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Drug Company to get even LARGER

By Dr. Andrew Jones


Eli Lilly to buy Novartis Animal Health, merge assets with Elanco. $5.4 billion deal to create one of the world’s largest veterinary health companies.

This may appear to be a good thing, for here’s is what’s on the Novartis website:


Specifics about the sale

A $5.4 billion deal with Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis International AG is set to make Eli Lilly and Co. the owner of Novartis Animal Health. The all-cash agreement, which combines Novartis assets with Lilly’s existing animal health business, Elanco, will create the second-largest animal health company in the world, executives say.

“Combining these two great companies will enable us to provide more diversified brands, reach more market segments, expand our global footprint, and strengthen our pipeline, capabilities and expertise.”

Top selling animal ‘health’ products. You have likely used one of these.


In other words, sell MORE things, to MORE pet owners, MORE often.

Which begs the question?

In who’s interest are they acting?

For shareholders?

or Pet owners?

Clearly shareholders first, and then pet owners much farther down the line…

My suggestion to you is to question whether or not your pet even NEEDS that pharmaceutical, and IF SO, use it for as short a duration as possible.

As in not using it as a monthly ‘preventive’

Then really do consider some of the holistic options.

There are many here on my blog.

You can get a complete list of natural solutions in my Manual:


Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones

P.S. There are times when clearly pharmaceuticals are appropriate and effective.

BUT not always.

Such as in the early to moderate stages of arthritis.

Seriously consider your holistic options first.

For both your pets, and yourself.


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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM