2 thoughts on “How To Stop Puppy Biting [Video]”

  1. A well-trained dog [or child, for that matter!] is a blessing to all s/he meets. There is nothing more annoying to me than people who get dogs and neglect to train them. Sometimes this results in danger and tragedy, but more often it leads to people avoiding “the person with the annoying dog”.

    I personally believe that dog owners [and parents, for that matter!] should receive training on how to raise their little one.

    Additional kudos, Dr Jones, for using the Positive Reinforcement model rather than that “Cesar’s Way” domination nonsense, which is based on false beliefs about wolf society.

  2. Oh! I should have added that if you can imitate a puppy yelp, that also works well to startle the dog and tell it you are hurt.

    I imitate kitten “Mooom, help!” mews for bitey cats instead of yelling. Also — if kitty has your hand in his grip — gently push the hand INTO the mouth, and he’ll release. And if a cat on your lap is misbehaving, STAND UP. Or, if that cat would claw you all the way down, scruff him and very gently shake; Cat mom’s way of saying, NO!

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