That disturbing headline and a Pet Food Recall

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Hello all,

Re: That disturbing headline and a food recall.


Good morning fellow readers.

First sorry for the disturbing headline yesterday. I found the entire story rather upsetting, and I used a similar headline as the local newspaper.

I can never understand how anyone can do that. Yes you can have the worst of life circumstances etc..etc..etc.., but why in the life of me do you take it out on pets that will never ever do any harm?

Clearly the animal cruelty laws are also too lax- if this meant a 20 year jail sentence, then the individuals involved would think twice.

In fact Michael Vick likely never imagined his career ending over illegal dogfighting. Perhaps we are finally getting to a place in our society where dogs and cats will be respected and have legal rights.If anything is to happen in this animal cruelty case I will inform you all, and I’ll definitely give you a warning in the headline if it is disturbing in nature.

One of our readers sent in this recent Pet Food recall that I wanted to inform you all about.

Thank You Deb.

Here is the News Release:


This recall is connected to both pet foods and human foods. Please forward this information to family and friends that have pets.

Natural Balance has announced that it is recalling it’s Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs due to a supplier’s recall. The affected formulas include 15oz cans of: Irish Stew, Hobo Chili, Chinese Take-Out and Southern Style Dumplin’s with Gravy. The supplier, Castleberry Foods, found one instance of botulism in improperly sealed cans of human food.


P.S. I have had a few pet owners ask about Pet First Aid.

Not just CPR, but wound care, insect bites, bleeding, fractures, ..the entire gamut.I have a new digital book on Pet First Aid.

Here is one recent testimonial.

“Dear Dr Jones,

I purchased your new book on Pet First Aid over 6 weeks ago, thinking I should be prepared for an emergency.

3 days ago my dog Mackie cut her front leg very badly.The blood was spurting from above her foot.I reacted calmly as I knew exactly what to do step by step from your book.

I applied firm pressure using one of my socks. I wrapped the foot with my shirt, and tied the shirt around Mackies leg with the sleeves.

Mackies gums were slightly pale- I suspect she was showing early signs of shock, so I rubbed some of the energy gel I had on her gums.

I was over an hour away from the Vet, so I drove as quick as I could.

Mackie had cut an artery, and the Vet told me that my quick thinking actions may have saved her life.

Thank You Dr Jones for writing such a easy to read and information packed book-

I think every pet owner should have this book.”

Alberta W,


You can visit the website at

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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