My Blood Loss Event: 5 Ways To Stop Bleeding At Home

Dr. Jones had a less than ideal experience at the dentist resulting in excessive bleeding.. If your dog or cat is injured and bleeding, this is what you can do.

Last week I went to the dentist, and removed a wisdom tooth. After I got home, when replacing the gauze in my mouth, it started to bleed.. and bleed… for 12 hours!

Here is what I used, and here is what you can do to help your pet if they are bleeding:

  • compress – apply pressure with a gauze compress for at least 30 minutes.
  • ice – take ice and wrap in a cloth, and apply pressure as above
  • elevate – this can help reduce blood flow
  • tea – take a green or black tea bag, slightly moisten it and apply to wound
  • Vaseline – boxers use Vaseline to block bleeding

See your veterinarian if the bleeding continues.

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