Natural Flea Control?

Dr Jones shows you what the BEST Natural Flea Control product is. He dispels the MYTHS of applying Diatomaceous Earth to your dogs and cats, plus HOW to properly use it on your pets.

4 thoughts on “Natural Flea Control?”

  1. Hello
    I saw your video on Diatomaceous Earth and I was wondering if you could provide a link to that website. I bought some DE for insects but the packaging was not like yours and I’m not sure if its safe to apply it to my dogs. Its probably safe but I cant be too careful.

  2. Hi, this sounds fine for dogs but I think I’d struggle with this with my cat and that he’d be grooming all day and ingesting it. Also I don’t think I could bath him. Is it safe to ingest and safe to leave on please? Is there anything else you could recommend for cats?
    Suggestions very welcome
    Thanks – katy 🙂

  3. Yes! Mahalo for sharing this! ? I’ve used food grade DE for years for my indoor cats prn occasional pest exposure. I just found you while searching for info about recent onset / escalating issues (neuro, respiratory, gastric…?) with both of my cats. Sadly, I’m now trying find the best detox as I’ve discovered a vet administered 250 mg fluralaner to my 20 yo (who had verifiably no sign of fleas, and a severe neuro toxicity response to a product(?) from a previous vet.). He shares everything with his smaller sister, and they are both way off. ?

  4. Thank you Dr. Andrew, and Tula. I love Tula, and she reminds me of my Mele, who died last year (almost 18 years old).

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