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Holistic Flu Treatment

By Dr. Andrew Jones

Today’s article is on the Flu, but more importantly what you can use to naturally help it. I have had great success using key components in my supplement, Ultimate Feline.

Specifically L-lysine, and other immune supportive products such as colostrum.

See the key ingredients here:


Here is my older cat Cleo with a bout of the Cat Flu:


The Flu

A very common problem in cats, and it is often recurring.

One of my cats Cleo had severe Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) as a kitten, and it became chronic.

He would constantly have bouts of sneezing, eye infections, along with discharge from the eyes and nose..

Not pleasant for him at all.

I initially used antibiotics, which helped for the secondary infections.

BUT Cat Flu – and ANY type of Flu is caused by a Virus.

Antibiotics do nothing for viruses.

And their overuse in a situation such as this can cause harm.

So What do I do, and what can you do?

Consider using the amino acid called L-lysine.

Here is a paper which demonstrates its effectiveness:

Efficacy of oral supplementation with L-lysine in cats latently infected with feline herpesvirus.
Maggs DJ, Nasisse MP, Kass PH.

Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211, USA.


To examine the effects of orally administered L-lysine on clinical signs of feline herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-1) infection and ocular shedding of FHV-1 in latently infected cats.


14 young adult, FHV-1-naive cats


Once daily oral administration of 400 mg of L-lysine to cats latently infected with FHV-1 was associated with reduced viral shedding following changes in housing and husbandry but not following corticosteroid administration. This dose caused a significant but short-term increase in plasma L-lysine concentration without altering plasma arginine concentration or inducing adverse clinical effects.

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. If you have a cat with recurring Flu like signs, I encourage you to at least TRY some Lysine.

It of course doesn’t need to be from me, BUT it does need to be the right form, in an adequate dose.

Ensure that you give it for at least 8 weeks to assess its effectiveness.

You can grab a bottle of my supplement, with Lysine, for a 50% OFF trial here:



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3 Responses to “Holistic Flu Treatment”

  1. Avatar Alberto Bencivenga, MD, PhD Says:
    December 18th, 2013 at 6:51 am

    Which is the daily dosage of L-lysine for cats?

  2. Avatar María Says:
    December 18th, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Thanks for the info; what works for dogs? Would love to know, would be great to reinforce my doggies inmune system before they get any respiratory illness, thank you for the continuos support and I want to take the chance to wish you and your awesome team a wonderful season and a glorious new year, sending a hug from México!!

  3. Avatar Donna Says:
    December 18th, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    Thank you for sharing Serena’s photo. I too, adopt black cats and tell others that we recoil in horror at being labelled a bigot towards other humans for having different skin colors, but yet some of these same people display prejudices against fur colors. Go figure.

    I also tell others to adopt senior animals. My fur children at the time when I adopted them have ranged from 8-15 years old. The love and joy they share, knowing they have their final home, is beyond measure.


Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM