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Thank You!

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: http://www.veterinarysecretsrevealed.com

Re: Thank You!


A great BIG Thank You to those who attended- or tried to attend my teleseminar last night.

So many people tried to call in at once that the conference call companies phone system crashed.

Many of you weren’t able to dial in.

I talked to the company prior to the teleseminar- they have never had so many people on a teleseminar.

They were a little skeptical that so many of you are interested in holistic Veterinary care.

The event was awesome- and to those of you who didn’t sign up for the call, you missed a great event.

I started out with the story of How I wrote my ebook Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

Many of you sent emails afterwords thnaking me for the call and for me sharing my story.

Here it is…

Let me take you back to April 2003.

I was walking in to my clinic with my son Liam, who just turned 3, and my dog at the time, Hoochie, who just turned 9.

Hoochie suddenly collapsed on the floor.

In 5 minutes he was dead.

He had a massive splenic tumor that ruptured- there was nothing I could do.

I was in shock- my son was quietly taking it all in.

Many of you may have- or have had that one special pet where you are trully bonded with and connected with.

Hoochie was a very special pet- before having children he was my child.

He was this wonderful Lab X Shepherd, who went with me everywhere.

I was working as a travelling Vet. If I went to a clinic- he went. If I went to the Cats Only Clinic- he came with me.

We shared beds- he slept on the left and I slept on the right.

We did Pet visitation together- He was the first dog to visit sick children at The Childrens Hospital in Halifax.

Here was this apparently healthy mixed breed dog who I did all the “right” things for- and he dies suddenly of cancer.

He was fed “Veterinary Only” food.

He was given ALL his vaccines.

If he was ill, I would have used all the conventional veterinary medication.

This made me question what I was doing as a Veterinarian.

Did the food contribute to him getting cancer?- Likely

Did all the vaccines play a role?- Probably

And the long term medication side effects- some are cancer causing.

I researched, drew on my years of experience, and developed Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

It is the only Natural Pet Health Remedy Book available on the internet.

Based on feedback from my readers, and in an attempt to make the course easier to use and understand, I developed Veterinary Secrets Revealed – The Complete Multimedia Home Study Course.

The course will be available soon.

Stay tuned for future emails.


P.S. Thank You all for your support, feedback and words of encouragement.

It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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