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Is it SAFE to eat?

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: http://www.theonlinevet.com

Re: Is it SAFE to eat?


It’s Monday morning…..Wakey Wakey

Are they SAFE?

In light of the Pet Food Recall, and additional contaminated pet foods in North America, this question is more important than ever.

As a consumer it is difficult to know.

Orijen Recall in Australia

I wanted to give you a update on the Orijen Recall in Australia.

First it is ONLY affecting Orijen Cat Food in Australia – and NOT any other country.

The affected cats are developing paralysis, beginning with their rear legs. It is suspected that hundreds of cats are being affected.

Orijen put out a Press Release claiming that they have independently tested for over 400 toxins – with NONE yet found.

The ONLY link appears to be the irradiation that Australia does to their food as it is imported from Canada.

BUT… I am still not feeding it to my cat UNTIL they discover EXACTLY what is causing the paralysis.

All of their food is manufactured at their plant in Alberta – apparently the ONLY difference between the toxic Orijen cat food, and North American Cat Food is Irradiation.

…The BIG QUESTION is finding what ingredient changes in their food to become SO TOXIC.

Other companies have cat food irradiated at similar levels, with NO toxic change.

WAIT until they discover the EXACT toxin

So for the time being, I am waiting until they discover the EXACT toxin, before I advise feeding it to your cat.

Keeping with the theme of SAFETY and FOOD INGREDIENTS, one of the more COMMON questions I get asked is about Supplements…



1. Research the company…Visit their website.

2. Can you phone them?

3. DO they do independent 3rd party testing?- this means the manufacturer gets the product tested prior to leaving the plant.

4. Is there a gua*rantee that what is written on the label is in the bottle?

5. Are they manufacturing to Human Grade standards?- You should expect this in every quality dog supplement.

6. OUTSOURCING- Ingredients should be sourced locally. This decreases the likelihood of contaminants.

7. Testimonials – look for references from other dog guardians who have used the product and had good results.

The SAFETY test

1. I have a website-


2. You can phone me:


3. My Supplement is 3rd party tested.

4. I GU**ARANTEE that what is on my label is in the bottle.

5. Dr Jones’ Ultimate Canine Health Formula is manufactured to Human Grade Standards.

6. My ingredients are primarily sourced LOCALLY.


P.S. My Supplement is SAFE, and effective. I 100% STAND behind my product – I formulated it – not some faceless corporate executive.

And DON’T forget Number 7 – Testimonials:

Here are just a few….

Dear Dr Jones,
I have been feeding your supplement to my 2 Yorkies- Betty and Wilma, and the LOVE it. Both of them have had dry coats, but after 2 weeks I have seen a great change- with shinier, softer coats. I also really like your book and newsletter- keep up the good work!
Lucy Thompson,
Atlanta GA

Hello Dr Jones,
I have a very arthritic older dog called Maxwell who has been especially stiff getting up and the morning- and he no longer is able to jump up in the back of my truck. After 11 days of being on your new supplement, he is now jumping up, running more, and generally happier. This stuff really does WORK.
Thank You for getting my dog to feel so much better.
I am telling ALL of my dog owning friends about this stuff- but can you get it in stores soon?
Richard Briando,
Seattle WA


P.P.S. You can see my NEW Instructional Massage Video by going here:


The BIG KEY here is ‘therapeutic’ – NOT just a simple back rub.

In my Video I show your EXACTLY how to massage your dog or cat for ALL types of arthritic joints.

The muscle bellies that you need to loosen , and the TRIGGER POINTS to relieve pain.

As far as I am concerned, the BEST part is that it is EASY for you to learn HOW to do this at home – and IT WORKS.

And for those “show me the scientific studies” types… well it is backed by MANY.

SO to get a scientifically proven way to Heal your pet At Home, go here:


It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM


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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM