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I will be coaching you and JAPAN begins Hunt for Humpbacks

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: http://www.veterinarysecretsrevealed.com

Re: I will be coaching you, AND Japan begins hunt for humpbacks


It’s Monday Morning.

This is a mixed 2 part newsletter.The First part is
about my Membership Site.

I am getting really close to finishing up
my NEW membership Site..Dr Andrew Jones’ Inner Circle 2.0

The input I recieved from many of you was to make
it EVEN easier to learn many of the
TIPS and TECHNIQUES that I teach.

The MOST EFFECTIVE way to do that is with more
more involvement from me- Have me ” Coach” you.

SO that is what will happen….

There are 2 BIG BIG Changes that will get you learn

I will now be SENDING you a  60-90 Minute Audio CD or
DVD sent to your house EVERY MONTH..

I will be interviewing Prominent Dog
and Cat Alternative Practitioners.

You will be better able to utilize my Techniques by Hearing
EXACTLY what is New and Working for Holistic Dog and Cat Health Care….

Here are just a FEW of the Topics I will be covering:

YOU will listen to KEY INSIGHTS about Dog and Cat Food…What
to Feed and What NOT to Feed

The Herbal GURU speaks….The MOST EFFECTIVE Herbs to use NOW for
Healing your Pet

EVERYTHING you need to know about Pet Homeopathy…The Homeopathics
that WORK and those to AVOID…

The HUGE PLUSSES of Healing touch…Step by Step INSTRUCTIONS for
Acupressure and Dog and Cat Massage..

How to Meditate With Your Dog and Cat….Here’s How to do it at Home,
PLUS The SURPRISING Big Benefits..

The VACCINE TRUTHS revealed…..listen to what you should Know before
giving ANY to your Dog or Cat

The Insider FACTS and CURES for Dog and Cat CANCER….Listen to What
this Expert has to say about these ‘SECRET’ ways to Heal…

The second BIG BIG Change is a MONTHLY SEMINAR with me!

I will be Answering YOUR BIGGEST Dog and Cat Health Questions MONTHLY
with an Interactive Online Seminar..You will be able to Heal your Pet
At Home SIMPLER and FASTER with these LIVE Online Seminars…

CAN You Just SHOW me Doc?….STEP by STEP Instructions for the At Home
Pet Health Exam..

Questions about Dog and Cat Food…I’ll go over the Specifics of Formulating
a Recipe for YOUR Pet.

ANY and ALL Questions about Healing Your Dog or Cat…You get a chance
to ASK me LIVE and IN PERSON…Get your MOST PRESSING Pet Health Questions

When the Final Touches are up on the Inner Circle 2.0 I’ll
let you ALL know.

The Second Part of today’s newsletter is about a
story that I just finished reading.

This is a VERY disturbing
article about A Japanese Whale Hunt.

Despite international criticism, Japan launched a hunting expedition on
Sunday to kill more than 1,000 whales, including the majestic humpback.

A four-ship whaling fleet left the port of Shimonoseki for the South
Pacific and the waters off Antarctica.

The expedition is believed to the first of its kind since an international
moratorium on hunting the endangered humpback was declared in 1963.

The hunt is due to last until April. Japan claims it’s necessary for
scientific purposes, but critics say it’s commercial whaling in disguise.
Whale meat is regularly sold in Japanese markets.

Scientific whale hunts are allowed by the International Whaling
Commission. An IWC moratorium on commercial whaling took effect
in 1986, but Japan has killed almost 10,500 mostly minke and brydes
whales under research permits since then.

The anti-whaling group Greenpeace said its protest ship Esperanza
was moored just outside Japan’s territorial waters and would follow
the fleet to the southern ocean. There was no immediate word Sunday
of an offshore confrontation.
The Japanese hunt, which puts meat from the whales on the commercial
market, is growing rapidly despite an increasingly vocal anti-whaling

This winter season’s target of up to 1,035 whales is more than double
the number the country hunted a decade ago.

Japan argues that it should have the right to hunt whales as long as
they are not in danger of extinction.

The whalers plan to kill as many as 935 minke whales, up to 50 fin
whales and as many as 50 humpback whales.

The humpback was in serious danger of extinction just a few decades ago.
The American Cetacean Society estimates the humpback population has
recovered to between 30,000 and 40,000, about a third of the number
before modern whaling.


P.S.  As this STORY progresses, I’ll keep you informed.
I for one am going to donate this upcoming Holiday to
Green Peace. It’s completely unfathomable that in 2007 that
a ‘progressive’ Western Society would allow Whaling.I hope that
there is a HUGE public outlash against Japan for ALLOWING this.

P.P.S. The FIRST DVD that is to be sent as part of Inner Circle 2.0
is JAM PACKED with content..You and your pet will love it…
It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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