The 4th Reason

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: The 4th Reason


A cheery morning to you and your furry creatures.

We are in the process of revealing the Top 10 reasons
why dogs and cats visit the Vet.

This brings me to pet health problem number 4..


Oh so common, and oh so bothersome.

Very unpleasant to have, and the treatment unfortunately has its
whole host of problems.
The three most common allergies your dog will have are also
the most unpleasant, painful, and uncomfortable for your pet.

The good news is, it?????s easy to spot them if you know what you?????re
looking for and it can be really easy for you to get rid of them
and make your pet feel 1,000 times better in the process.

The three most common allergies are:

1.??Environmental ( ie House dust mites)
2. ??Food Allergies ( protein)- facial pruritis in cats??
3. ??Flea Allergies

The most common way to treat all of these allergies is with steroids,
but I don?????t recommend that at all.?? The only way I?????d ever recommend
you do that is as an absolute last resort.

Here?????s why steroids are so bad.

These are some of the side effects:

Increased drinking and urinating ( pu/pd)??
Hair Loss
Liver Disease
Behavioural Changes
Idiopathic Cushings disease??
Immunosuppression- producing infections, cancer
????But what?????s the alternative?
The top natural options to treat them are:

Essential Fatty Acids, Flax seed, Marine Fish oil( 1000mg per 50lbs daily)

Hypoallergenic Foods

Shampoo- Oatmeal and Conditioner

Herbal- Skin Eze??


P.S. If you are wanting some natural home remedies that you can
use at home to treat your pet’s allergies check out my course
or membership site at:

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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