The System is Broken?

Is the veterinary/medical system broken? Do you wonder why Dr Jones’ is no longer practicing. He shows you why, along with what YOU can do about it.

Why I resigned video:

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  1. Dear Dr. Jones, I have often wondered what are some alternative helps for my two cats, one has asthma. I had a older vet in the bay area help me with my older kitties who stopped eating, he suggested giving kitty some pepsid ac 1/4 tablet to help with stomach acid. Well it worked! No other vet had offered this advice. My last vet bill was 466 dollars because my cat got dehydrated after a boarding situation.fortunately I can pay but gosh I appreciate your approach and fighting the system. Here in the states people can hardly afford their own medical care let alone a pet. So, thanks for the tips and podcast, YouTube videos! Take Care, Margery Morse

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