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Index: Cat Health

Surgery for Bone Cancer?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 A cheery Wednesday to you all!! I came back from vacation to a pile of work, including having to amputate a dog’s leg due to a tumor. It was a type of bone cancer, and Jack was no longer able to walk. He was an older dog (10 years) so the decision to remove his leg was a difficult one… [Read more]

Puppy Mills Investigated on Oprah

Friday, April 4th, 2008 From: Dr Andrew Jones Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed Website: http://www.veterinarysecretsrevealed.com Re: Puppy Mills Investigated on Oprah ////////////////////////////////////////////// Good Morning and a Happy Friday to you all. First we had a very informative Teleseminar last night.. We covered anesthetic complications and How to Avoid them, Veterinarians ‘open’ to Alternative Medicine, Body Talk, Massage for Cancer, Acupressure for FLUTD, Allergies, ┬áPet Meditation,… [Read more]

Complete Home Study Course Giveaway

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 I am realizing that many of you, my loyal readers, would like a copy of my Complete Home Study Multimedia Course, but you just don’t have the money at this time to afford it. So I want to GIVE AWAY a Course to – hopefully you! ALL you need to do is to scroll down to the bottom of this… [Read more]

Your Pet is Choking- DO THIS FIRST

Sunday, February 24th, 2008 Hello fellow readers. This is one of those rare Sunday newsletters. First the SALE..It is Nearly OVER My special three quarter’s off sale ends at midnight on February 25th. If you’d like to get the revolutionary dog and cat healing system so many pet owners are raving about …and save 75%, then go here now: http://www.veterinarysecretsrevealed.com/specials/subscribers.php ——————————————- What would you… [Read more]

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