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The Pet Food Recall widens, and how melamine has got into the food.

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
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Re: The Pet Food Recall widens, and how melamine has got into the food.


Hello All.

The Pet Food Recall widens, and there are more thoughts on how melamine has got into
the food.

First, the new products to avoid include those containing wheat, rice and corn gluten.

Three that have recalled due to rice protein concentrate contamination:

Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin.

There are other companies who received the contaminated rice protein powder –
and the FDA knows and won?????t say.

Royal Canin also recalled, earlier this week, some products manufactured
and sold in South Africa due to melamine contamination in corn gluten.

A reader sent me this story from USA today..

A nitrogen-rich chemical used to make plastic and sometimes as a fertilizer
may have been deliberately added to an ingredient in pet food that has
sickened and killed cats and dogs across the country, public and private
officials say. A leading theory is that it was added to fake higher protein levels.

Melamine has been found in wheat gluten, rice protein concentrate and,
in South Africa, corn gluten, all imported from China, and all meant
for use in pet food, the Food and Drug Administration confirmed Thursday.

“It adds to the theory when you see other products that are labeled as
protein supplements, in this case rice protein, and in South Africa
corn gluten and in the previous case wheat gluten,” said Stephen Sundlof,
FDA chief veterinarian. “That melamine was found in all three of those,
it would certainly lend credibility to the theory that this was intentional.”

How the melamine got there is “not something we’re going to be able to
determine until we actually investigate the plants in China,” he said.

The FDA has not yet been able to get letters of invitation from the
Chinese government that would allow its inspectors to enter the country,
he said.

ChemNutra, which imported the wheat gluten linked to last month’s
massive pet-food recall, says it is concerned its Chinese supplier
spiked the product.

In a letter on ChemNutra’s website, Chief Executive Steve Miller said,
“We are concerned that we may have been the victim of deliberate and
mercenary contamination for the purpose of making the wheat gluten
we purchased appear to have a higher protein content than it did.”

Melamine is “simply not a chemical even on the radar screen for food
ingredient suppliers,” he wrote.

But it does have a lot of nitrogen in it, says Ron Madl, director of
Kansas State University’s Bioprocessing and Industrial Value Added
program. The most common way to test protein levels in the grain
industry is to test for nitrogen, a major component of protein.

Adding melamine, with its high amount of nitrogen, to wheat gluten
would give the illusion of a higher protein content, Madl said.

On Wednesday, San Francisco-based Wilbur-Ellis recalled all of its
rice protein concentrate, imported from China, after FDA tests
found melamine in it.

The Blue Buffalo Co. on Thursday recalled some of its Spa Select
Kitten dry food because it contained rice protein concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis.

Wilbur-Ellis says five pet-food makers got the concentrate. More
recalls are possible, the FDA said Thursday. Natural Balance Pet
Foods said it had found melamine in two of its venison-based products,
and so it did a recall. Its food was made by Diamond Pet Foods, which
got the concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis.

The FDA said Thursday it is inspecting all incoming shipments of rice
protein concentrate and wheat gluten from China.

Press reports out of South Africa say tests have confirmed that some
Royal Canin pet food made there contained corn gluten imported from
China that had melamine in it.

Sundlof said the FDA has no information that any of that corn gluten
went to U.S. pet-food makers.


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