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Pet Food Doc: A Veterinarian Reveals What’s Really In Your Dog and Cat’s Food

By Dr. Andrew Jones

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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Date: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
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On the webinar I am going to answer as many of your dog nutrition and health questions as possible- some of what you’ll learn:

-What You NEED to KNOW About Commercial Dog Food: What is Safe, What To AVOID

-My REVISED List of Commercial Dog Foods that are SAFE to feed

-CONCERNED about TOXIC Flea Medications?…. Here are his BEST Holistic Flea Prevention and Treatment Options

-Is Your Dog ITCHING and SCRATCHING all the time?… QUICK, EASY and INEXPENSIVE Solutions to finally STOPPING the itching FAST

-EXACTLY How to Choose a Quality Food… PLUS What is THE BEST dog Food…

-Do Supplements Actually WORK? The answers revealed

-Heartworm testing and preventives: What you NEED to do for Heartworm, and HOW to prevent it without side effects.

-What is a good recipe for making home made dog food?

-Dog vaccinations: Should your dog have them?…What are the RISKS?…What can you give INSTEAD of Vaccines.

-Human food that you should NEVER feed your dog: 7 of these are TOXIC

-Ear infections SOLVED. Step by Step instructions to NATURALLY treat and prevent this ongoing problem.

-Hip Dyplasia, Cruciate Ligament Injury and Arthritis… 5 steps that YOU can Do NOW to have your dog feeling BETTER without DRUGS

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One Response to “Pet Food Doc: A Veterinarian Reveals What’s Really In Your Dog and Cat’s Food”

  1. Avatar Dave H. Says:
    July 3rd, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    I had heard of this pet food recall back then and several recalls on food and treats since. I think it is simply outrageous. There has to be a change in the industry…they should be held accountable just like any other food industry. The fact that this is a major problem in the pet food supply and not an isolated incident should be more than enough to change current regulations and stop this madness. Pets are far more than just pets or “property”…..they are family and should have the same rights as any other member of your family. I know that some laws have changed but there is a long way to go…


Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM