Top 10 New Years Pet Resolutions


As 2014 approaches, New Years Resolutions abound…But what about your pets?

Fear not I say.

Here are my top 10 New Years resolutions that you can make for your dogs and cats.


10. Weekly at home pet health exams. This is the year to learn HOW to examine your dog/cat properly at home, and then do it. In the blog you can find specifics on HOW to do this correctly. But by doing this you will find problems earlier, develop skills in examination, and better bond with your pet- its a WIN/WIN situation. I personally have been lax with my own pets, but this is one resolution I will be committing to.


9. Diet. Feed your pets a BETTER diet. Less carbohydrates. HEALTHY, protein treats. Reduce as much as possible the dry kibble from your cat’s diet. Incorporate more canned food, try a home made diet once a week, and try feeding some raw food if you have yet to do so. My own person pet diet goal is feeding less kibble period to my own pets and more home diets.

8. Dental Care. I personally worry about having my dogs/cats placed under general anesthesia for a veterinary dentistry, so this is the year I am doing something to prevent this. The least expensive, and easiest is to regularly brush your pet’s teeth. I find the long necked electric tooth brush works best with pet toothpaste.

Vet Pics 067

7. Learn CPR. It’s one of those basic veterinary skills that most pet owners DON”T have. You can sign up for a pet first aid course, and start with my step by step CPR article here:

6. Prevent disease with a supplement. If you have a middle aged to older dog/cat, then you should be looking at some form of supplement to help ward off disease ( or treat it naturally). Look at nutrients to support your pet’s skin, immune system, joints, and intestinal tract. My supplements have specific ingredients to help all these body systems.

For dogs

For cats

5. Grooming. Brushing your pets regularly will prevent mats, keep the hair down in your home, and bond with your pets. I have a no shedding dog that NEEDS this, and I am starting today.

4. Regular exercise. Beneficial in so many ways for both YOU and your pets. Helps with weight loss, behavioural problems, etc… See if you can schedule a regular time and commit to it, ideally 30 minutes twice a day.

rinning of the bulls

3. Training. This is the year to finally cure that annoying problem ( such as excessive barking, which my dog is guilty of). If you have older pets consider great some of the dog puzzle games. Your dog uses her nose to find hidden treats, then uses her paws to finally get the treat.


2. Natural veterinary care. This is the year to embrace it (if you haven’t yet), trying to avoid conventional medication side effects, and having YOU as the pet owner be more involved. Use a few simple and safe at home remedies. Learn acupressure for arthritis, try a homeopathic for ‘garbage gut’, or a herbal remedy for allergies. Much of this information can be found for free on my blog.

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1. The Bond. Give your pets more love, attention, and they will give you MORE than 100% back. Your dogs,cats are such a HUGE source of unconditional positive attention and love that enrich your life immensely. My number 1 pledge is to be a better pet owner to my pets- consider it yours.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 New Years Pet Resolutions”

  1. Great checklist, Dr Jones. We all need reminders and I am proud to say that I do all of the above, although I need to spend more time with my kids. Thank you.

  2. Hello Dr. Jones, Thank you so much for all your newsletters and the webinars during the year. You’re doing a great job, I really do appreciate it; and I love your “Dog Supplement”, Merlot is doing very well since I daily ad it to his food. Take care.
    I wish you, your family, also your brother Michael and family a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year.
    Maggie, Art and Merlot

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