Pet Food Recall and Profit

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Pet Food Recall and Profit


A happy Friday to you all.

Today’s newsletter is a short rant, and reminder to sign up for my
upcoming teleseminar with Catherine Driscoll before it is too late.

When the Pet Food recall first hit the news, Menu Foods immediately sent out a
news release to soothe concerned investors.

The company thought was that the Recall wouldn’t harm their share price too much.

There was little mention of the damage they had done to thousands of pets.

Pet food is BIG BUSINESS. It generates millions of dollars for many multinational

As a corporation, there first concern is for their shareholders and “bottom line”

Lower down is their concern for the dogs and cats they are affecting.

I trully don’t think that many of those in upper management at Menu Pet Foods
just get how important pets are.

They are valued members of our family and society- they greatly enrich our life.
I can’t imagine not having a pet as part of my life.

If those in upper management had this sense, then likely they would have alerted
the public about concerns in their pet food when they first saw a problem in
feeding trials a month earlier.

Perhaps they could have spent a few extra pennies and got wheat gluten from a
North America supplier ( we do grow alot of wheat)

Or even they could eliminate wheat gluten as it is a poor nutrient source for
dogs and cats ( it is only filler)

This tragedy could have been completely avoided if the ‘bottom line’ wasn’t all
that mattered.


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Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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1 thought on “Pet Food Recall and Profit”

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