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Heart Failure in Dogs: 3 NEW Holistic Treatments

By Dr. Andrew Jones

Dr Jones’ Book..
Heart Failure in Dogs can be very difficult to treat, but there are 3 ‘new’ holistic treatments you should be considering. All 3 can help your dog, and also even work if your dog is on conventional heart medication. PLUS you get to meet this cute little Pug…Griffin

A special Thanks to Collin and Carla of https://www.emptycupmedia.ca/ who are giving my video tips and letting me use their dog Griffin 🙂

Remedies discussed in the video
1. Dandelion Leaf tincture; 1/2ml/20lbs twice daily
2. Coenzyme Q- 1mg/lb daily
3.CBD tincture: 1mg/10lbs twice daily


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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM