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Confessions of a Pet Vet {Video}

By Dr. Andrew Jones


My NEW Webinar, ‘Veterinary Secrets; How Conventional Vet Medicine May Be Harming Your Dogs or Cats, and WHAT you can Do About It’ is happening this Tuesday.

In preparation for this webinar, you should watch this video- you’ll understand WHY it’s important for you to take charge of your dog or cat’s health care.

The webinar sign up is here:


P.S. Here is some of what you’ll learn on my webinar

How to treat illnesses confidently and competently, using simple techniques and inexpensive natural ingredients…

How to know exactly when you can treat your pet at home, and when you need to see your Vet

New alternative remedies for pet allergies, arthritis, cancer, urinary tract disease, diabetes, ear infections, fleas, coughing, seizures and more

Your questions about your dog or cat answered by Dr Jones
How to get start using herbs, homeopathy, acupressure and massage to quickly heal your pets

This Tuesday August 23rd at 5PM Pacific


A few reviews..

Provocative…I’m seeing the business of pet care with new eyes.

β€œI’ve started reading and enjoying so far. You present a compelling case re: big pharma… which, as a health care professional, I readily agree to their staggering power and influence on physicians and thus, vets alike.”
– Andrea Fagan, BScN, RN., London, Ontario

Comprehensive PET HEALTH resource

β€œI found Dr Jones book well-organized and thorough. It is a pet healthcare bible of sorts. A great book to refer to find options for your pet’s health challenges.

Not only has Dr Jones clearly practiced with these traditional and alternative methods of pet health care (like acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal remedies) but has a clear and logical way of helping lay-people understand the strengths and weaknesses of each healing option.

His writing style is concise and clear. AND he tells it like it is regarding some questionable existing pharmacological options re. vaccinations and medications. HOW refreshing! (and sometimes disturbing to read)

All in all, I have learned a lot from this book and wish I had read it had existed 30 years ago! It will be a very handy resource in my pet library. I have also shipped a copy to my sister who trains Search & Rescue dogs. πŸ™‚

Thanks Dr Jones. ”
– Brooke Campbell, Nelson BC

Must have for any pet owner!

β€œIf a pet is part of your family then this book is a must have. It is packed full of helpful, useful information that will make you and your pet happier, healthier and perhaps wealthier, (with less visits to the vet).
With the knowledge that Dr. Jones provides in this book, you can work with your vet to provide a range of options for your pet’s health care, and to take charge of your pet’s health.
If you are looking for a natural way to care for your furry friends, this is the book you need in your home.
There are other options out there and if you can provide this in a natural way, let’s do it! Our pets are worth it;-)
Dr. Jones covers everything from A to Z, it is well written and an easy read.”

β€” Patty Smith, Enfield NS

MUST READ for all animal LOVERS

β€œThis is your BEST FRIEND’S BIBLE of Health Care. Comprehensive, thoughtful compilation of VERY USEFUL information. ‘VETERINARY SECRETS’ is an excellent insight into the Reality of Vet Medicine.

Great information on being Pro-Active in maintaining all aspect’s of your animal’s Health. Common Sense approach to many everyday problems with your pet.

Extremely well organized and goes through each ‘system’ methodically (eye’s, ears, paws, nose)

I found this to be a GREAT, EASY read! Would make a great gift for any animal lover as well! ”
β€” Andrea Carpenter, Castlegar BC


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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM