The euthanasia decision

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: The euthanasia decision


Hello dedicated dog, cat and likely other pet lovers.

Things happen in waves, or they often seem to come in threes.

Last week I saw 3 broken legs- This weekend I saw 3 emergencies
for poisoning.

And, unfortunately I had to euthanize ( put to sleep) 3 pets.

This will be the most difficuly decision for you to ever have to make.
I was almost forced to make that decision with my last dog Hoochie,
but he died on his own.

I have had to make the decision for my first cat in veterinary school.

Many clients ask me..How do I know when?

My answer: You know your pet better than me. You can judge quality of life.
I will tell you my professional opinion, such as whether or no
your pet is in pain, but its your call.

In veterinary medicine, this is one of the BIGGEST differences between us
and human medicine.

I witnessed my grandfather go through serious agonal pain, dying of cancer,
yet euthanasia is not allowed for fear of being abused. What
he went through was not right.

On the same token, I have had clients come in and asked to euthanize a
pet for very minor problems- And I NEVER do that. We have the client
sign a form, and they reliquish their pet to our animal shelter.

The ending of a pet’s life is taken very seriously by 95% of the
pet owners I see.

I had to do a very sad house call euthanasia this weekend for a dog
with cancer.( Charlie)

They had tried everything, but as the cancer progressed, Charlie
became painful.

It was a mom- not the best way you want to spend mother’s day, but
the whole family felt it was the best decision for their dog-
And it was.

They were all there when I euthanized Charlie.

It was very sad, there was lots of emotion, but Charlie
is now in a better place.

Many of you reading my newsletter will have to make this
decision at some time- And DON’T let your vet make it for you.

You know your dog or cat or horse better than anyone else.


P.S. If any of you have words of wisdom about
euthanasia, please forward them on.

It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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