[Podcast 81] New IBD Remedies, Dog Butt Licking, OTC Treatment for COVID

Hello and Welcome to Dr Jones’ Veterinary Secrets Podcast! This is episode 81.

In today’s episode we are discussing IBD (inflammatory Bowel Disease): What it is, including a larger number of Natural Remedies. Why your dog licks his butt and what you can do about it at home. A NEW inexpensive OTC treatment for COVID-19 that is commonly used for dogs and cats.

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6 thoughts on “[Podcast 81] New IBD Remedies, Dog Butt Licking, OTC Treatment for COVID”

  1. Dear Dr. Jones.

    I would appreciate a webinar or podcast discussing any natural health ideas for cats with FIV that includes stomatitis, as there is nothing that seems to help the pain and inflammation that stomatitis brings to my fur babies and I don’t want to take their teeth out, done that before with another furbaby and he ended up passing away also. Also any advice on natural cures for cats with kidney disease. Also, with all the talk of hydroxychloroquine is this drug available for cats or dogs? Thank You. I appreciate your advice.

  2. My female ten year old golden exhibited a very short tetrm TIA (I think) this morning. She seems fine now, however I’m very concerned. She does seem lethargic this afternoon. Her symptoms were confusion and inability to stand. Your thoughts?

  3. You sent an email about dogs coughing u had your black Lab my dog cough like she has hair in her throat i cant remember but u use lemon juice an honey an i thought i save the email can u send me the remedy again on my email. i need to know how much of each to mix is it a teaspoon of honey please she has that cough every morning thank u i try an save all your email u are very helpful with the home remedy i sent for your free book an i never received it thank u so much for all of your help u are a godsend

  4. my bichon is 10 yrs old and healthy.
    she just had her 4th bladder stone surgery a few weeks ago her other 3 surgeries were struvite I am waiting to get the results for this one.
    I am giving her the honey, vinager and green tea she weighs 25 ibs Is once aday ehough
    and does it always work for all dogs.

  5. My lab,has bad hips, what is your opinion on the pill dasuquin, and is there something better, she about 13 years old now, she saved my life overseas, she a special dog, i love her so much, don’t won’t to put her down, but don’t want her to be in pain .they bend tackling her on and off of pain pills to, she still love to go outside, rides, and hanging out with me, she still trying to catch rabbits, wild animals, ect.i lower my bed, for her, maid a ramp for the couch, she had bad hips for about 3 years now, it’s getting worse, for her ,i can see it in her eyes, i was hoping you knew of a better pill or something, to help, thanks lisa and mark Rippey

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