your dogs play with sticks.

    Special thanks to Dr Jones for encouraging and empowering all pet owners to take a proactive role in the health and care of their pets.

  50. Avatar Cheryl Hoffman Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Dr. Jones,
    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this inciteful information! It will indeed be SO HELPFUL in my continuing to care for my precious 3 pups!
    If I had only had this knowledge years ago, maybe my 2 pups that are requiring surgery soon, for what may have been prevented, would not be suffering now. My 3rd pup, a 5 yr old Shih-Poo, has been very healthy up to now, except for skin allergies. So I will certainly use your vital information on him, so to possibly avert any preventable health problems down the road.
    My almost 15yr old female Shih-Poo has had 4 anal gland abscesses in the last 2 months, so she needs surgery to remove the gland asap. My 9 yr 3 lb poodle, which I only acquired a year ago, has a large mammary tumor which I fear is malignant. I have insurance on both, but need to come up with the money up front, which is hard, as I am on Social Security.
    I will definately try herbal combinations to help with my boy Shih-Poo’s itching. Altho I was told by the breeder that I should NOT let my pups receive LEPTO VACCINES, I will now implement your vaccine regimen. My female Shih-Poo has had several steroid injections thoughout the yrs, but I will NOW use your suggested alternate, SKIN-EZE,
    Your staff has given me a week extention to get in on your special offer, as I won’t have my S.S. check until the 1st of Oct. So IF you were to choose me as one of your winners, It would be So helpful financially. In any case, I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all your shared knowledge!!!

    Cheryl Hoffman

  51. Avatar Sabrina Says:
    September 27th, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Dr. Andrew, you are my guru when it comes to pet health advice. I have read every article you’ve posted since I’ve subscribed. I am very intrigued with your reports because I am currently going to school to become a veterinarian and want to be both conventional and holistically trained. I can relate when you discuss herbs and other natural remedies because both my dad and brother are naturopathic doctors and I understand the importance of keeping the immune system healthy and using medications without side effects.
    I read your report about vaccinations, diet, and disease and, like always, stick to your advice to a T. I recently adopted a new kitten and strictly stuck to your vaccination program. My older cat just received his one year booster. I then followed up vaccinations with doses of thuja 30C (this is where naturopaths in the family really become handyl!). Since your suggestion I have also been researching and practicing massage and acupressure. You have also taught me a whole heap about the pet food world, in this report and other ones as well. I switched over to canned food immediately, holistic style, and so far have used four of your feline supplement formulas. I tried my first home prepared raw food diet for them recently using your recipes and they loved it! AND they started looking more beautiful! The thing I love most about what I have learned about pet food, however, is what to look out for in the ingredients.
    My kitten has been showing signs of possible food allergies by consistent diarrhea, so after worming her I have taken your advice and switched to a new basic food that contains duck instead of chicken, turkey or fish. I could go on and on about what I have learned in your report and how it has helped my two cats, but I need to stop somewhere! I know there is much more to learn. Thank you Dr. Andrew for giving us truthful, wise, and honest advice to heal our pets at home!

  52. Avatar Marg Entwistle Says:
    September 28th, 2011 at 4:47 am

    Well..I missed the deadline for both the contest and the course..lol..have to watch for the next time..but am going to purchase the supplement.

    We have been volunteer foster family/puppy raisers for The Lions Foundation Dog Guides (www.dogguides.com) for 4 yrs, taking a break now,having fostered 4 dogs and having 3 graduateg and becoming service dogs. Ended up with 3 labs at home now as part of the family…our first foster ended up taking early retirement, our 3rd puppy was disqualified after 3 weeks training for gr 2 hip dysplasia and we “adopted” a sister to our 2nd foster puppy when she was disqualified with gr 2 hips as well..I am extremely grateful for all your emails, blog and articles…

    Especially as I am working on a weight problem with my just turned 4 yr old who has a weight problem…and definately not good for his hips 🙁 Going back to the Solid Gold Holistique Blendz Adult Dog ..but would really like to find a home diet for him..actually for them all.

    Thank you for the home allergy diet…Im’ going to try that with my 4 1/2 yr old lab…I switched her food about 3 yrs ago when she came to live with us and that seemed to clear up her runny eyes and ear infections but her seasonal allergies seem to be somewhat bothering her this yr.

    On a side note..thank you Ruth for mentioning your vet’s name…Im in Peterborough and going to contact him and see if he knows any vet around here that he can rec ..having a difficult time trying to find one that is open to holistic approaches as well as the idea of once every 3 yrs for vaccines. Have been seeing a vet in Oakville for their yrly checkups (and who now agrees with the once every 3 yrs…but I insisted on it a yr and a half ago..though time to determine if it’s time to stop for my soon to be 6 y old lab)..and a vet here when the need arises….would like to find one with a more holistic approach.

    Now to catch up on some of your emails and the link for the Dr. Shultz interview.

    Thank you especially from.. Quadry…Abbott…and Grace!!

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM