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A while ago I posted a story about my father’s family farm lawsuit battle.

The quick summary is that after him managing the farm alone for 30 years, his “younger”
brother decided to move onto the farm and “take over”

My father then asked for his shares of the farm to be bought out at a reasonable price.

His siblings who own the other shares told him to “go to hell..your not getting a cent..”

He started a court case, and with the date set for early April, they went to mediation
last week.

He wanted the farm to be split up 4 ways, then he could still own 1/4 of it and pass it
on to his children ( me, Michael and Ian)

But his siblings said ” We’re never splitting up the Farm for You..You can come back and
live on the place for Free..”

So then they got into mediating a price.

They mediated an agreement that pays him less that 1/2 what the shares are worth, but
now at least he can purchase a small acreage and raise some sheep..


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