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Remember Menu Pet Foods?

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: www.veterinarysecretsrevealed.com/vsr.php

Re: Remember Menu Pet Foods?


Good morning readers.

I listened to a brief story on the news yesterday, about a company
that I haven’t heard much about.

Menu Pet Foods- the main company behind the Pet Food Recall, is
still operating, and has yet to settle thousands of claims.

Thousands of dogs and cats died due to a toxin called melamine in
the food.

Menu was the FIRST to notice a problem with pets dying from a new
food that they were feeding in a feeding trial.

Menu did NOTHING about these early deaths- they chose NOT to inform
the public or the FDA.

And it turned out that Menu made MOST of the Recalled Pet Food.

Dogs and cats died, and many thousand others now have kidney failure, as
a result of Menu’s delays in informing the PUBLIC and Authorities.

This is a company that should be putting its energy into compensating
the dog and cat owners affected by Toxic Pet Food.

But as their lawyers delay any compensation, market forces may bring
about their downfall.

Here is the news article :

Troubled pet food maker Menu Foods Income Fund has lost another
major contract with its largest customer, believed to be the Wal-Mart chain.

The Toronto-based firm said yesterday it received “verbal notice”
from the unnamed customer that it intends to terminate its agreement
to buy “loaf” products from Menu Foods as of Oct. 1.

“That customer’s purchases of those products accounted for approximately
10.8 per cent of total volume in 2006,” Menu Foods said in a release.
“As previously disclosed, the customer had earlier given notice
terminating its purchases of other products from Menu Foods.”

Menu Foods has faced huge recall costs over tainted pet food that has
killed animals in North America.

“Menu Foods is disappointed in the reaction of this customer to the pet
food recall,” CEO Paul Henderson said. “The intentional tainting of product
inputs from a third-party supplier in China was a fraudulent act that
victimized many pet food manufacturers, customers and consumers.”

On the Toronto stock market yesterday, Menu Foods shares fell 82 cents,
or 27 per cent, to $2.18.

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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  1. Avatar Lori Says:
    August 18th, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Please keep us informed about your new report NOT NEEDING TO VACCINATE!



Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM