Who Has the Better Stache?…Dr Jones or his dog Jessie

Here it is…

Me (Dr Jones) and my dog Jessie competing for the BEST stache…

Please leave a comment here, and announce your winning pick.


Dr Andrew J

63 thoughts on “Who Has the Better Stache?…Dr Jones or his dog Jessie”

  1. Most definitely Jessie has the best stache…its the same colour as her hair!!! What a beautiful dog. Happy December and a wonderful Christmas Dr Jones,

  2. It looks like your dogs’ stach is above his nose and yours below. Your face is more predominant your dogs’ mostly hidden by hair. I don’t like to say this but it’s a tie. No not the kind you put around your neck. You both have great smiles.

  3. Hi Dr. Jones,

    I think Jessie has you beat hands down! If you a few more weeks to grow it out a bit more then you might be able to pull out a win, but using this picture as a basis, Jessie has you! 🙂

    Thanks for all you do,

    Jill H

  4. Your is better than I thought it would be, but Jessie wins! His is fuller, and all the same color–lol! Good effort on your part, as well as the reason you did it.

  5. Andrew……with all due respect, you are a good looking dude…but……in this case, I think Jessie is the winner….sorry! :0)

  6. You look good, I am sure you have not heard to promote a good beard an stache. Rub chicken manure on the inside of your upper lip an cheeks and syrup on the outside. Jessie gets my vote.

  7. For the sake of your good look, shave it off. Jessie, the great winner. Have a very nice Christmas and New Year.

  8. Sorry, but I have to vote for Jessie…He has the perfect moustache! what a beautiful face (the dog’s)You look better and younger without facial hair!!! Have a great christmas and new year.
    By the way…I am giving your supplement to my two schnauzers. They are doing well. My most fervent desire is for both to do very well with the aid of your supplement. My first Schnauzer, Tequila died of cancer at 14 years old. I certainly don’t want to go thru that awful time of my life ever again. thanks

  9. Hi! Doc!!
    I’ve got to say there are many different points of quality to judge which stache is best.
    Jessie’s stache is very full and probably softer and better filled-out because he’s had it since birth.
    And Doc your stache is in the traditional facial placement and looks very natural accenting your smile!
    Jessie’s and your stache are both attached to a heart warming smile that comes straight from your hearts!!!
    That’s what makes Jessie and you both “WINNERS!!!”
    Animallover~Jan Ault

  10. well before I even read the comments I absolutely voted for Jesse…and I see that that is the majority consensus. You get an ‘A’ for effort though 🙂

  11. Well I am going to have to vote. . hands down. . Jessie! LOL If you want the true test for testerone levels, you will notice more body hair than normal. My husband is starting to look like a Silver Back. I know too much information!

  12. Jessie is by far the winner. You might win if you used the same color on hair and mustache. As it is you remind me of a half moon cookie!


  13. Both look good, but if I were getting a kiss…I’d bet Jessie has a softer stache. Until that can be proven, I think I will have to go with Jessie.

  14. Hi Doc- Well it was a good effort on your part but I like you better without the “stache”… sorry, but Jesse wins this one! No offense.

  15. Considering Jessie had a ‘head start’….LOL, your effort was for a good cause. So that being said….Jessie wins with an unfair advantage….

    Thanks for all you do to help us all be better informed and help us keep our pets happier and healthier. My girls us your supplement. I attribute the old girl’s health to it. (She’s 14).

    My felines are given the cat supplement…of course..LOL. They are all seniors and you’d never know it.

    Have a great Holiday Season. All the best to you and your family…both 2 and four legged.

  16. Sorry,the stache should match the hair (fur) color, so Jesse wins! You also win for having a great dog, there. WE all win because of your expertise and passion for your job! 🙂

  17. Hi! Both Dr. Jones and Jessie are looking good, but my vote goes to the magnificent monster cat Dr. Jones holds in the pictures! Now there’s a ‘stache! LOL.

  18. Looks like Jessie is the winner. Doc, that was your fault since you take great care of Jessie with all of your time and energy in improving animal health without a mustache. Then all of a sudden you catch up with your Jessie’s ‘stache. Doc, Jessie could not win without your passion. You both are winners. Merry Christmas! ;o)Incredible! Dr. Jones managed to, finally, find time to grow and trim his own mustache!

  19. Jessie wins for sure, more natural, shiny looking.
    Dr Jones, I have seen past pictures of you with a
    mustasche same color as your hair, what happened did you mistake your wife’s mascara for a
    mustasche brush ? FYI update our mini-schnauzer, Shiloh just turned 5 yrs old and is
    healthy and happy. She has been fed a homemade
    diet and your supplement her whole life and is thriving.

  20. Good morning Dr.Jones,Jessie got you beat its all the same color.
    But anyway also want to thank-you for all you do.
    One of my dogs had a tumor on his foot ,the vet wanted to remove it ,and I looked up your suggestions on that,and he his healed all gone .NO surgery.
    I want to wish you nd your Family a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

  21. What a fabulous team!!!! You both look healthy, very happy and loving life. So, this is a draw.
    Thank you for all that you do to improve our furry children’s lives. Thanks for a great year. Blessings over the festive season. Love from sunny South Africa

  22. Really Dr. J. – such a fuss about the prostate exam! Women get to have their nether regions tinkered with from puberty onwards, and we don’t bat an eye. It’s part of staying healthy.

    Guess you should have started sooner:)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  23. I like your tash best, a dog in the picture always makes things look better though. But don’t finish with shaving it off, Miso has very good properties at preventing cancer in general…. M.

  24. You have fair hair and a dark “stache”? Nope, my
    vote is for Jessie, like someone else said….
    his matches his “hair” color. Movember is over so you can remove your “growth”! L0L

  25. dr.jones; you both look very handsome. i’m giving my vote(s) to both you and jessie. love all the info too. thank you. lee brewer

  26. I like yours because it is trimmed [ never like long ones on men ] SO yours is the best . By the way a lovely dog smiles.

  27. the more i look at that photo…..

    the expression that ” the people resemble their pets” comes to mind.

    therefore, it’s a tie!


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