Homemade Dog Treats- Healthy and Yummy!

If you are looking for a healthy, and tasty dog treat that you can make at home, look no further. Dr Jones bakes a nutritious treat that Tula loves- and your dog will too!

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7 thoughts on “Homemade Dog Treats- Healthy and Yummy!”

  1. Loved your video.Fun to watch you go through all the steps as I do, and you measure very much like me only I don’t use measuring cups for peanut butter, I just eyeball it then adjust my dough at the end. Another short cut I have found is to roll the dough out then onto a cookie sheet, just kind of spread it out into the corners and try to get it as even and flat as you can. then take a knife or cutting tool and press down the dough and basically cut into squares. When they are baked they will just break apart. Saves a lot of time and the dogs really don’t care about the shapes.

  2. Excellent way to take on the dog treat industry killing our pets!!! WAY TO GO DR. JONES!!! BTW, I love to see a man in the kitchen. The work is great and now your fan base, nearing 100,000 subscribers can start making their dog treats at home. Is the spelling of that ingredient that should NOT be in the peanut butter xylitol? And here is one of our USA television chefs making treats for her friends’ dog. Enjoy the video if you have time. You’ll have your own cooking channel soon! THANK YOU!!!

  3. I look forward to your videos, good job! I also like to make homemade treats for my 2 dogs. I have a juicer so I like to take some of the pulp and add it to the dough, instead of water I use kombucha which you know is a wonderful health benefit to all. Then of course I add all the vitamins and coconut oil. Their coats are shiny and their insides are happy.

  4. Like the recipe. Would like to order your Ultimate Canine supplement, but my dog doesn’t seem to like flax. Do you think he would refuse to eat it on his food?
    Also, love all of your videos and get a wealth of great information. I only wish I could find a vet like you in the Fresno, Ca. area.

    Thank you for all of your generous and informative info.

  5. Love your recipe . Made them but my dog doesn’t like peanut butter. Is there anything else that I can use? Love your video. Thanks ???

  6. I enjoyed the webinar! And thank you for giving us the link to come here. I look forward to the canine supplement. I only wish I had clicked on the monthly ordering. This video is entertaining; I also learned to add supplements to my batter which I never did. Also I’ve been using oatmeal, and then press it into the pan. Again thank you for reaching out to us doggy and Cat parents. Most vets and doctors are too preoccupied to do so. Kinda of lost to humanity….respectfully, corina

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