The lawyer speaks..

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: The lawyer speaks..


Happy Tuesday to you and your pets.

I met with my lawyer last Friday.

I am somewhat leery about meeting any lawyer ( no offence to any of you
who are lawyers)

Usually a legal meeting involves something unpleasant, and a substantial amount of

The meeting went well, and my lawyer thinks I have a solid case to defend.

We will see..

Then he asked for..” the retainer”

So this Veterinary Legal Defense Fund Special is going to be used immediately…

It is his retainer.

Thank You to all of those who have made the jump and Saved a bundle
by getting in on this March Madness Sale…

To see what you are missing, you can go to:

Veterinary Association Battle

Many of you have sent in testimonials. Here is a wonderful one
from a couple who run one of the best canine sites on the

“Hi Andrew,

I thought I ought to respond to show that you have our support.

From our own point of view then we believe that you have had the guts to
stick your neck out (as we have done), and as we know from our own
experience, it is there to be shot at. And even though there will be a core
of support, there will always seem to be more people (who supposedly support
you) that will in practice do anything but!! It is a strange world.

We have just sent our latest newsletter for printing. In it is an article
about yourself, what you are doing, and the negative response it has
attracted from your vet association. It is an article fully in support of
you and what you are doing, and asking others to do the same.

I really do hope that you are able to cope with the ‘rubbish’ that comes
your way. I always say that if you know what you are, and what you are doing
is with the best intention, then that is all that matters. Also, usually
what people say about someone else is usually rooted in something about
themselves, and not actually about the person they are aiming it at – that’s
quite a good one to help cope with any negativity that comes your way.

We both wish you continued success, and every hope for getting through this

Regards and best wishes,


Canine Health Concern


P.S. There are only 48 Hours left until the sale is OVER.
If your thinking about it I urge you to grab these specials
before they are gone..

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It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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