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How I stopped my cat’s vomiting and runny eyes

By Dr. Andrew Jones

Diarrhea and Vomiting are one of the top reasons owners bring their pets to the vet.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way…

Supplementing the diet with probiotics is an essential way to help maintain and promote your pet’s optimal intestinal health.

This a key factor in PREVENTING disease, and ensuring that your pet’s gut immune system is functioning optimally.

The Mainstream has missed this.. and in the past probiotics were relegated to those “wackos” that frequented Health Food Stores.

But NO more.

Yogurt companies now daily inform us about the BIG benefits of probiotics.

And Veterinary Companies are now on board.

Probiotic uses:

Probiotics for Vomiting/Diarrhea

Probiotics for Skin Disease

Probiotics for Kidney Failure.

Probiotics for Immune System Support- and Disease prevention.

Probiotics sprinkled on the food being used as an appetite stimulant ( ie just to get your dog or cat to eat)

Probiotics are becoming more and more mainstream, and are now seen as a ‘legitimate’ treatment for many common dog and cat diseases.


But before you rush out and start supplementing, ensure a few things.

1. The probiotic is active – these healthy bacteria age and become ineffective

2. That the probiotic makes it’s way through the stomach and into your pet’s digestive tract.

3. That it is specifically designed for pets.

Here is a Dog Supplement with Probiotics that fill all of the above criteria:


And here is a Cat Supplement with MORE probiotics than virtually every other supplement on the market:



P.S. My supplement also has surprisingly unexpected benefits, which I have attributed to the probiotics.

Many of the chronic vomiting pets, Such as my cat Cleo, have shown a dramatic decrease in the incidence of intestinal problems- I believe that it is the probiotics helping this.

Cleo also had CHRONIC eye discharge, and this was related to the Cat Flu as a kitten, with scarred tear ducts and recurring viral infections.

Since starting the supplement, his tearing has been virtually eliminated, and I suspect that it is the probiotics in the supplement helping this as well.

Heal Your Pets At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones


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2 Responses to “How I stopped my cat’s vomiting and runny eyes”

  1. Avatar Anna Says:
    February 17th, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    I must say that I bought the 50% Trial Ultimate Feline Health Formula for my cats. Of course the first week I saw no difference really and I did not pay too much attention though but as the days went by I did start to notice that my older cat did not have his runny eyes anymore and he stopped vomiting as well. My other cat also had some kind of runny nose/eye thing too . . . then it got better. I mixed the Formula into their kibbles. Oh and by the way when their dry cat food ran out I had read the list that Dr. Jones recommended on the better, holistic and healthier brands of cat foods, so I bought them the Blue Buffalo brand and they love it. Anyway, back to the Feline Formula, I ran out of the Formula now – and yep! I started to see my older cat with runny eyes again and vomitting every day again. I’m not just saying this for you to buy this product – it really does help them – proof is in the results of my loving pets.
    Try it! – you won’t be sorry and your pets will not only feel a whole lot better but they will look healthier too!
    Thanks Dr. Andrew Jones!!

  2. Avatar Alicia Says:
    April 4th, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Is runny nose on dog is normal? cook for my dog daily. I realize that if i feed oily food such as over baked lamb in the morning, he will vomit. I switch between chicken, beef and lamb for him daily. Lamb is always more oily. I wonder if your supplement will get him a better digestive system.


Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM