Paw Licking, Ear Scratching, Ringworm: Simple and Cheap OTC Remedy

If your dog has been licking his paws, scratching his ears, or has areas of hair loss, he may have a yeast or fungal infection which is easily treated with this inexpensive Over the Counter Remedy.

3 thoughts on “Paw Licking, Ear Scratching, Ringworm: Simple and Cheap OTC Remedy”

  1. Andrew, this OTC treatment sounds good for cats in their ears, if the neem, castor oil and aloevera treatment doesn’t work.

    Pls. Respond re my question which is: if this OTC treatment is applied to the cats paws as well, knowing cats have a tendency to lick their paws, will the chemical in the treatment make them sick?

  2. My dog, Lily, was diagnosed with ringworm in Feb. She lost all her hair and now it has eaten her face. Her body is seeing hair regrowth only in spots and it is very slow. Her face is a mess. She has raw, bloody, leaky, skin. I used silver gel to heal the wounds on her body, but that didn’t work for the face. I’m now trying to treat it by spraying it with ionic silver and then putting coconut oil on it, but she won’t let me touch it anymore. Her jowells are swollen and hard.
    She’s 13, an Aussie Shep/mix and has a good appetite. She also tested pos for anemia. I have her on homeopathic remedies for all this plus working with an online homeopathic vet using skin, liver and kidney drainer. Don’t know how to heal the face.

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