TOO many Dog and Cat Vaccines given yearly!

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: WHY would you give ALL of these every year?..(I gave _______?)


Good morning dog and cat lovers.

First, Thanks for many of you responding to the
Rabies vaccine Newsletter. Being a Canadian, I’m
not completely in the loop with U.S. laws.

Yesterday I had a client come in with a healthy 5 year old
Blue Heeler cross..He had just moved from Alberta, and at
a Veterinary Clinic in Calgary his dog Rex had this every
year ..


That was all combined in 1


Bordetella Vaccine


Rabies Vaccine


Giardia Vaccine
Rex has had ALL of these vaccines given every year.

He came into see me for boosters.

And guess what I gave him?


His Dog has been over-vaccinated in my opinion and now
is in need of no further antigenic stimulation against
diseases he is very unliklely to ever be exposed to.

In FACT it is possible that the excessive combination
of yearly multivalent vaccines may have harmed his immune

Yet what the past Veterinarian gave is perfectly ‘legal’ and
condoned by the various veterinary associations.

This particular client did not have to sign a waiver indicating
the risk of a Vaccine reaction..especially when so many vaccines
were given at the same time.

Yet We as Veterinarians are expected to get our clients to sign
a waiver if we utilize alternative medicine with our clients
dogs and cats.

So this particular client didn’t pay me any mon**ey yesterday, but
NOT Vaccinating his dog was in Rex’s BEST INTEREST.

Somewhere in the practice of Veterinary Medicine I think that
the entire Vaccine Industry has forgot WHY they were created
in the FIRST place. To protect dogs and cats, NOT to harm them
and be a BIG profit center for Veterinary Clinics.

BIG LARGE Corporate Sponsored Veterinary Conferences are a
FAR CRY from the days of James Herriot….

The time has definitely come for a BIG Change.

Take matters in to your OWN HANDS.

QUESTION what your Veterinarian Advises.

It’s your beloved dog or cat..YOU have their best interests at heart


P.S. If you have concerns about the lack of regulation on
Dog and Cat Vaccines, specifically with respect to Vaccine
side effects and the frequency of Vaccines, feel free to
Contact your respective Veterinary Association and express your
concerns..As a member of the pet owning public who has Alternate
Opinions, it is their job to represent you AS well as the

P.P.S. I go into detail on the Alternatives to Vaccines
in the Veterinary Code. It’s at

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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1 thought on “TOO many Dog and Cat Vaccines given yearly!”

  1. Over vaccinations are horrible and can cause multiple problems in dogs. Our BC has been over vaccinated (we adopted him so it was before we got him) and has developed a low thyroid and terrible allergies because of it. We do titers on him now, and the other dogs too.

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