Spoiled Pets

Lewis and Jessie sleeping in the tent
Lewis and Jessie sleeping in the tent

Do you spoil your dog or cat?

I do.

After all- they are pretty easy to want to spoil-
happy to see me, always ready for a walk.

My now 2 cats are always waiting for me every morning
at the bottom of the steps.

My dogs, Lewis and Jessie start their tails wagging
as soon as they see me in the morning.

SO what do I do?

1. I give EXTRA attention to my cats, Gussie
and Cleo- they LOVE to be petted, especially
first thing in the morning.

2. Cat treats- I admit it…I do go for their
heart with food..I occasionally splurge for
a can of..( do I say this)…Friskies- and
the occasional Pounce treat

3. Dog walks- there is nothing more enjoyable
for Lewis and Jessie but running, smelling and
peeing on MANY things

4. In the bed..for that extra special morning
Lewis and Jessie get to get in the bed
and under the covers..

5. Dog Treats…they BOTH love chewable dental
Rawhides- you should see Lewis’ tail wag

6. A Dog walker- because I work so much, I have a
Dog walker walk Lewis once a week- and he LOVES

7. Catnip toys- both Gussie and Cleo are crazed about
this- so once a week I bring some home from

8. the Dog Walk- Lewis and Jessie are crazed about
going to this one spot- lots of dogs to meet,
great places to pee, good smells, and water to
swim in…who could ask for more?

9. Being cosy and warm..ALL of the pets
gather near the fire- on cold days I crank up
the heat and they ALL appreciate it

10. Massages- every pet I have Lewis, Jessie,
Cleo and even Gussie LOVE this- when I am
feeling in an especially appreciative mood, they
ALL get massaged.

I would love to hear your TOP ways to spoil
your pet ..please leave a comment here:


Dr Andrew

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related disorders.

Chronic itching..scratch..scratch..scratch


Hair loss

Foul smell

Recurring Ear infections.

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P.P.S. …

Here are pictures of the 2 newest members of my family- both were my Dad’s pets..


16 thoughts on “Spoiled Pets”

  1. …..Friskies- and
    the occasional Pounce treat. Please dr. Andrew dont’t say you feed your feline friends with this kind of trash! You should look at the lables before buing them! I have to tell you this because you are always so careful with the advice you give us. Have a nice day 😉 and big hugs to all your furry friends!

  2. Top 5 Ways I spoil my Miniature Schnauzer:

    1. I bake a batch of homemade dog treats. When they come out of the oven, my Schnauzer can hardly wait for them to cool.

    2. A nice slow car ride. When it’s super hot, too hot for an afternoon walk, we go for a slow car ride down side streets where there’s no traffic. That way I can have my Schnauzer sitting in my lap with the window down. He loves it.

    3. I keep the front window blinds pulled up about a foot or so and a couch cushion for my Schnauzer to sit at the window and watch the goings on. It’s like watching the nature channel for him.

    4. I get down on all fours to play with him. My dog loves it when I mimic his mannerisms and play with him on the floor.

    5. Take him to the dog park. Boy this has got to be his favorite thing to do. All those new smells and so many, many trees.

    In the end, I am the one who gets spoiled from the love and companionship he provides me.

    Schnauzers Rule!

    BTW – Jessie is adorable!

  3. All 13 (yes THIRTEEN) of my cats are spoiled rotten…one is very feral though and only lets me touch her when I feed her. She needs to get fixed.
    The rest get loved up as much as they will take it and I even push their food (those who get canned) into a little pile so they eat every bit. I know, sickening isn’t it?
    Every last one of them is feral born and the latest one was supposed to be given away but we just couldn’t do it. She weedled her way into our hearts whilst I waited for the lady, who was going to take her, to help someone else with two litters of 11 kittens.
    They go everywhere: furniture, counters, tables, except rooms we keep closed off. Can one even stop them from doing it? Even if we could, as soon as we left the house, they would do whatever they wanted anyway…they’re cats.

  4. Don’t think that there are too many responsible furry friend companions that do not spoil their respective lovable, adorable, and any other adjectives fur balls. I know occassionally I treat mine to some unhealthy treat just as I do myself. As long as I don’t make a diet out of it, don’t see the harm. My canines like to have me play chase the squeaky toy. Sure have me well trained in that game….LOL. The geriatric kitties prefer me to take time with each one for their special massages, cuddling.
    I get sad when I realize there are soooooo many family pets that are given up due to so many reasons that no longer get that special time.

  5. Where’s CLEO’s pic??

    Yup…I give mine “croutons” on top of their no-grain wet food -a sprinkling of no or low grain dry food and occasionally fancy feast dry.
    (I use both as “treats also) Another “treat” mine
    get is meat or fish that I’ve made for the family
    and cut down into bite sized portions for them (carefully checking for bones of course).
    I even bought a dehydrator to try to make some dried chicken treats like the kind you can buy for $16 a pound. (Which is high, but if you consider it’s only ingredient is chicken breast meat, pounded thin almost to a thick potato chip size, then slow roasted & dehydrated, it’s not that bad since it takes a few pounds of chicken to make it supposedly…I’d still like to make my own as it would be more fresh and I could be sure of the ingredients.

    Feather time is generally a favorite of my boyz..
    and nap time when they lean against me or on me.

    I also get wind up toys and leave them leaning against wall and such, “sprung” to go off at first
    poke!..Great fun for them. Plus cat towers…LOTS of cat towers and scratching posts.
    Catnip of course, and no ordinary stuff, I go straight to the bulk section of the healthfood store to get FRESH (they sell it for tea making).
    Then there’s combing, brushing, praising, etc.
    Oh, and back to catnip, Periodically I remove a few of their favorite pet fur mice (those tiny real looking ones) and stick them in a huge mason jar with the catnip all around them. After about a month, I remove them and “marinade” some new ones. This is great fun for them…

    I also “make” cat toys. Ex. I make a cotton tube
    (although you could use a sock and just sew the end shut- I stuff it with all the really crinkly plastic wrap that comes on various products, or a plastic grocery bag if nothing else is around
    and toss some catnip in there. The cats will drag it around and “disembowel” it for days….Oh, and I either hot glue gun goofy eyes on it, or just draw some on so it seems to be looking at them.

    Once in awhile (especially when they are sleeping)
    I’ll wave a piece of ham or turkey lunch meat under their nose and watch them jump to attention.

    I used to have the funniest beagle friend who LOVED salami. Sometimes when he was sleeping & snoring away happily, I’d slip a piece between his teeth and cheek. He’d bolt awake, swallowing it immediately, then smile, look around puzzled (like “Wow…that was SOME dream!” and go back to sleep.. I loved that do so much that I croched him a blanket out of the same colors of varigated yarn that looked just like him.(tan, brown, white, cream and black) It took all winter, but as it became large enough to overlap my lap, he’d be on it every time I got it out. Used to tease that I was making him a little brother. When it was done, you couldn’t tell the beagle from the blanket.

    I have never ever recalled regretting the time I spent with my animals. (Can’t say the same about much of anything else except God)
    It’s always become a reward in ways beyond measure.

    Oh, yeah…and I sing to them, sometimes in the shower or just through out the day.
    I make up songs about them or just use traditional songs and substitute their names.
    You know, like instead of You are my Gussy, my only Gussy, you make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know Gussey, how much I love you, so please don’t take my Gussey away.”
    I had one cat who LOVED “I’m looking over a 4 leaf clover that I’ve overlooked before.” LOL.

    The last thing I do is make up nicknames for them all the time. And I say their names OFTEN in a very “happy to see you” kind of voice…

    Yup, they are SPOILED, but then so am I. They lavish attention and affection on me and tolerate me even on bad hair days and days I wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

  6. Spoil my cats? You be the judge… When Cougar (he looks like one) sits on the edge of the tub while I am bathing he likes to drink from my hands. He will drink three handfuls of warm tap water. He was a stray about nine years ago.

    Tugboat, also known as ‘fruit licker’ because he likes any kind of fruit (no grapes–they are bad for cats and dogs) knows I will share my fruit with him. He steals popcorn and vitamin E gel-tabs. Have you seen a cat chow down on a gel-tab? It must be the fish oil… He was a shelter kitty and such a joy.

    Both cats enjoy commercial crunchy treats and a fresh leaf of catnip from my garden. And there are cats toys in every room of my house. If I put them away Tug just gets them back out. They are especially fond of balls that rattle. And they get feathers as a treat, but only under supervision. And windows opened for them so they can enjoy the fresh air because they are indoor only cats. Spoiled? Most definately!

  7. My little Morkie, Miss Muffit, is spoiled getting to go on car trips with us. We went to a big car show in California at Cal Expo last weekend. We took Muffit and stayed in a pet-friendly wonderful motel. Muffit made friends every where we went. People came over to meet her and pet her and baby her! She loved it! She’s a good little dog and very friendly to everyone. As long as I don’t leave her, she will go to anyone for petting and loving. It makes people happy, and I get to make lots of new friends!

    She travels extremely well which makes it easy to spoil her this way. She sleeps while we’re driving, wakes when we stop, does her thing when I take her out, and climbs back in to sleep again. She doesn’t bark either. That took some training. And she’s really patient about waiting to be taken out to potty. She’s well-behaved, be it a little excited by all the attention.

  8. I spoil my 13 year old Abigail by making sure she is given Dr. Jones’ Supplement! In these days of unemployment, I sacrifice to make sure I have this on hand to give her every day. She may not look at it as a “treat” but her life and comfort have amazing improved since she’s been eating this. THANK YOU DR. JONES for spoiling my baby!

  9. YOU Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Dr. Jones.
    Too Shea! I’m so happy about everything that you do and accomplish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus your love for animals and what YOU’VE taught me… GOD BLESS!

    Mary Lou

  10. Hi Dr. Jones, I spoil my 4 yr old Airedale Maggie every day just by loving her and protecting her. Also feeding her good food and listening to your advice on things. I do the natural thing as well, she gets probiotics, flax and glucosomine every morning in her food. She also gets a massage, I brush her teeth, check her all over, brush her 3 to 4 times a week depending if she gets burrs etc then it is twice a day. She is such a great girl, loving and gentle with everyone. She also knows everything my sister and I say to her, I’m sure it is because we talk to her a lot everyday. She is the best thing that has happened to us. Tks for giving us the info to take care of her at home as well.


  11. So sorry you are going through this. Just another example of “Big Brother” trying to take control. I applaud your commitent to our furry friends.

  12. I commend you for taking such a stand against a system that I believe to be as corrupt as the one for us humans. It is money, not the health & well being of us & our animals, they are interested in. The pharmaceutical companies rule North America – Adam and Eve came to be in a garden where God had anything & everything ever needed for our health and well being, waiting for them. It is a well know fact that drs. get kick-backs & perks from the pharmaceutical companies. Throughout history drs. who have spoken out against the system have been persecuted. They have been told to either put up or shut up. I could write a book of horror stories on meds that have created irreversible damage & life-threatening situations in my own human & pet family. God Bless you Dr. Jones. You have and will continue to make a huge difference in this “disgusting world” that has been created by greed.I know that your dad is smiling down at you and saying “Son, you have done the right thing”. I support you 110%.

  13. Is there anything we can do re:your resignation and to help you? Doesn’t our voice,the public,matter at all? I am so sorry you and your family and staff are going through this!!! You helped so many of us with our beloved pets. You never hesitated to tell us there are times our pet should see a Vet. Please let us know what we can do.

  14. Dear Dr Jones

    Well done!! I really enjoy and appreciate your newsletters. All the best for the future and looking forward for lots more newsletters with advise and tips on “Healing your pets at Home”

    Regards from South Africa

  15. So glad you are still going to be online. It’s about time someone stood up for alternative pet care. I too had a dog that came down with cancer suddenly, and I did what the vets advised me to do. I now feel that I only made matters worse with him and made his last days more uncomfortable than he would have been if I had used more natual methods. Thanks for all your doing for all the pets.

  16. yes i spoiled all my pets rainey is spoiled the most,he eats what i eat most of the time not the ones he is not to have he goes to the flea markets and other places with me he loves to ride inthe car when that car move he wahts to be in it.the other ones is spoil they see you when you get up they want out to be hugged and kissed on and love then they want to play they get alot of attention all day long we play out side wolleyball on a rope they want me to swing it and the run in cicle we do this for along time and then i throw the other ball or toys and they love that so yes they are spoiled more than my husband

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