Dry Eye in Dogs: 3 Natural Remedies

If your dog has a thick mucoid covering over the eye, he may have a condition called KCS, (keratoconjunctivitis sicca), also known as Dry Eye. Dr. Jones shows you 3 new holistic options.

KCS causes a reduction of tears in the eyes, resulting in secondary symptoms like excess mucoid production, inflammation, and chronic eye infections. If your dog is suffering from these symptoms, take your dog to your veterinarian, and they will do a simple test called STT (Shermer Tear Test), which measures tear production over a minute to diagnose.

Traditional treatment means giving tear drops to replace tears (that don’t often last long), and suppressing the immune system, which is triggering the issue to begin with. This is a common condition, I used to see this in my veterinary practice. I’ll be covering three remedies to help your pet:

#1: Castor Oil: Castor oil is a great lubricant and a natural topical anti-inflammatory. Pull down your dog’s lower lid, adding one drop into the eye 2-4 times per day for about a week. Make sure you’re using a bottle that is brand new and sterile, and talk to your veterinarian.

Dosage: 1 drop 2-4 times per day

#2 CBD Oil: This condition comes from an autoimmune basis. Traditional veterinary medicine will prescribe a immune suppressant to stop, to allow the tear gland to produce tears again. CBD maybe beneficial in decreasing inflammation, and moderating the immune system. Do a trial for a month to see if it helps your pet. Add a drop to your finger, my CBD Oil is 3mg/drop, which I add to my finger, and let them lick it off, or place on their gums.

Dosage: 3mg/10lbs daily

#3: N Acetyl Cysteine: It helps to break up mucus, and is given to dogs with bronchitis, and has been shown to be beneficial. Breaking down the mucus in the eye, will be very beneficial for helping dry eye symptoms.

Dosage: 200mg/20lbs daily

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