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By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: http://www.theonlinevet.com



Until Midnight tonight You can get My COMPLETE Digital
Dog and Cat Healing System for 75% OFF.

The Bonus One on One Consult with me, Dr Andrew J
is gone, but you still have time to to get 3 additional

You will get a HUGE, TIP FILLED CD ROM which is
over 4 Hours of INVALUABLE Pet Health CONTENT..it
will be sent directly to your house.

You get Access to me in a Special Question and Answer
Teleseminar in the next 2 weeks.

Here’s where you can grab the Entire system, Plus Bonuses
for this amazing 75% Sa^le:


I am holding this Special SA^LE Because many of you
need more personal coaching to implement all the strategies,
and techniques that I teach with at home pet health care.

There are MANY REASONS to NOT JUST keep doing what you
have always done..like Keeping your Dog or Cat Healthy
with the same old conventional methods. I followed this
with my last dog..yearly vaccines, ‘good?’ quality
veterinary food, and ‘safe?’ conventional anti-inflammatory
medication, and my Best Friend died young of CANCER.

Here is THE Complete Healing System:

1.Veterinary Secrets Revealed ( Digital version).
The Complete Guide of Natural Cures for Dogs
and Cats.

2.Veterinary Secrets Revealed (MP3 Audio)
The Entire Compilation in Audio.

3.Pet First Aid Secrets (Digital version)
The COMPLETE SYSTEM to Dog and Cat First Aid

4.Pet Food Recall Report (Video Presentation)
The Safe Pet Food List..PLUS Dog and Cat
Guide of At Home Recipes

5.Dr. Jones’ Pet Health Tutorials

You NEED to START with A STRONG FUNDAMENTAL Basis of Holistic Dog
and Cat Home Health Care. I have compiled 4 Videos in which I go
over the MOST IMPORTANT Areas of At Home Healing.

6. Dog and Cat Food Section

The Pet Foods that Heal and those that Harm…Here is an UPDATED VERSION
of my advised Dog and Cat Food List..

Home Recipes for your Dog or Cat…You will have access to OVER 30
Balanced and Nutritious Easy to Make At Home Diets.

7. Dog and Cat Training and Behavior

The BASICS of Dog Training..Here are the FUNDAMENTAL STEPS to having
a Dog that will LISTEN ANY TIME and EVERYWHERE…You can Do this in 15
minutes or less

How to STOP the Barking…Here is my TRIED and TRUE solution to eliminating
this UNWANTED Behaviour

8. The Inner Circle FORUM

This is LIKE having my phone on SPEED DIAL…You get Direct Access to Dr
Andrew Jones and You can ASK me your MOST PRESSING Dog and Cat Health Questions..

Questions about finding a Specific Remedy….I’ll show you how to get it,
and the BEST way to give it..

9. Veterinary Secrets-  Dog and Cat Health Cures ..A 60-90 Minute Audio CD or
DVD sent to your house EVERY MONTH..

10. Monthly Inner Circle Question and Answer Webinar…I will be Answering
YOUR BIGGEST Dog and Cat Health Questions MONTHLY with an Interactive
Online Seminar

11. Hundreds of Articles on Dog and Cat Health Problems, PLUS Alternative

These are at:

IF these BIG Specials won’t get you and your dog or cat rushing
over to my site, you should see what the 3 BIG bonus Gifts are:
*  Bonus 1: The Veterinary Code! This 90 Minute
   Video Will Answer Your Questions About Which
   Vaccines to Give, Holistic Cancer Prevention,
   PLUS Vaccine Alternatives for Your Dog and Cat!

 * Bonus 2: Pet Food Secrets- 96 Pages
   The truth behind pet food – from a Veterinarian
   that lost his dog in part due to diet. This includes
   the best diets for keeping your pet healthy, and
   how to choose a quality pet food.
   PLUS, which ones I recommend!

* Bonus 3: Dog Training Secrets- 154 Pages
  Behaviour problems and answers to a huge number
  of issues, including: Aggression, Biting, Nipping,
  Chewing, Digging, Fear of Loud Noises, Food Guarding,
  Preventing Urinating and Defecating in the House
  (Puppy Accidents), House Training an Adult Adopted Dog,
  Jumping Up, Barking Separation Anxiety, Submissive Urination,
  And STOPPING Whining!


P.S. This 75%  Special Ends at Midnight tonight,
And I’ll most likely never offer this discount again.

If you would like to get the revolutionary dog and cat Healing
system that Dog and Cat owners are raving about and save 75%
go here before Midnight tonight:


It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM